No doubt about our in-house male winner for 14.3. Yes, it’s the same as 14.1 – Nick “Cardio Man” Bloch. His 178 reps were good for 6th in the world, and now he’s got two top 11 finishes in three workouts.

The female winner will be a completely new name for most of you – it’s Megan Karlen from CrossFit Inland Empire (yep, that’s Paul Castaneda’s gym). She was good for 179 reps and a 24th in the world finish on 14.3.

Nick Bloch – 178 reps of 14.3:

WOD 140320:

Rest day.

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  1. How does it work when a gym is Outlaw Friendly? Pay a day rate and then work out on your own? Do you receive any coaching? Do any gyms allow you to be a member and do TOW workouts?

    Curious because a new box opened in my town and considering joining. Been following CF/TOW for 2 years without ever stepping into a CF gym. Would love to but the rates are double what I pay now.

        • I dropped into a gym in irvine (cf insanity) who programmed tow for their competitor program. Had a week drop in, we just worked out a deal.

          • Thx Jash. Contacted the new box here and they stated I could do TOW workouts and may be able to work a deal where coaching would be available outside of scheduled gym times. I’m intrigued.

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