Ok, before we get into the specifics of this first strength cycle on Outlaw Power, let’s talk about who should be following Outlaw Power.

Ask yourself these questions:

– Is top end/absolute strength a glaring weakness in your competitive exercise career?
– Did you find that ANY of the Open workouts were “too heavy” for you?
– Do you want to take the next three months to primarily focus on getting stronger without letting the bottom fall out of your conditioning?

There are a few more questions we could ask, but the basics are this: If you have good conditioning, good lifts, and lack pure top-end strength – then this program/cycle is probably a good choice for you. Think about your numbers in comparison to those at the top of the sport. Let’s say the top men Deadlift somewhere in the low to mid 500s. They also Snatch in the upper 200s. If your Snatch is way closer to those numbers than your Deadlift, Outlaw Power is probably a good choice. If your Fran time is within 10 seconds of Froning and Khalipa, but you couldn’t have even started “Cinco 1”, Outlaw Power is probably a good choice. It’s not a different program than the traditional Outlaw Way template. It is, however, more of a basic brute-strength acquisition program. One that would be well suited for those with a high level of technical proficiency, but a low level of basic meathead strength.

Now that we’ve established who should be following, let’s get into the details of the 12 Week Cycle we’re starting today.

We will be utilizing a Wendler 5,3,1 format for the 4 major Power Lifts (Deadlift, Strict Press, Squat, and Bench Press). There are other great Powerlifting formats out there but we feel that the Max Effort sets incorporated into the Wendler Program provide a much higher degree of carry over into the sport of competitive exercise by allowing athletes to become more proficient at moving weights for multiple reps at high percentages of their 1RM’s.

For the four Main Lifts of this cycle (Deadlift, Strict Press, Squat, Bench Press), you will be basing all of your percentages off of a TRAINING MAX. I don’t care if you remember shit else from this post, but make sure you remember this: your TRAINING MAX is found by taking 90% of your actual 1RM. You will then use that Training Max as the basis for ALL of your percentages for the cycle. For example, if your current 1RM is 500# then you will be utilizing the figure of 450# to calculate your percentages for the Deadlift work each week.

Finally, let’s talk for a second about the Max Effort sets. The Max Effort sets are meant to be just that, MAXIMUM effort. However, that does not mean that this represents the time to loose your fucking mind and throw all your technique and movement integrity out the door. The Max Effort sets provide the opportunity for you to consume the strongest black coffee you can find (preferably with multiple shots of espresso), turn up load abrasive music, and unleash hell on the bar while maintaining as perfect technique as humanly possible.

WOD 140421:


1) Power Clean: Work to a 5rm (non-T&G, reset quickly after drop)

2) Deadlift: 1X5@65%, 1X5@75%, 1xMax Effort@85%, rest as needed



1A) 3X10 Bent Row – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.
1B) 3X20 Reverse Hypers – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.


100′ Shuttle Run (50′ down/50′ back)
30 GHD Sit-ups
50′ HS Walk
5 Rope Climbs 15′
100′ Shuttle Run (50′ down/50′ back)
5 Rope Climbs 15′
50′ HS Walk
30 GHD Sit-ups
100′ Shuttle Run (50′ down/50′ back)

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  1. Hope I’m not the only one thinking it… But…

    How much Oly will be utilized? I’m completely sold on the “Everything is Everything” concept, and I’m really diggin how my Snatch is building my Muscle-Ups and etc. However, the “Who-Should-Be-Following” description of my Snatch being closer to “elite” than my Deadlift got me thinking…

    Also, what about Connectivity?

  2. Snatch: 220 haven’t hit over 210 in months and haven’t hit 220 since the KC camp.
    Clean: 295
    Jerk: 275 havent PRd in many many months.

    I feel really good/consistent lifting but just seem to have plateaued and wondering if overall strength could be a reason?

    HBBS: 405
    Dead: 500
    Strict press: 175-185
    Bench press: 265-280

    If I feel consistent in my Olympic lifts would these numbers be justifiable for outlaw power? I feel good for one rep but when multiples come up in WOD I feel weak. I also feel like more overall strength could help my Olympic lifts. Thoughts? I feel like I’m in between your guidelines of who should do outlaw power.

    • 27/170#/5’9″/M/CenEast

      Sn: 190#
      C&J: 235#
      Cln: 240#
      Jerk: 255#
      BS: 355#
      FS: 275#
      DL: 405#

      @Travis – Take this with a grain of salt, as this is just my opinion. If you feel proficient with the lifts, i.e. technique is not the problem, I would do Power.

      I feel proficient, albeit I still have to get better and more consistent, but I lack raw strength. I will be starting Power simply because I need absolute strength without losing the conditioning. The only Open WoD that killed me was 14.3, and I need to address that. If you didn’t get killed by that WoD, then maybe you stick with the current TOW template.

      In the end, you have about 42+ weeks until the next Open…this program is only 12 weeks long. Even if you gain nothing from it, you will still have 30+ weeks until the Open. And remember, it’s not like that time will be lost. You will be getting better, just different rep schemes, etc.

      Just my two cents, and I am not sure it’s even worth that…

    • All your numbers are higher than mine and FWIW I’m sticking with TOW.

      1) Deads aren’t gonna help your oly as much since there’s a big separation there.
      2) What’s your front squat? Running into your clean? Mine clean/FS are 20lbs apart, therefore I need to squat.
      3) How’d you do in the open? Was your 13.3 placement better than 13.1? If so then you probably don’t need power.

      At the end of the day more strength doesn’t hurt. You programming depends on your goals, etc.

    • I’ll start off by saying that I don’t think there is really a “wrong” choice for any of the 3 templates, especially considering Power and Barbell are only 12 and 16 weeks, respectively. That being said, Travis, our strength numbers are almost identical, but my snatch/CJ maxes are 250/310. Maybe try the barbell template instead?

    • For comparison’s sake, my numbers (in lbs):

      30 years old, 5’9″, 175#
      Snatch: 195
      C&J: 245
      Clean: 245
      Jerk: 255
      BS: 335
      FS: 265
      DL: 435 (did 465×3 TnG < 1 year ago, 435 1RM recently)

    • Preciate the input guys. Well I’ve been bitching about not having raw strength in metcons and other areas so ill give power 12 weeks of my time.

      Connectivity: done (my back is lit from arches, sabotage..)

      5rm PC: 235
      Deads: 295, 335, ME 385×6 (felt sloppy so I stopped)
      BentRow: 165, 2×185
      RevHyp: did as best I could off the back of my GHD

      Cond: no time as of right now

    • PC 5RM – 235#
      DL – 305#, 355#, 405 7 reps
      BOR- 185# and good mornings at 185#

      Cond. 10:15

  3. Was just wondering why we base our percentages off of 90% of our actual 1rm. I’ve seen this before but never knew why…

    • Safety. Actually being physically able to complete the work everyday as posted. The reps won’t nescesarrily be high, but will get heavy. Breaking every set bc the 1rm percentages are too high will kill your gainzz lol

    • Read Jim Wendler’s book 5/3/1, it’s a great read and explains everything very well 🙂

    • Like Travis said, it’s to ensure you can complete the work each day w out necessarily reproducing the adrenalin rush you most likely had when you hit your 1RM.
      The good thing about the Max Effort set is represented in the fact that if your weight is a little light you simply get more reps and still benefit from the program.

  4. Couple questions:
    Are we always going to be doing the regular TOW conditioning?

    What is the preference touch and go reps or reset? I know this is competitive exercise but for developing absolute strength?

    • We will be doing the regular TOW conditioning with minor tweaking when necessary to avoid interference w the strength cycle. The strength cycle will be the priority.
      Touch and go reps are fine IF using steel plates. If you have bumpers, let the weight come to complete rest before beginning the next rep.

  5. Aright hopping on but did other stuff today before this got out.

    Deads off 380

    Will do Power Cleans later this week.
    Will this help me grow a Viking beard?

  6. Recently came to TOW and was waiting until power came out to decide which one to follow
    Sn: 165#
    C&J: 225#
    BS: 300#
    FS: 260#
    DL: 345#
    I don’t feel I am high proficiency, but ok on my lifts; I really do feel like overall strength is lacking. Any suggestions?

  7. Can the Power template be done after doing the TOW Olympic Lifting portion?

  8. Started off the day doing regular TOW.
    BBG: 265 hang for 3 ( drop sets)
    Dnd jerk gym was too crowded.
    SS pull-ups 24 kg
    Then I checked my email and saw power.

    I am already pretty strong and probably dont need to be doing this, but I signed up for a raw powerlifting meet to take place In June so I will follow Outlaw power to make sure I #wineverything.
    Dead lift : 340×5, 395×5, 445×10
    Cond: did Amanda from Saturday.
    Hard to do MU after that heavy of deads so it took 11:30

  9. Hey Guys-

    I understand you getting bombarded with questions regarding what template one should follow; so I’ll add to the bombardment. Sorry. I WANT to get much stronger, but also NEED to increase my endurance/cardio. My 1RM are the following:
    Snatch: 185lbs
    Clear and Jerk: 225lbs (haven’t hit it in a while)
    Back Squat: 335lbs
    Front Squat: about 260lbs (haven’t texted in awhild)
    Deadlift: 385lbs (cam real close to 400)

    You thoughts?

    • Do the Power Program. You will have plenty of time to gets all nimbly nimbly and fast after the 12 weeks.

  10. I’ve been following a different program since about November, but have wanted to make the switch to Outlaw for awhile I just don’t want to switch programs during regionals training. I want to hit a good strength cycle for a few months after regionals, would this be a good one to go back and do? Or are you going to have something else coming up around June?

  11. How do we go about following the power template?!
    I squat 195kg deadlift 215 and bench 160 at 81kg body weight.

    • Convert that shit to pounds take 90% of each 1RM and use those numbers to find the weights at the percentages listed for each lift.

  12. 29/m/6’/165#
    Sn: 130#
    C&J: 175#
    Cln: 175#
    Jerk: 185#
    BS: 240#
    FS: 275#
    DL: 315#
    Strict Press: 135#

    I know I will benefit from this or continuing to follow the standard format. I followed CFSBv2 for all of 2013 and my raw numbers went up, but my Olympic lifts stayed relatively the same, with almost no ability for high volume at 70-80%. I still have to scale the weight down to female weights for the conditioning portions here, but have continued to see overall gains while getting far more proficient at the Olympic lifts. My numbers have gone up a little on those, but my ability to do reps at 70-80% is far better. I’m still debating which template I will follow.

  13. Power
    1) 215, 225 for 4
    2) deadlift: 265, 295, 330×15

    1) BentOver row: 135 for all sets maintaining form and using no hips
    2) subbed 3×10 GHR

    Cond: 9:22

  14. 25/ 5’6/ 155lb
    Snatch 235
    C&J 285
    Clean 300
    Jerk 295
    BS 365
    DL 455
    FS 335
    Bench 300
    Strict Press 190
    Looking forward to the next 12 weeks. First Powerlifting template I have followed! Hoping for BIG gains!
    1 5RM Power clean 220
    2. 265×5, 305×5, 345×10 (couple left in the tank….form was starting to slip)
    1a. 175,180,185
    1b. 140 across

  15. Will someone please explain the technique for bent rows? I’m assuming with a barbell. Palms facing in or out? Thanks

  16. My HBBS 1RM is higher than most recent DL 1RM so I’ll be switching to Power.

    1.) 250#
    2.) off 365#, 10 @ 310#

    1a.) up to 145#
    1b.) subbed 20 Hug a Twinkies


  17. Power
    1) 195
    2) Off 500 (295/340/385×7)
    -all reset

    1A) 150
    1B) 4×8 weighted pull-up
    2A) EZ bar curl
    2B) DB hammer curl
    -not trolling.

    Going to be skipping most conditioning. Sticking to lifting heavy shit and getting swoll, with occasional wod/airdyne.

  18. M/28/#150/NorCal
    1. #205
    2. #215 5reps, 249 5reps, 285 12reps (based off of 333)
    1a. #135-145-155(6UB then 4 singles)
    1b. Done with 10lbs.
    11:03 Rx

    Strict Press-135

  19. M/31/6’1″/195

    Snatch: 250
    C&J: 275
    HBBS: 335
    FS: 300
    Deadlift: 425
    Bench: 245
    Strict Press: ?

    Considering my snatch is within 20#’s of my C&J I need strength bad!

    1.)185, 210, 230, 245
    2.) 250×5, 290×5, 330×10

    1a.) 195, 200, 200
    1b.) 150, 160, 170

    12:51 Rx

  20. M/5’10/170

    1. 225
    2. Off 360: 235×5, 275×5, 305×8
    1a. 115-115-115
    1b. 25-25-25

    Snatch – 175
    C&J – 225
    Clean – 235
    Jerk – 245
    Strict Press

  21. M/5’10/170

    1. 225
    2. Off 360: 235×5, 275×5, 305×8
    1a. 115-115-115
    1b. 25-25-25

    Snatch – 175
    C&J – 225
    Clean – 235
    Jerk – 245
    BS – 305
    DL – 365
    FS – 255
    Bench – 205
    Strict Press – 145

  22. Connectivity

    1) 155
    2) 185,210,230-7

    1A) 115,125,135
    1B) Don’t have one of these, did back extensions with 10# on 45 degree thing.

    No time.

  23. Power
    1. 5 @ 165#. Went for 175# and failed on the 5th.
    2. Based off 290 – 5 reps at 245#

    1a. 135
    1b. Subbed GHR

    18:30 Handstand walks need a lot of work.


  24. I’m lucky if I can keep up with the outlaw ladies and I weigh 185#.
    I’m on the power cycle.
    1. 205#
    2. Off 365# training max.
    A. 145#
    B. 100# my new rev hyper is the best thing EVER! Should we be using the strap or the foot roller?

  25. Connectivity

    1) 70
    2) 17X107.5

    1A) 60 across
    1B) sub hip ext.

    Did not do

  26. 1) Power Clean: 215
    2) Deadlift: 1X5@65% 255, 1X5@75% 315, 1xMax Effort@85% 355 X 4


    1A) 3X10 Bent Row – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec. (135,155,155)



  27. Got 175# ×5 power clean
    DL 215, 245, 295 had limited plates available at home so last set was a bit heavier than programmed still got 5
    Rows got 135#
    Subbed good mornings at 135#

  28. Pwr Clean: 155, 165, 175, 185

    DL: 225, 255, 290 x 5 reps

    Bent Row: 155

    Rev Hyper (subbed good mornings): 75, 95, 95

  29. Following back from the start, so I tested and took it super easy last week

    Tested maxes:
    DL- 182
    OHP- 65
    B sq- 160
    1k row- 3:39

    Nothing else really

  30. Monday 5/19
    •P Cl- {10mins} 5×50, 70, 80, 90
    •DL- 5×107, 124; 12×140
    [A) Bo row- 10×40, 45, 50
    B) Hands&Feet Hollow Hold- 3x30s
    C) DB RDL’s- 20x20lbers, 25’s, 30’s
    D)] Bar Arch/Hollow Swings- 3×6

    That was it. Might do some conditioning later

    • Cond;
      Row- 3x500m, {1min active rest}between each
      1:53.9, 1:53.3, 1:52.3

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