I don’t often post videos of non-Outlaw athletes. I don’t often post videos of 20+ minute workouts. As a matter of fact, I don’t think I’ve ever posted a video of a 20+ minute workout, featuring a non-Outlaw athlete. That should clue you in on the fact that this one is a little special.

Last night I couldn’t sleep. While I was watching SportsCenter for the 8th time I started scrolling through Facebook, and noticed that video of Irving Hernandez’s 396 reps of 14.2 had been posted. I was bored enough to want to watch to see what kind of strategy he used, and how crisp his reps were. I immediately noticed he was methodical through the early rounds, looking at the clock for rest cues every time he wasn’t working. I also noticed he didn’t really do any sets of more than 6 pull-ups at a time. Then I got bored…

I knew that the 15th minute – the round of 20 – would have some action, so I scrolled ahead to there. I noticed immediately he seemed to be well behind pace, and there didn’t seem to be any way he could make it up after breaking the OHS multiple times. Then, with roughly 20 seconds left to finish the round of 20 – magic happened.

I don’t get too excited about kipping pull-ups most of the time, and I definitely don’t get excited when someone who has “excellent levers” for pull-ups is good at them. However, I’ll be damned if that 20 seconds isn’t one of the most exciting things I’ve ever seen while watching someone exercise. Remember – before that last set of 20, Irv had done ONE-HUNDRED-AND-SIXTY Chest to Bar Pull-ups.

Do what I did. Watch a little bit of the early rounds, then scroll to the 15th minute – it won’t disappoint. I thought it was pretty cool, or maybe I was just really tired.

Irving Hernandez – 396 Reps of 14.2:

WOD 140313:

Rest day.

9 thoughts on “140313

  1. As a fan of the Iowa Hawkeyes….I just want to know what kind of shoes he’s wearing 🙂

      • anyone with experience with these shoes? About $50 cheaper than Romaleos & Adidas.

        • I have them. Super light and fast, passable for DUs/boxes, stable in the hole. I like them. About .68″ heel, feels very solid. Be aware they feel almost suspiciously light but nothing has failed yet. Also on the cosmetic side they seem to wick better/stink less.

  2. my thoughts watching this yesterday

    round of 16 – Yea yea, this guy is good…

    round of 18 – sure, he is good at pull-ups…

    ok he got 396 but has 21 seconds left and hasnt started pullups…..

    WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED… rewinds 4 times to count, thinking he was wrong

  3. gonna miss tomorrows training and not doing the open til sunday so i took today to test a couple things.

    tall snatch doubles up to 115
    grace 2:58, first time ever doing grace
    -then rest 3-5 minutes
    mile run 6:44, 25sec PR

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