Later in the week I’ll have more details of our post-Open/pre-Regionals plan. For now we’re gonna have some fun, lift heavy shit, and test some stuff. You guys should probably try to enjoy this – maybe have a beer or something.

Kaitlin Hardy – flippy pistol things:

WOD 140401:


7X1 Clean from blocks (just above knee) & Jerk – work to a max for the day, rest 90 sec.


Back Squat: 1X20 – try to establish a true 20RM


Run 1 Mile – for time


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  1. When you say 20rm, is that completely unbroken, or is it acceptable to pause at the top as long as you don’t rack the weight?

  2. back to TOW after having really inconsistent training since mid-February
    Block C&J- 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 105 (just a clean, tweaked something in right T-spine, stopped there)
    B Sq- 5×70, 3×100, 20×110
    Mile- 7:35 I hate running. A lot

  3. BBG
    Just some light hang cleans to test wrist; not awful.

    19.5 @ 295#… FML.


  4. Curious how you all approach running a mile, 5k, etc. Do you wait a specific time following BBG & Strength before running? what do you do for a warmup to running? Thx

    • I usually wait 15-20 minutes then i Jog a lap (indoor track ~230 meters), do some leg swings, and then I’m off for the run. i usually still feel decently warm from the lifting session though.
      i hate warm ups in general, so i avoid doing two warm up sessions a day at all costs.

    • I literally put up my weights from squat, & then walked out to the track and immediately began running the mile.
      Probably not the best thing to do, but it got it over with. Running<everything.

    • I changed shoes. Stretched my calves and did about a 200 meter warm-up at a light pace.

  5. BBG
    1.)137 kg
    1.) 137 kg i was feeling a little fatigued so i went slightly conservative. probably could of got 140 kg
    6:33 95% limiting factor was leg fatigue

  6. BBG: 255lb

    Squats: 245 ouch

    Cond: 6:37. Can do this in under 6 min but legs were just shot from that 20 rep squat.

  7. BBG: pr is 195. attempted 200 twice, failed twice. Did 190 for remaining sets.

    Strength: worked up to 190 two weeks ago. Got 205 x 20 today. First 10 UB, the rest piecemeal.

    Conditioning: 9:23. Although a very sad time I actually felt pretty good. I usually hate the world while running.

  8. BBG
    245. Clean wasn’t bad but the jerk felt awful today so I stopped here.

    215. Should have gone for 225-235 because I felt like I had 3-4 more in the tank

    5:51 (PR)

  9. BBG: couldn’t do…shoulders feel shitty after 14.5

    Strength: also shitty, quit when I could barely get 10 reps of what I got three weeks ago

    Conditioning: 7:42. shitty

  10. Didn’t Jerk today. Shoulders are fried from 14.5 last night

    275# Clean from blocks

    300#, had this number in my head for a couple weeks. Really pumped I hit it

    Subbed Helen from last night

    8:46, PR by at least 2 minutes

    • Ran the mile after a few hours rest.

      6:27, 15ish seconds off my PR. Legs were cement

  11. Yesterday did an alternate CF total and helen.
    OHS – 250 *pr
    Bench – 260
    Deadlift – 475 *pr

    Helen – 8:07

    Today did the 1 mile TT – 5:19
    Pretty slow but considering I haven’t done any legitimate running in 6 months I’ll take it.

  12. BBG: 225
    Strength: 200 – really dialing back the weight on my squat and trying to perfect form

  13. 27/168#/5’9″/M/CenEast


    Missed Monday’s snatch work so added it to Tuesday.

    5×1 Snatch off blocks: 125/155/170/180/190# – matched last week’s PR. Need fractional plates.
    4×1 C&J off blocks: 155/185/205/225#

    20RM HBBS: 245#. Could have probably gone with 250# but wanted to make sure I hit all 20.

    Conditioning: Ran what I was told was a mile. Got done in 5:30. It was not a mile. Felt good though and it was nice to be able to get outside.

  14. Generally pretty tired today after 14.5 retest.

    C&Js from ground up to 286# for a few singles.

    Back Squat – worked to a heavy single at 405 and then a set of 10 at 335 and a set of 5 at 315

    Snatch Doubles EMOM for 10 minutes @ 225

    Helen – 8:38. 30 seconds off PR.

  15. BBG
    Worked up to 175. PR from blocks, ties PR from any position.



  16. Question: I’ve been following consistently since the camp in Denver in November. Even though I’ve made HUGE improvements i’m still not super competitive and probably have no chance of ever going to regionals. For the sake of data collection with all the testing this week, do you even want the numbers of people like me? I’ve never posted before because i’m still kind of embarrassed of my numbers (so I wouldn’t be offended if you said just don’t bother).

    • Trust me if you meet him and tell you don’t post he’ll make you feel like a dork. Just post it.

    • @Marisa –
      Here’s why I think you should post: There are more than likely 10+ athletes just like you around the world that follow Outlaw. None of you choose to post, and none of you have anything to benchmark yourselves off of except 1-5 girls who post on this site of ALL the followers. However, if you choose to post, another athlete of similar abilities might also choose to post because he/she sees yours. Then another may choose to post, and another, and another. You get my point. I chase people on here like Adam Kubo, CPD19, Maximuswp16, ifly0404, Chris, and many others. I use their posts as motivation before I begin my workout to know what numbers I want to hit, or how many reps I need to get, or how fast I need to go. I have only met one of these bloggers, but even though we’ve never met or talked, they are pushing me to get better, and you could be doing the same thing for someone else.

      When I first started posting (July 2013), my scores were laughable. Sometimes, they still are. However, it forces me to see areas of weakness especially when they relate to others within this forum. It allows me to get a true reflection of where I stand, and highlights areas I can get better at. Hope this helps.

  17. BBG
    Worked light hang cleans up to 185


    6:18, did directly after those squats. Legs were beat. PR is sub 6

  18. Bbg
    135, 135, 165, 165, 205 no jerk, stopped, short on time.
    275# took about 3min.to finish.
    1 mile run
    6:57 pr 13sec. I’m satisfied with that.

  19. BBG:
    1.) 200, 215, 230, 245, 260, 275 ~ 100%, 285f

    1.) 255 ~ 76%

    Completed around the gym on a hilly ass course so time is NA.

  20. M/30/175/5’9″

    After a completely TERRIBLE Monday…

    165, 185, 205, 215, 225, 235, 245f

    245 (+20) and this was about as maximal as I get

    1 mile @ 6:37 – 20s PR from last July and without running for 6 months.

  21. M/28/#150/NorCal
    225 (missed jerk @230)
    230 17reps

  22. 28/172/NorCal

    1) Worked up to 275#

    Did Some From Monday….
    2a) Worked up to 221#
    2b) Worked up to 285#


  23. F/27/5’10/135#

    1. 95/105/115/125/130/135/140×2 (power on last two)

    2. 145#

    3. 5:58 (finally sub 6!!! :-))

  24. 1)245 shoulders are weak, like really weak, like this was a struggle to keep overhead
    2)285, legs feel better than shoulders
    7:38, all time PR was 6:59, not bad considering I don’t think I have run since pre-open prep began

  25. BBG: Up to 245#

    Strength: 260# X 20, should’ve gone for 270

    Conditioning: 6:43, no idea what my mile time was before, but I felt like I definitely had more in the tank. Surprising, since I only rested between the squats enough to change my shoes.

  26. 1. BBG – Up to 295; (f) at 295
    2. Strength: 350 x15, stopped (again)-left groin tightness/pain. Wanted this at double body-weight
    3. Conditioning: 5:38
    4. A little accessory work on a couple weaknesses

  27. M/190/20
    BBG: 285 No jerk today to give shoulders a break
    Strength: 315 (+20)
    Conditioning: Wasn’t feeling conditioning at all today so instead of skipping out I did 4X400 5:25 twt

  28. 1) 115/135/145/155/165/170f/175
    2) 170
    3) 7:49 in 30mph winds and freezing sleet. YAY MICHIGAN!

  29. m/37/5’7″/185

    BBG: (scaled to 5 sets due to wrist soreness)


    (had to use a treadmill)

  30. BBG) 205#, can do heavier but didn’t feel smart to do so
    Str) 250#
    Cond – 8:50, blech

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