14.4 Outlaw Strategy & Tips:

WOD 140322:


1) 3 attempts at a heavy Snatch (warm up, hit 3 heavy reps, stop).

1) 3 attempts at a heavy Clean & Jerk (warm up, hit 3 heavy reps, stop).


1) 14.4 Warmup:

At a comfortable pace:

3 rounds at a comfortable pace of:

Row 15 Cals
7 Wall Balls 20/14#
5 Power Cleans 155/105#

*Rest until you feel recovered but not cold.

2) Do Open workout 14.4.

Win everything.

25 thoughts on “140322

  1. Did 14.4 today (friday) – 190 reps (11:37 TB)

    Got no-repped wayyyyyy too much in the wall ball. Must have done around 14 extra reps so that kill my mojo. Everything else was pretty breezy, just a lot of heavy breathing. Singles on the cleans with a quick reset is your best bet even if you (like me) think you can rip sets of 3-5. At least for me the rest after those sets took more time than dropping and resetting with singles. Muscleups are the rub in this workout, dont waste the effort getting up there to fail on the dip. Reign it in, reset and hit another set at least 1 rep before failure.

    okay ill stop now, don’t want to hijack the coaching from Rudy but figure I would put up some tips based on my experience. Will be redoing Monday aiming for the rower round 2.

  2. 193 – 7 M/Us short of a complete round. Followed Rudy’s recommendations for pacing fairly well throughout, lost a bit of time on the final 10 T2Bs, and had to rest a bit with every 10 power cleans. Seems like I had the same experience as Shane with the M/Us – missed a couple and had to force myself to slow the f$%k down.

  3. M/28/#150/NorCal
    1a. #145 kept it easy.
    1b. #185 kept it easy.
    Warm up
    192 (will redo on Sunday)

  4. 14.4- 180 finished the cleans and had 2:30 left. Three attempts at the m/u and all failures, thats what i get for not working on it more. The tips were awesome, they were spot on and I don’t think I could have done better. No repeats.

  5. BBG
    1a. #135
    1b. #195
    184 Reps. Could not do to Rx. Had to conduct Bar Muscle Ups, in a small gym no ring hanging capability. So the score is probably skewed, but did everything else Rx.

  6. 14.4
    197 reps. 9:50 TB. TTB in stes of 5, wallballs 20, 10, 10 (felt lactic acid build up in my arms, decided to split in 10’s), 2 no reps on MU’s, started with sets of 2 up to 12 an then singles, gonna try again on Monday. Really wanna get over 200.

  7. BBG
    1) 225, 245, 260, 270f. Best these have ever felt
    2) CnoJ 275, 295, 315
    14.4- 195. T2B as Rudy said. 15-15-10 WB. Sets of 5 singles on cleans. 10:03 tie break.

  8. BBG:
    1) quick 85% power snatch

    14.4 practice run
    189 reps -Hitting this on Monday, but wanted to get a feel for it.
    Thoughts: -Hit a comfortable 60c in 2:50 s/m= 21-22
    -Wen’t with 5’s in TTB, 5th rep got difficult in last few sets
    -WB’s 20/20, pretty easy.
    -Cleans, this was the worst part for me. Weight is light, but it was a mental battle to keep picking it up immediately.
    -Got to MU’s with 3:11 left, took my time here because I didn’t want to re-rip my wrist. Started at 2min and got 9 comfortably with singles.
    -Looking forward to Monday, should be able to break into 90’s if I am able to keep a solid pace.

  9. 14.4
    Row – 2:32
    TTB- Did the final 10 as singles – 6:07
    Wall balls- 25-15 (these were a joke) 7:55
    Cleans- by far the hardest part of workout- only rode down the first 4, then i got mentally weak 11:01 (TB)
    Hit my first 3 singles on muscle ups… missed the next 4 attempts in the remaining 2 minutes.
    I guess this is what i can expect considering this is the 2nd WOD i have ever done with muscle ups, since my normal gym has no rings. Not use to MU’s under fatigue.
    BBG after
    1.) 215#
    2.) 315# failed jerk

  10. BBG
    1) 125(pull),125,130(pull)
    2) 155,165(pull),165(power)

    Did 1 round of warmup at 135#

    159 – I need to work on stringing TTB. Right now I have to stop swinging between reps, and I had a couple no reps (only one foot made contact). WB were 20,10,10, had a couple no reps. No bumpers so I have to lower the cleans.

  11. Cond
    194 reps
    10:43 tie breaker— happy with this, goal was 15, slipped out of one. No redo

  12. 27/168#/5’9″/M/CenEast

    1/3/2 – Slightly fatigued from hitting 14.4 last night and being back in the gym this morning.

    Tall Sn: 75/85/95/105/115/125/135

    PP: 165/175/185/195/205
    HBBS: done. 265#. Off of 355#.

    Conditioning: Did a short WoD of PSn, PUs, and DUs. Can definitely feel my lats are sore, but not bad.

    Notes from 14.4: For those of you who can’t keep 5’s for ttb, break it up early. Do 3’s, go quickly. Go to singles before you have to. Cleans are the hardest part, mentally not physically. Have to go to that dark place and turn your mind off. You will get rest before the MUs.

  13. 14.4 ~ 196 (9:32 TB)

    2:30ish row on 8
    10×5 TTB (5ish seconds rest for all wanted to go faster but heard Rudy yelling at me in my head)
    30/10 WB’s ~ didn’t need to break but wanted to feel fresh for cleans ~ 1 no rep
    All singles for cleans ~ followed each time
    16 singles for MU’s with 1 no rep on the first one. Obviously a weakness had 4 1/2 minutes.

    Overall felt really strong, stayed ahead of the suck. Thanks for the programming and tips.

  14. snatch 195
    c+j 285clean, failed jerk
    14.4 187 reps
    finished the cleans at 10:29
    was shooting for 190. i think i could have paced the rows faster and done better on the wallballs (had 3-5 no reps), but froning still would have beat me so i’m happy with it lol

  15. M/35/5’9″154
    14.4 140 reps

    T2B-did 5’s & 3’s should’ve hit singles earlier as my lats and quads got smoked way too soon
    Wallballs- sufferd(5 no reps ) due to hitting fatigue on T2B

  16. I’ve been horrible at posting lately.

    14.4 – 180 reps @ 13:42. Finally got some rings. MU’s will be mine, oh yes, they will be mine.

  17. 14.4: realized after finishing and being completely shut down by the cleans that I still had 105# on the bar from the warm-up rounds. Fucking shit. Re-do Monday

  18. M/30/175#/5’9″

    191 (11:42 tie break)

    1) Rudy, thank you so much for the programming. With all of these workouts I’ve been able to look back at some metcon you programmed and say “I’m comfortable with this because of what I’ve done”. With C2B it was the 5min EMOM of 10C2B, with this it was the 5 rounds of 12 t2b 12 BBJ with 20 muscle ups to cap it.

    2) considering my tie break, I’m bummed. If I could’ve gotten to the MU sooner I would’ve finished. I’m seeing above many of you with 10 and even 9 minute tie breaks. I was 18s away from 12:00 and hit 11 – the no fails, with 7s remaining. I’ve got to get my wind together to match my MU capacity, and obviously. I should’ve been back on the rower.

    3)my buddy mMatt bet me $100 that I wouldn’t get 10MU, at 9 I was screaming “GIMME MY MONEY MATT” good times. Still a solid score.

  19. Did this today (Monday 3/24)
    14.4- 210 13:21 TB
    Followed strategy except for cleans in sets of 3’s.
    Only thing I would’ve done differently is strap my feet in the rower the second time. The extra couple of seconds would of made a big difference in my rowing power. Oh well!

  20. 14.4 – 176 reps.
    Repeat on Monday. Strategy was great, but I had plenty left in the tank to finish the cleans and just didn’t push it as hard as I could have.

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