3×0:30 Seated Pike

3×0:30 Toe-Touch

3×0:30 Handstand Hamstring Hold with Box

Static Shaping

0:40 Hollow Hold on Back, break early if your lumbar spine lifts from the floor.

0:40 Arch Hold

Active Shaping

3×30′ Arch Hollow Roll Across Floor

Begin in a hollow shape on your back, remember that your lumbar spine is in contact with the floor, your arms are stretching backward towards the wall behind you, and head is neutral.  Roll your entire body at once into an arch hold.  With your legs together the entire time and your head in line, keep your feet and arms off of the floor as you roll.  Pause briefly in each hollow and arch.  If you start to go crooked it’s probably because your entire body is not rolling at the same time.  Fix it.

I’m a woman of my word.  Rachel- pick a time and place and lunch is on me.


3 thoughts on “140422

  1. Kaitlin,

    No matter what I do or how much I bend or move or wiggle I can not physically make my entire lumbar area flush against the floor when i am in a hollow hold. my low back right above my bottom appears very arched when looked at from the side, both when i lay on the ground and just standing normally. if i curl up into a ball by pulling my knees to my chest i can make my low back contact the floor, but as soon as i begin to move my legs out straight my lumbar arches off the floor. on the flip side, i have zero issues with the arch holds.

    do you have any suggestions? is it related to lack of core strength or some weird body quirk?

  2. That’s me! I live in Michigan…. so lunch might be a little difficult… lol! But I’m glad I could accept the challenge(;

  3. Kaitlin,
    Connectivity stuff has been awesome! I have to break up my training sessions due to time. Would you recommend doing this as a warm-up for the BBG/Strength or the Conditioning?

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