Static Shaping
3×0:30 on/0:30 off Hollow Hold on Hands and Feet

Active Shaping

3×6 Arch to Hollow Med Ball Throws 16/20# Ball

Skills and Drills
3×6 Arch to Hollow Swing on Bar, Pause between each Swing

Hollow Hold on Hands and Feet as pictured above. Rest your feet against a wall or ledge and walk your hands out as far as possible maintaining perfect form. Keep your arms shoulder width apart and focus on extending all the way through your shoulders. Round your upper back as much as possible. The lower you can hold it the better.

Arch to Hollow Med Ball Throws– Standing 8-10 feet away from a wall, hold the medicine ball overhead with extended elbows in a straight body line. Arch back slightly, and quickly snap into a hollow body position releasing the med ball. Do not break your shoulder angle, your arms should maintain contact with your ears the entire time. You should be snapping hard enough that the ball hits the wall in front of you before bouncing off of the floor.

Arch to Hollow Swing on Bar– Hang on the bar fully extended through your shoulders. Start with a small hollow shape to gain momentum, then swing your head forward into an arch position. Snap your body into a hollow body shape and pull back on the bar. Come back to the starting position between each rep. The goal is to keep your center of mass directly underneath the bar.

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  1. Static Shaping
    3×0:30on/0:30 off Done
    Active Shaping
    3×6 Done ,only had a 12# ball
    Skills and Drills
    3×6 done

  2. 27/170#/5’9″/M/CenEast

    OC – done

    I’m pretty sore from this…so it must be working

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