We semi-introduced the new Outlaw Barbell program a couple of weeks ago upon its re-launch. But, since the Adult Acrobatics Outlaw Connectivity and Meathead Calisthenics Outlaw Power blogs launched, we decided it was time to do a formal introduction to the superior of the three.

Probably all of you who are here fall into one of the two following categories:

1)  You are an exerciser who needs or desires to become more proficient at Weightlifting so you can in turn improve your exercising.
2)  You are ready to compete in a real sport (just kidding, the NPFL is totally going to revolutionize CrossFit Team Exercise Racing).

Whatever the reason you are here, we are excited to bring you what we believe is a comprehensive program that will address technique and strength in a deliberate, progressive way.

Our first cycle that we just began will last a total of 15 weeks and will be broken down into three phases; each phase will consist of four weeks of work followed by a de-load week.  That will take us to the end of July. Ideally, we would like to find a meet around this time to compete in. You can certainly compete in meets during the template, but logically we would like to see everyone compete in a meet at the end of the cycle at the least (we will also be making available our meet-week prep template).

Those of you already competing probably know that Nationals is July 17-20. We will identify those of you who qualify and intend to compete well in advance and work individually with those lifters.

For those of you following, we would like to see everyone post their results to the comments (if you had been posting comments and they were not visible before, they should be now). This not only helps us monitor progress and identify strengths and weaknesses within the group, but it can also help you all find people of similar background to share results/pain with and “compete” against. In addition, if you have questions about the programming or a movement, please post them in the comments section and we will get back to you by either replying to your comment, or if it is something the whole group can benefit from we will include it in a post (for instance, we had this question last week, “During the WL should we stand up every rep? Or should we just get under the bar and reset?” The answer is it depends. If you are comfortable with simply catching and resetting, go for it. But, if standing up in the clean or snatch is a weakness, stand up each rep. And if you have no idea what we are talking about, don’t worry about it). More FAQ to come tomorrow.

Lastly, PR’s. Video them. Send them in to outlawinstagram@gmail.com but make sure to include you are following Outlaw Barbell.

Storm the Castle.

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  1. So i’m going to be in the US Oct 8-Nov 6, Any chance you have any training camps planned during that time, I went to the one in Feb over her in Melbourne, and would love to catch up with you guys again!

    • Each phase will work on proper positioning for the lifts and will consist of strength work and accessories that emphasize the positions. We are starting from the hip and working down.

  2. I’ve been creeping TOW for several years now, but finally got the balls to throw my hat in. Yesterday was my 3rd day following The Outlaw Way (not to be confused with barbell, connectivity, power or CF). I started at what I thought was the beginning of the new cycle (140409)–cause I didn’t want to be the fucking n00b that asks where to start. I’m a competitive exerciser who just opened up my own Box in O’Fallon, Mo and I’m flirting with having some decent strength #’s.

    After reading the intro for Barbell, I feel like I fall into category #1 up there. My question (FINALLY) is should I be doing a metcon after the lifting, or is this first phase strictly meant to work on strength?

    Sorry about the long post, I just thought I’d make a bit of an intro for myself…I’m going to be posting here regularly from now on!!

    Thanks for any help with this! I appreciate’cha.

    • If you are following the Barbell program, you should NOT be doing Metcons in addition to this work. This is a full volume Weightlifting template. Now, the regular Outlaw Way blog is borrowing pieces of this template and using it in its CrossFit programming. But, you need to choose one or the other. If you still want to work on conditioning then go with the Way. If you want to solely focus on Weightlifting technique and strength, follow Barbell.

    • IMO, after doing all of OBB’s programming, you won’t have any desire to do a metcon. I’ve been looking at legit 1:45-2 hour training days on it.

    • Use straps for any parts of the work that you want. I recommend using them for any snatches from the hang and for the pulls

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