We should have both Outlaw Power, and Outlaw Connectivity (gymnastics skill work) live by Monday’s post. Along with the new Outlaw Barbell template, this will will make up the body of supplemental work which each of you will be able to use to taper to your individual needs. I will explain the direction of each of these, and exactly how you should use them on Monday’s post.

Along with the new supplemental templates, we will be announcing some big changes to the future of our training camps. These changes will give you guys even more options to learn from our team of coaches. Our full three-day training camps will remain the base of our educational camp series, and will still cover a broad range of topics. The next series will include new topics and changes to make them fresh for everyone attending, while still providing the foundation of instruction that has built this site/program. However, after realizing it was impossible to cover as much detail as we would like, in a more broad setting, we’ve decided to add two new specialty camps which will be focused on providing the kind of precise development we obsess about.

The first will be a dedicated Outlaw Barbell seminar featuring Head Coach and National Champion – Jared Fleming, along with his Coach and Father – Dave Fleming. The second will be an Outlaw “Skills and Drills” (aka Gymnastics) seminar featuring Three-Time Games Competitor – Daniel Tyminski, and new Outlaw Connectivity Head Coach and former Cornell gymnast – Katilin Hardy (she’s also a Level 10 coach, and was formerly ranked in the top 20 in the country as a competitor). Needless to say – the attention to detail at all camps will be astronomical, and we feel that we’ve put together one of the best overall education teams in all of strength and conditioning.

If any of you would be interested in hosting any of our camps, please email Info@TheOutlawWay.com.

As always, perfection of movement remains the obsession.

I could be wrong, but I believe this is the first ever – in Outlaw land – of what I would consider to be the “holy grail” of the Clean. Jay Rhodes has been through a long, injured off season, and has finally gotten back to training hard. “White Lightning” has always been pretty good with a barbell – especially for a guy that weighs a hair under 175 pounds. Yesterday he PR’d once, then hit the first DOUBLE BODYWEIGHT Clean in Outlaw history. Here’s his 350# Clean from blocks…

WOD 140412:


1) 12 minutes to establish a 1RM Snatch.

2) 12 minutes to establish a 1RM Clean & Jerk.


For time:

50′ Front Rack Walking Lunges 95/65#
15 Deficit HSPU 6/4″
30 OHS 95/65#
12 Deficit HSPU 6/4″
24 OHS 95/65#
9 Deficit HSPU 6/4″
18 OHS 95/65#
50′ Front Rack Walking Lunges 95/65#

18 thoughts on “140412

  1. Snatch: 215lb (-10)
    C&J: 255 (-20)
    Didnt attempt to go higher on either lift. Legs are very very tired.

    Cond: 10:43. Felt pretty fast and smooth. Had to put the bar down on the OHS way more than I would like but the lactic acid was just terrible today with squat volume we have put in this week.

    Getting fucking JACKED for Outlaw camp in Chicago next weekend.

  2. BBG
    1) 100 kg (-6) just wrecked after yesterday
    2) 117,5 kg; 3 attempts at 120 kg… (-5)

    11:12 rx’d; shitshow on the HSPU, couldn’t get comfortable with plate and abmat setup

  3. BBG
    1) 150# (current PR) and 155# (f)
    2) 215# (current PR)

    21:00, really struggled with OHS, which wasn’t suprising one of my weakest movements, but the handstands were more difficult today than I thought they’d be.

  4. One of the weakest/fatigued days I’ve had in quite a while.

    1.) 175, 190, 205, 220ffx1 ~ 88%
    2.) 205, 220, 240~87%, 255f

    14:25 Rx

  5. 27/168#/5’9″/M/CenEast

    2/4/3 – Saturdays are always tough. Only about 12 hours rest between when I leave Friday night and am in Saturday morning. Similar to ifly0404, I’m a little fatigued.

    Sn: 175#; -15#PR
    C&J: 225#; -10# PR

    Conditioning: 14:49. Thought I was moving well, but it was apparently because I was moving slowly. Broke DHSPUs in thirds and OHS in halves.

  6. Im glad im not the only one who had an off day
    1.) 100 kg, failed 105 twice (-13 kg)
    2.) 130, failed the clean at 140 twice (-22 kg)
    I PRed my power clean yesterday at 140 kg, and today i couldn’t even hit it, pathetic.

  7. BBG
    1.) 195#, missed 220# forward
    2.) 275#, Cleaned 290# easily, missed Jerk(feet)

    14:00, paced. 3 sets on HSPU and OHS

  8. 1.185 -5 not a big deal 205 is coming soon.
    2. 185 easy, 205 missed the jerk. Thanks for the footwork video. It helped.
    3. Did fridays squats
    Hbbs 185, 205, 225, 265
    F squat 185, 205, 2/225

  9. BBG
    1) 215# (10# pr)
    2) 255# (-5#) 265(f)

    Partner Wod with buddy at our gym

  10. BBG – shit show
    Cond – 17:19 (shit show for time)
    Looking forward to a rest day.

  11. BBG
    1) 130 – pr from the floor
    2) 165, 170(pull)

    18:43 – 2″ deficit – 75#

  12. One of the most fatigued feeling workouts I’ve had in a long time….
    BBG: 1) 180
    2) 215
    Conditioning: 21:45 – HSPU were tougher than usual, OHS felt great

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