Outlaw Strategy Tips for 14.3:

EDIT: In case this wasn’t shown clearly in the video.

Step-Up/Drop-Down “Box Jump” Demo Video:

WOD 140315:


1) 3 attempts at a heavy Snatch (warm up, hit 3 heavy reps, stop).

1) 3 attempts at a heavy Clean & Jerk (warm up, hit 3 heavy reps, stop).


1) 14.3 Warmup:

At a comfortable pace:

10 DL @ 135/95#
10 Step Up/Drop Down BJ @ 24/20″
10 DL @ 185/135#
10 Step Up/ Drop Down BJ @ 24/20″
10 DL @ 225/155#
10 Step Up/Drop Down BJ @ 24/20″

*Practice rhythm of stepup/drop-off style “box jumps”. Also, practice bar loading setup and transitions. Rest until fully recovered, but not cold before #2.

2) Do Open workout 14.3.

Win everything.

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  1. Did 14.3 yesterday because of travel for Spring Break I won’t near an affiliate.

    Hit 145 (15 DLs @ 315 w/ 5:52 tiebreak time), Please with this for a 1 and done effort.

  2. 110 reps (20 DLs at 275) – broke the set of 225 into two lots of 10, and did the 275 DLs in sets of 3 before I ran out of time.

    Wasn’t expecting a big score considering my size/weight, but happy enough with the pace, esp for the box jumps. Most importantly, I could actually get out of bed and walk this morning…

  3. 14.3- 136 (7:01 tiebreak)
    -May redo this monday (gasp-I know), feel like I could clean up some lost time and also did an extra rep at 275. Back doesn’t feel too beat up right now, but that could be my CNS talking.

  4. Rudy Jr here to help:

    So I did this workout in the early afternoon, prior to seeing TOW strategies. Being the soothsayer that I am, I used the small plate strategy.

    Just a few small pointers: we loaded the bar right after the dead lifts, giving us a quick 10 sec recovery and could then proceed right into the box jumps.

    Here was my fatal flaw: after finishing what I knew would be my last set of box jumps (after the set of 275) I changed the weight FIRST!!! Although helpful throughout the workout I lost out on a valuable 10-12 seconds in the tiebreaker. I’ll see how low it drops me in the 151 category.

    Hope that helps someone

  5. Would a women’s bar be beneficial for men with a smaller diameter? Possibly save grip?

  6. M/28/#150/NorCal
    1a. #155 stayed comfortable
    1b. DND
    130 reps
    Tie breaker 7:57

  7. M/30/175/5’9″

    14.3: 136
    Deads are my wheelhouse. This being said I may have been able to move through 275 faster, I’m content with my score tho.

  8. 14.3
    136—tie breaker 6:26. Did jumps because I felt smoother and they didn’t wind me. Almost failed the first 315 so I had to take time to do those. 315 never felt so heavy

  9. 14.3
    144 5:41 tiebreaker. I was right where i wanted to be, but those 315 dead lifts felt like 1 RM’s towards the end. Step ups, drop downs were life savers

    Hamstrings are thrashed, but back is feeling good

  10. 14.3 146 reps 5:59 TB. Box jumps all the way. Never felt fatigued with them.

  11. Warm-up
    1) 165-185-205 pr
    2) 225-245-265(f)

    118 reps

    Suck at DL, so went for it on the weightlifting

  12. 106, 5.09 tie break; high rep deads are not in the wheelhouse so I’ll take it!

  13. Wod wars with Jon Mustafa
    14.3. 114 thanks for the tips
    “Over the top”
    10 min amrap
    5 pull ups
    15 hand release burpees onto a plate
    4 c2b pullup
    10 hrbop
    3 bar muscle up
    4 hrbop
    2 pull overs. 2 rnds plus 13 hrbop
    2 min me t2b 40 reps
    2 min me kb snatch53# 53 reps

  14. BBG: worked up to 145# snatch and that’s it. Hamstring was still iffy so didn’t want to ruin it for the workout.

    Conditioning: 14.3: 145 reps (6:33 tiebreaker)

  15. 1) 185# 10Lb PR from the ground
    2) 220# worked up to 5 under my max

    Cond: my back squat is 30# under my max DL. Needless to say 14.3 was not my kinda wod

  16. snatch 185,195,210f
    c+j 225, 255messy, 255good
    14.3 130 (7:41)

    2nd year in a row on the ascending weight wod that i hauled ass to get the bar loaded for a final round and did not have enough time to get a rep in. not gonna get much better if i redo it though. i feel i did it as efficiently as possible and i’ll take it

  17. Posting this on sunday:
    Day 2 of wod wars with Jon Mustafa
    Fractured Fran
    Fat Eddie *
    20 back squat 225#
    50m sled push 180#
    *20 315# deadlifts was changed to 20 185# powercleans
    50m sled push 180#
    20 push press 135# I timed out here at 8 reps I think.
    50m sled push 180#
    I finished every round within the set time caps on fran, fat eddie beat me though. Overall I finished 9th one spot behind my head trainer. I’m pleased with that.

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