Modified Couch Stretches


1) 3×0:30 Each Leg Couch Stretch, work towards a flat back against the wall.

2) 3×0:30 Each Leg Deep Couch Stretch (Top Right)- Begin in a couch stretch against the wall, slide your front foot out a few extra inches and while keeping your chest vertical push your hips down towards the floor feeling a stretch through your hip flexor.

3) 3×0:30 Each Leg Hamstring Couch Stretch (Bottom Left)- Keep your front foot in place and straighten your front knee while bending forward toward your toes.  Work to keep your back as flat as possible and getting your nose as close as you can to that shin bone.

4) If anyone (besides you fellow ex-gymnasts out there) can get themselves into a split with their back leg on the wall, send me a picture.  I’ll buy you lunch.


Static Shaping

3×0:30 On/0:30 Off Hollow Hold on Hands and Feet


3×30′ Seal Walks

6 thoughts on “140419

  1. I like these mobility WODs. Is it possible to get pics or descriptions of each one.

  2. Would you recommend post-wod for all the couch stretch work? It takes me hours to warm up just to get into the couch stretch.

  3. Holy shitballs {insert whiny voice} – couldn’t we start with like, kneeling or something? These might kill me. Either that or I will never walk again. Sigh 😉

  4. Done except for the split couch stretch. Also, what’s a seal walk? I assume I should resemble a seal while doing it.

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