I don’t know, I guess I’m a sucker for big numbers. People are beginning to hit numbers that just a few years ago seemed absolutely untouchable. For the men it was the 600# Deadlift, 500# Back Squat, 400# Clean & Jerk, and 300# Snatch that I could have never imagined.

Yesterday I watched the “Test of Fitness” video which was posted on the Games site. The thing that stood out to me was how many times the athletes who were interviewed mentioned the “athlete of the future”. They kept talking about numbers. Sub 5:00 Mile, 500# Back Squat, 400# Clean & Jerk were just a few that were mentioned. These numbers were said to be coming in the next 10 years.

Nick Bloch runs a 5:30 mile, has a sub 20 minute 5k, Back Squats 550#, Deadlifts 620#, Snatches 290#, and on Friday Cleaned 400#. He can’t Jerk it yet, but don’t worry – he’s got 10 years to work on it.

Nick Bloch – 400# Clean:

WOD 140225:


5X2 Clean & Jerk @ 70% – do not go above percentage, rest 90 sec.


As long as you want to establish a 1RM Back Squat.

Notes: The Cleans should provide a good warmup, but you will still need some Squat sets of 2-3 reps. Once you reach the 80-90% range, take 2 minutes rest then perform a “Walkout” (simply set up like you’re going to squat, walk out of the rack, and hold the weight on your back for 5 seconds – DO NOT attempt to squat – belts are recommended for this movement) with 5-10% more than your projected maximal Squat. If you are projecting 400#, walk out with approximately 425#. After your “Walkout”, rest 2 minutes then begin your near maximal and maximal attempts. If you have not missed an attempt you may go slightly over the time limitation.


For time:

Row 2k
50 Deficit HSPU 6/4″

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  1. Jeff Evans down in Florida is getting close to those marks. 400+lb clean, 380ish jerk, 290 snatch(300 easy when he figures out the problem in the bottom). Freaks.

  2. BBG
    220# across (no misses)

    405# (+10# PR and +20# from last 1RM)
    *New goal: keep squat ahead of Nick Bloch’s clean… I’m not optimistic.

    20:00-minute cap
    Finished 41 HSPU Rx’d (7:14 2K)

  3. M/20/185
    Running on no food and 4 hours of sleep
    BBG 185
    Strength 425 (10 lb PR) 430+ is there when I’m not half awake. My body really responds to these heavier cycles keep them coming
    Conditioning 14 min cap 15 deficit and another 20 regular. Shoulder is a little off lately

  4. BBG
    100 kg
    415# (-30#) from hatch cycle. didn’t get to max out in december.
    Just did the 2k row

  5. 1) 195

    HBBS 335

    Just Failed 350-340
    Modest 5# PR match from last week but up 20# from our last max day and with much, much better form. No more good-morning-high-bar bullshit.

    7:18.6 2k (PR believe it or not)
    24:40 total time

    50 deficit HSPUs (2 45s and an abmat) was a reach but fuck if I wasn’t gonna finish them if it took me til dinner tomorrow

  6. BBG: 143.5#

    Strength/Skill: 275# (30# PR)

    Conditioning: 20:59 (45 HSPU at the 20 min mark I think).

  7. cond-
    19:56 super rx (7:19 2K)

    This took much longer then I anticipated, so I measured after the workout. 2 45’s and a 25# plate on each side was roughly 7.5”… damnit, I guess my size-o-meter is off… that explains a lot

    • According to rogues specs the rogue hi temp bumpers are 45=3 3/4 and 25=2 1/4 not sure what 45s and 25 plate you were using that came out to 7.5inches…

      • Yeah they aren’t the hi-temp. some off brand that we’ve had for a while. and I measured to the top of the ab-mat which wasnt smart as my head smashed on it which added more depth

        • Kyle, Pendlay plates (our black ones that don’t bounce) aren’t off brand hahaha When he says 6″ use the set up you had and use one of our abmats you goof!

          • unless you used the hi-temp 25# that one is thicker than the black Pendlay… sorry correction usually I use a 45, 35 and 25, Pendlay non hi temp

  8. c+j 195
    squat 425, 5#PR
    con-scaled def hspu to 4″ so i would finish sometime today

  9. BBG
    @195#, no misses


    20:47, Rx. Sucked.

    ***Match from last cycle. I’ve dropped 10-15# BW so I was happy with this. Didn’t take any attempts after hitting this

  10. BBG:
    -Push Jerk on these. Need to work on this so I took the opportunity
    295# (+5PR)
    – I could have prob gone more but my legs were alittle sore actually from condish on monday. 300# will come, I know it will

    -Been following the way consistently since June ’13 right when we started Smolov cycle. Have seen great improvements in all my lifts and my conditioning. Keep up the good work Rudy!!

  11. BBG: done

    HBBS: attempted 445 which is +5, but missed so stopped.

    Cond: broke up into 5 rds–400m row then 8 6″ deficit hspu
    normally can’t do deficits in a workout so was happy with this.

  12. BBG

    HBBS: missed a lot of this cycle due to a knee issue after PRing both squats on last. Hit 315 solid, failed 345. PR off last cycle was 375. Knee issue is gone though, bring on the next cycle.

    17:22 Rx
    7:55 2k LULZ
    45s and 25 on top for HSPU: did 10 sets of 5 every 45s or so. Stayed on pace

  13. C&J EMOM: 195
    HBBS: 405lb (5lb pr) really happy about this considering my body has felt really taxed lately.
    Cond: 16:55 it is what it is

  14. Clean – 225
    Squat – 455 – wasn’t feelin’ it, the way I’ve been squatting the last few weeks thought i’d have another 20-30# on top of that

  15. BBG: 5 x 2 @ 225 felt great.

    Strength: 405 + 10

    Cond: 13:01
    2k in 6:58 then 50 regional standard HSPU. No deficit. Best they’ve felt yet but glad I avoided the deficit today.

  16. 3/4/4


    325# (-10#) not a Pr but the best my back has felt since I hurt it in sept. Just started following in dec. cant wait for the next squat cycle.

    HSPU are a huge weakness
    Did 20 EMOM
    Even – 200m Row – kept all intervals sub :40
    Odd – 5 UB HSPU

  17. 27/168#/5’9″/M/CenEast


    5×2 C&J: 165#. Done.

    HBBS: DND.
    Subbed ascending UB MUs for 5 mins EMOTM: 1/2/3/4/5
    Subbed 3×6 @ 65% HBBS

    Conditioning: 14:47 Rx.
    Strategeried the f@ck out of this. And damn you Alvin for the fast score.

    Row: 7:57.6. WoD wasn’t won or lost here so took my time.
    HSPUs: 8/8/8/6/7/7/6. Kept to EMOTM. Maybe could have pushed harder on the row if needed, but meh, it’s a deload week.

      • Haha! Apparently I used too much strategy as we would have tied had I not taken my sweet @ss time on the rower lol. Good work man. Carry it over to the next 5 weeks!

    • Bittersweet moment; while I was unable to get a PR on back squat and was actually 10# under privious PR, my oldest son (20 yo) hit 270 beating my PR by 5#. Pretty proud but mad I wasn’t able at least match him!!! He’s been following Outlaw since my return from Afghanistan a month ago!!!

  18. BBG:

    350 (5lb PR)
    -happy with this considering I was out with a traumatic foot injury for a month+/felt like shit this whole cycle.

    -pretty much all singles on deficit HSPU’s.

  19. BBG:

    415# (Current PR. Felt easy, but my knee has been giving me problems, so I took it easy.)

    14:50 (about 6.5″ deficit)

    I am not really sure why some people were sprinting the row… I figure why get your heart rate super high and cause lactic acid to build up earlier. Row time was around 7:40.

  20. Str

    13:30 (7:35 row, kept heart rate down, then sets of 5 with approximately 15-20 secs between)

  21. 1) 5×2 @ 155 no fails
    2) 275# , 20# PR over my 1RM after smolov cycle (Did a Rippetoe Starting Strength Cycle for my BS and FS though right after hatch because my numbers went down from hatch…)
    2k+45 at the 20min time cap. RX

  22. 19 years old HT: 5’8, WT: 163lbs
    Built up to a 2RM Clean and Jerk
    135×2, 185×2, 205×2, 225×2, 255×2

    Skipped strength, did 405 for a 1 rep last week

    14:27 RX
    5th time rowing for 500m or more in the last 5 years and first ever 2km row. Did it in 7:30 not all out. Around 1:50-2:05 500m pace for the whole thing.

  23. BBG:
    1) 185#; according to my max I should have been at 145#, but wanted a little more challenge 185# felt smooth. I definitely feel like I am getting stronger.

    275#; not big weight but a 20# PR for me; was really happy with it . Slowly but surely getting stronger
    Tried to do the workout Rx’d. Definitely need to work on deficit HSPU. Reached Muscle Failure at 30 reps, so I was a DNF (12:08)
    -pretty much all singles on deficit HSPU’s.

  24. BBG
    90 kg
    160 kg @ 91 kg BW ; tied for my PR (for the 3rd time in a row…)
    no heavy squats to no squats the last 3 weeks, pretty happy about it, increased my form and depth

    Cond: different, little gym challenge
    10 min Timecap
    10 m HSW (1m=1rep)
    -> 3 rnds od 3Snatch(50kg)/3HSPU/3MU
    -> 3 rnds of 6Jerks(60kg)/2leglessRopeclimbs/12 alternating Pistols
    -> 3 rnds of 9Clean(70kg)/9C2B/9RingDips

    hit 1st Round of last triplet with 3 C2B -> 109 reps

  25. C&J Doubles @ 242#

    Back Squat – took one crack at 430# and just barely missed. Hit 425 on Saturday which was a PR so I’ll take it.

    Conditioning – 15:30. Row took 7:15.

  26. C&J: 140#
    BS: 270# 5lb pr, almost had 280# but spotter tapped the bar at my sticking point (not sure if I would’ve been able to push through or not, like to think I could have made it- felt good).
    Cond: broke into 5 rds 400m row, 10 deficit HSPU 16:00 min

  27. M/30/175#/5’9″



    15 HSPU @12:00 – capped myself. 8:30 after 200 empty bar SDHP, I was not happy. But I was happy to rattle off some 6″ deficit HSPU’s which I’ve never even attempted. Getting dizzy and the Open is why I stuck to the cap.

  28. BBG
    215, fun warm-up

    HBBS- 465 (+10). It’s a Pr, but I was shooting for more. Depth was good, was shooting for 475-500 range. Forgot to do a walkout.

    Conditioning: For time-

    Row 2k – 7:14
    50 Deficit HSPU 6″ – Done 8-9ish

  29. 1)225, first 2 sets TNG, then had 3 misses on the jerk
    2) 295 (70lbs under PR) nursing back injury, was happy to squat that
    3) 6″ deficit hspu are new to me, so I only did 20 of them. Row 7:19.5 felt awful, +20 deficit hspu 13:25

  30. 1. 135, 135, 155, 155, 165#
    2. 135, 225, 275, 315, 365f, 365f, I think ill get it soon i went into this tired.
    21:55 no def, sets of 5, lots of rest.

  31. a little late, but…
    1) 72.5
    2) 150 (+10kg!)
    3) 15:38 w/standard HSPU. Row in 7:40 (+20 sec from PR but pretty easy).

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