Please take the time to read both articles that I have posted below. The first is Kaitlin Hardy’s wonderfully written Outlaw Connectivity Doctrine, and the second is our – again, wonderfully written, but by a “C” Caitlin, Caitlin Vodopia – Outlaw Barbell template description. These will hopefully answer any questions you have, or give you some insight into our programming and practice process – for all the new additions to the site.

Read: Outlaw Connectivity Doctrine

Read: Outlaw Barbell Description

3.3 times bodyweight – largest ratio to BW of any lift in Outlaw history. Is that good?

Logan, I got your email. Only things to do in Western Kansas: 1) Shoot things. 2) Be awesome at lifting.

WOD 140424:

Rest day.

3 thoughts on “140424

  1. Dear Outlaw Authors,
    I have been following your site for a couple months now
    and I love your programming. I am trying to reduce the number of emails I receive, and I am wondering if it’s possible to subscribe exclusively to one author. And how I might make that happen.
    Thanks for your commitment to our strength and fitness.


  2. In an effort to improve my gymnastics skills, I did an hour and a half class today. Have to say I was thoroughly embarrassed and my hamstrings feel worse than after 14.3.

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