Here we go, kids. I can’t believe it’s this time of year again. The first dates for the new “Science & Precision Series” Training Camps are live, and the first date for the new Outlaw Barbell Training Camp is also live.

For more info on The Science & Precision Series Training Camps: CLICK HERE.

For more info on the Outlaw Barbell Training Camps: CLICK HERE.

To register for the first date (August 22nd-24th) of The Science & Precision Series in Birmingham UK: CLICK HERE.

To register for the first date (August 9th & 10th) of the Outlaw Barbell Training Camps in Murfreesboro TN: CLICK HERE.

WOD 140426:


1) 15 minutes to establish a 1RM Snatch.

2) 15 minutes to establish a 1RM Clean & Jerk.


For time:

Run 800m
30 Muscle-Ups
Run 800m

15 thoughts on “140426

  1. Terrible day with the barbell. Don’t even feel that worn out but I just couldnt lock anything out today.

    Snatch: 205 (-25)
    C&J: 265 (-10)

    Cond: 12:28 Rx

  2. 27/170#/5’9″/M/CenEast


    Sn: 180#; -10# PR
    C&J: 230#; -5# PR; Cleaned 240#, but failed jerk – dumb

    Conditioning: 15:00 Rx; 4:00/7:00/4:00

  3. BBG:
    Snatch 145#
    C&J 215#

    Cond: 17:17-had to do bar muscle ups instead of rings.. Really wore me down.

  4. Poor barbell performance today
    Shoulder stability has fatigued from yesterday
    1) 195 (-35)
    2) 265 (-10)
    3) 13:10
    Met con felt good tho.

  5. BBG
    1:) 205# (missed 225# and 230#, current max is 230#)

    2:) 265# (cleaned 280#, missed jerk, current max is 275#)

    11:35 (44 sec faster than last time)

  6. Snatch 210 5#pr
    C+j 265 (-20) knee has been feeling a little tweaked since we cranked up the volume. Found myself coming nowhere near landing upright in the bottom to protect it.
    Con-will do next week

  7. BBG
    1. 195# (5# PR) My gimp shoulder is slowly getting better. “Take my strong hand child!”

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