I was gonna post this with a few other videos, then I reread the email and realized how ridiculous it actually is. No big deal, just 1.67 times bodyweight, and within 15# of an even 300. I bet Derek doesn’t even have to touch the rings to do Muscle-Ups. Here’s Derek’s email so you know he’s not a WL ringer…

“@derek_fritsche/BW 170 – 285 snatch from blocks. You MAY remember me from The Outlaw Open back in 2012. I didn’t place very high, but I’ve made some major gains since then #steroidfree. I’ve been following The Outlaw Way for close to 2 years now – Thanks guys.”

Derek Fritsche – 285# (130kg) Snatch @ 170# (77kg):

WOD 140314:


5X3 Tall Snatch – work to a heavy (but perfect) triple, rest 60 sec. DEMO VIDEO


2a) 5X3 Push Press – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.
2b) 5X3 Tempo HBBS @ 75% – rest 60 sec.

*Notes: Quick descent, 5 counts (seconds) in the rock bottom, bounce and quick back up.


3 rounds for time of:

Run 400m
30 KB Snatch (15l/15r anyhow) 24/16kg

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  1. I know this is going to be a noob question, but are our percentages supposed to be off of actual 1RM or -10% of 1RM?

    • I think this is personal preference and what you feel like you can do that day. I typically try to go off my true 1RM, but if I am not feeling it I will back it down.

  2. BBG
    1) 45#(bar), 65#, 75#, 85#, 95#…suck at these…snatches in general
    1) 185#
    2) 205#

  3. 1) Up to 115

    1) Up to 225×2
    2) DND

    Just ran a mile. Looking forward to my back and hammys being sore for about 3 days after we do 14.3 tomorrow.

  4. BBG
    worked up to 60 kg
    1a.) worked up to 105 kg
    1b.) 125 kg (66%)
    Conserving my back and legs for tomorrows back breaking, hamstring thrashing, achilles rupturing workout… aka 14.3

  5. 1.) 67# , 77# , 89# , 99# , 111#( failed so went back to 89#)
    2a.) 177# (round 1-3) 187# (4&5)
    2b.) 265#

    Cond: 10:09

  6. 1.) 40kg/42/45/46 xfail/46… I’m really good at these. A girl at our box supposedly had 1kg more then me (I wanna see Video proof, CAIT!!!) I think this is pretty pathetic given that my 1RM is 109 LOL

    2a.) 80/85/90/92/95kg
    2b.) I had some weird thought in my brain that I would need my legs to be full go tomorrow so I skipped these

    Cond: 8:29

  7. 2 A) 185 across, stayed lower for the squats
    2 B) 280# holy hell that sucked

  8. 3/3/3

    1) 75-85-95-105-115#

    1a) @155# – elbow still doesn’t like pressing from front rack
    1b) @235# – ouch


  9. BBG: 75, 80, 85, 100, 105#

    2a) 150#
    2b) 206.5#

    Conditioning: Had to sub 500 m row for run. Tweaked hamstring on squats. Forgot to set clock.

  10. 27/168#/5’9″/M/CenEast


    Did 14.3. Sucked. Redo on Monday.

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