Seated Pike 3×0:30

photo 3 copy

Begin seated with Straight Legs and Pointed Toes, bend forward keeping your back straight.

Toe Touch 3×0:30

Toe Touch

Handstand Hamstring Stretch 3×0:30

Handstand Hamstrings

Note: All of these images represent the ideal.  I’ve been at this for 20 years, take your time and be patient, work to the point of being uncomfortable but not in pain.

Skills and Drills

3×30′ Seal Walk

Start in a Push-Up Position with your toes pointed, exaggerate the hollow shape through your back, begin walking forward with your hands.  Rest when you need to, focus on not letting your hips move side to side.


Hollow Rocks 4:00 Total, 0:20 Rock/0:10 Rest

Focus on not letting your arms leave your ears, keep them stretched backward behind you.