14.5 Outlaw Strategy & Tips:

WOD 140329:


1) 3 attempts at a heavy Snatch (warm up, hit 3 heavy reps, stop).

1) 3 attempts at a heavy Clean & Jerk (warm up, hit 3 heavy reps, stop).


1) 14.5 Warmup:

At a comfortable pace:

3 rounds of-

7 Thrusters 115/75#
7 Bar-Facing Burpees

*Rest until you feel recovered but not cold.

2) Do Open workout 14.5.

Win everything.

16 thoughts on “140329

  1. 13:46 – nothing pretty about that workout. Only goal was to complete all thrusters without dropping the bar. I broke the 21, 18, 15 sets of thrusters into three packets (resting briefly in the overhead position), and the rest unbroken. Burpees were deliberate, focussing on double foot takeoff/landing.

    All the best to those heading to Regionals and beyond, but thank goodness another year of Open monotony is over. Now back to proper lifting…

  2. Had to do 14.5 tonight, didn’t get to see the video before hand…

    sets of 15 and 12 were pure mental toughness

  3. @Rudy – One thing that wasn’t covered that I’m debating – WL shoes or Nanos? Assume you’re talking to an average athlete…roughly 250th in the region. Shooting for 13:20-13:30 to give you some sort of timeframe given my lackluster abilities. Much appreciated.

    • Hey buddy – for my 2 cents’ worth, I went with minimalist rather than WL shoes purely for comfort because of the volume of burpees. Felt fine with the thrusters

  4. 14.5- Done last night because I felt a cold coming on and wanted to get this in @ 100%

    11:17 Followed the strategy and only broke on the 15’s (10/5). Surprised how non crappy the burpees were on this one. Was expecting the quads to blow out but never happened. Shoulder were a whole other story. Went with oly shoes and thought they were great noticed no problems on the burpees with them Good luck Outlaws!

  5. M/30/175/5’9″

    Did 14.5 last night: 15:35. I hate thrusters but the burpees were the killer. The Open is over, its GAIN season.

  6. BBG
    1) 125, 130(miss), 130(pull)
    2) 155, 165(pull), 160(pull)

    1) DND
    2) 21:48 – I could not have done the thrusters UB so I planned the breaks 7/7/7,6/6/6,5/5/5/,4/4/4,5/4,3/3,3. Focused on getting back on the bar quickly, and staying moving during burpeees. I’m actually quite happy with my time. I wasn’t sure I could do this so quickly, and my body isn’t destroyed.

  7. BBG:
    1) 165#
    2) legs couldn’t handle this and the workout

    Conditioning: 14.5: 14:14.

  8. 14.5-14:49
    Had to drop the bar on the double-digit thrusters, but kept the rest short. Burpees and single digit thrusters were unbroken. No repeats. The open is closed.

  9. 14.5: 11:15…followed the strategy, 10 and 5 on set of 15 thrusters…Burpees used the step up which allowed for a smooth pace throughout.

  10. 14.5: 19:05

    After following Outlaw since after the 2013 Open, I made a 5-percentile improvement in my final regional standing, and a 7-percentile improvement worldwide. The programming and Open WOD strategy were immensely helpful; thanks. I look forward to making my C2B not shit for next year.

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