I never thought I’d see the day. Legit WORK:REST intervals in an Open workout, and enough scientific strategerizing to keep me up reading NSCA manuals all night.

Outlaw Strategy and pacing tips for 14.2:

-Hold your WORK:REST for as long as possible.

If any of you watched the announcement show (which I’m sure you all did), you noticed a distinct difference in strategy and a distinctly different result. Talayna broke the C2B relatively early, made fast work of the OHS, and continued to battle well into the round of 20. This is no surprise considering the overall metabolic impact of large sets of C2B pull-ups, and the large toll they take on the localized musculature that is used to perform them. Camille went unbroken too long, and they failed quickly. The beauty of this workout is that there’s plenty of space for those short work:rest intervals.

After testing and hearing feedback, we are going to suggest completing each round as if it is a 1:30 interval, and breaking the C2B early and often. Yes, many of you don’t NEED to break the rounds of 10 & 12, but breaking them will stave off the dreaded lactic acid monster and keep you moving longer. Each round should basically be used to recover as much as possible. If you have 90 seconds to work with, and 10 OHS take between 18 and 20 seconds, then you have another 70 seconds to complete 10 seconds work. With a degree of variability, 10 C2B take 10 seconds – obviously this is with a butterfly, but it should hold fairly close for most athletes. This means you have ALOT of time to complete 10 reps. My suggestion would be two sets of five, with enough rest to give you 10 seconds to transition back to the OHS.

The work:rest intervals don’t even really fall off much deeper into the workout. Talayna’s first set of OHS on the round of 18 were around 35 seconds, this means she had 55 seconds to complete 18 seconds worth of work. That is STILL a 1:2 work to rest cycle, which is the same one we had our athletes hold on the 100s workout at Regionals last year with great success. Yes, this implies that your OHS have to be smooth and unbroken, but even if you fall to a 45 second round you still have more than a 1:1 cycle to work with.

-Save your grip, save your score.

I alluded to using two sets of five on the first round of C2B, let me elaborate on that with some suggestions… When I say sets of 5 on that round, I mean sets of 5 or less on every round (FOR INSTANCE: 5-5-4 on the round of 14). This is am absolute grip killer, and even if you have a massive UB set of C2B, the small sets remain as the suggestion. Resting or breaking on C2B does not take long. There is no barbell to pick up, and get in place, and nothing to slow you down but raising your arms back up. This, combined with the built in time allotted for work:rest, allows for a saving of grip that will be a necessity in the later rounds. No matter what, the forearms will fill up with lactic acid first as they are the smallest muscle group utilized in the C2B. Therefore, small sets not only allow for less overall fatigue, but they also allow for a quick opportunity to relieve grip and save it for deeper into the piece.

-Speaking of grip, save your hands too.

Caleb Williams just performed 14.2. He ripped for the first time in almost two years, and felt if he hadn’t he would have easily advanced to the next round. Obviously, you cannot rip. I would test every possible hand protection that is allowed for this piece. If you rip, the workout is basically over. This means you need to be prepared to be a little uncomfortable if you’ve never worn hand protection, and may be able to take it off at some point if it’s really bothering you.

-Wear Weightlifting shoes.

Please don’t tell me they’re too heavy. PLEASE. Wear them as they will allow no issues with depth, and a bounce out of the bottom to engage the stretch shortening cycle. If you’re worried about being “too heavy”, make yourself puke out the extra 15 ounces that’ll be on your feet before you start. Stability is more important than 15 ounces.

-Transitions are massive.

I always feel bad for the athletes that perform on the announcement show because they have to adhere to the staging of the workout. If you don’t have to be on a made for TV event, you need to have everything within a one step radius. Chalk, BB, pullup bar, and even a clock for intervals. Leave every second for rest, not wandering around the gym looking for chalk.

-Don’t rush your first rep of OHS, and try narrowing your grip.

I know this may sound like heresy, but I don’t think it’s particularly important to catch the snatch in a full squat. I like to power snatch, get my feet set, then go. If you won’t possibly fumble the full snatch, have at it, but you cannot waste energy trying to be fast. Also, I can’t say this strongly enough (hopefully people are still reading), you may gain a giant advantage by narrowing your grip to save shoulder fatigue. It is simply more stressful to hold a bar OH for a long period of time with a wide grip. If you can narrow your hands it will help stave off shoulder fatigue that could force you to drop the bar before you need to.

-Should you repeat?


One and done on this one boys and girls, unless you like hospitals.


WOD 140308:


1) 3 attempts at a heavy Snatch (warm up, hit 3 heavy reps, stop).

1) 3 attempts at a heavy Clean & Jerk (warm up, hit 3 heavy reps, stop).


*Warmup doing any variations of the movements you’d like (with slightly heavier OHS), until HR is around 125 BPM.

Do Open workout 14.2.

Win everything.

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  1. Question, possibly dumb.

    Our Heavy BBG should be off feel and I’m assuming around 80-90%? Obviously not trying to PR

  2. I loved this workout, and it will rate as one of my all-time favourites (along with 11.4). Did it yesterday: 216 reps (round of 24 less 12 C2Bs). You are spot-on Rudy – I had the confidence of OHS being my strongest lift and punched through those unbroken all sets except sets 22 and 24 (rested in the rack position, never dropped the bar). I then took my ol’ sweet time with the C2Bs in small chunks (4-7), and even singles in the latter rounds. Lots of chalk and didn’t rip (thank you Jesus). The most challenging set was 22, and I cranked out the final C2B with a couple of seconds to spare.

    • Pinghan –
      I think you have you’re math wrong one of two ways…. 216 would be completion of the 16s and 8 OHS into the 18s. So either you’re score is right and you were in the 18s, or your score is wrong (massively), because being in the 22s would put you >360 (aka #1-2 in the world). Honestly I think its the former, not the latter.

      216 is still solid though – nice job.

  3. BBG
    1) 235#
    2) 285#

    123 reps – about what I expected given my weakness with C2B.

  4. BBG:
    1) 205
    2) 245 (light but didnt want to work my legs too damn hard)

    14.2 – 125. Weaksauce but not suprising. C2B is by far my biggest weakness. The next 12 months are going to include some serious pullup work to turn my weakness into a strength. Sick of dreading every workout where I see pullups.

    • Also, tore my hand for the first time since like July. I even taped the hell out of them but by the round of 14 the tape had pulled away from my palm close to my thumb. Tore the hell out of it on my very last pullup rep.

  5. BBG
    1) 95 -100 -102,5f kg
    2) 110 -115 – 117,5 Jerk f kg

    244 reps

    Thanks rudy for the good advice!

  6. 205 snatch PR finally was feeling it so I said fuck it but only hit 77 on 14.2 weak sauce 2.0

  7. BBG: Did a mock meet and went heavy, since weightlifting seems to be the only thing I’m decent at, and my ego is destroyed from this Open.
    Snatch- 110 kg ties PR
    C and J -143 kg. cleaned 147 but my legs were toast, didn’t attempt jerk. (-7 kg)

    14.2 yesterday
    87, 1 rep shy of 3rd round, will do again monday considering i only did 6 minutes of work, i will break up the C2B even more.

  8. 14.2 – 197 reps on Friday…

    Planned on a retest Sunday until I read this. My method was to sprint to allow as much rest as possible leading into the next round. Felt great going into each round but couldn’t quite make it to round of 18s. Made it into round of 16s and got 16-16-16-5. Not a bad score but now Rudy’s got me thinking how much I could improve with this method…

  9. BBG
    Worked up to ~80% on both

    192 reps. Round of 16 got rough quick

  10. I never post but this week I think I should.

    I followed Rudy’s advice almost exactly. Unbroken OHS until the round of 18 where I was pretty pooped and I never did more than 5 CTB’s in a row. My last set of pullups was all broken into 2’s. My BIG goal going into this workout was to NOT RIP. Ripping means no bar work, and no bar work makes me a sad panda. Breaking it up into small sets with short breaks was very manageable and allowed me to adjust my grip if I felt anything weird in any set. I love the strategy tips.

    Thanks Rudy, seriously.

    14.2 – 258 reps.

  11. Before I ramble on, for those of you who its going to be a TL:DR, here’s the deal –
    Tweaked elbow yesterday, went for it, easy, halfway thru 14s called it quits, didn’t want to push elbow, redo Monday (gasp!)

    The whole story –
    I’ve been following the prep work outline by Brian Mackenzie for both the day before and the day of (sorry Rudy :/) – but with my background I find I warm-up better aerobically, with movement specific prep and mobility, than hitting heavy-ish weights and different workouts prior. That being said I did a very easy trial yesterday (and by easy I mean not really different that normal breathing, HR slightly elevated) and breezed through 10s and 12s…but something tweaked slightly in my right elbow as I committed the mortal sin of slacking my shoulder (IR) in the bottom of my OHS in my attempt to go quickly. Went for real this morning, elbow wasn’t feeling pretty overhead, and got halfway through the 14s but that was going UB through OHS and C2B thru 10s and half of 12s, then 6-6 and 7-7 but I was not solid enough on my OHS, no stability overhead because I was too aware of my elbow tweak. Called it – will hit again (yeah, I know) and hopefully I’ll be good to go through the 16s into the 18s.

    Cheers to all.

  12. BBG:
    1) 145, 155, 165 (miss) #
    2) 175, 195, 200#

    14.2: 177 reps. Damn. Even the OHS started to feel heavy. Wasn’t my best workout

  13. BBG:
    Both up to around 80%

    14.2-131 reps
    -content with this considering I absolutely never practice a kip/butterfly in off season. apperently I should this year.

  14. Did it Friday. Snatched up to 275# prior.


    Got into the 18 round at the last second and I was absolutely hurting. My hands tore and I was doing singles on the pull ups. I was shocked I got there and wish I could have got some more reps in those 3 minutes but I was just surviving. The strategy worked perfect to get me there and I happy with that score.

  15. 177—–ripped early and legs were smoked from yesterday’s wod. On to 14.3

  16. M/30/175/5’9″

    142. – 131 I really liked the 5 min EMOM last week of 10 C2B and that gave me confidence but the goal was to get through the round of 14… close but no cigar. Not at all upset though.

  17. 14.2- 204 Reps Been fighting a stomach bug since Friday so I was pleasantly surprised with this score. Not enough juice in the rd of 16.

  18. Warm-up: Mobility
    1. 3 snatches: up to 175 (stayed light/smooth)
    2. 3 c/sj: up to 205 ” ”

    Couple OHS to C2B transitions

    14.2: 269 reps

  19. Snatch 185,195,205 matched PR. Felt like I could a gone for more but stuck to the plan of 3 attempts
    C+j 225,255,280 5#pr
    14.2 187 reps (round of 14+43 reps)

  20. 14.2 – 82 reps. I fatigue WAY too quickly on C2B. Will need to work hard on those over the next year.

  21. To avoid the huge distance between my bar (in the apparatus bays) and the pull-up station (in the gym), I used rings for the pull-ups. Kipping Pull-ups on rings sucks.
    I made it to 145.

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