Brief de-load on the squats to set up for our test next week, and subsequent short volume de-load for the Open.

Side note: get all your shopping done this weekend, hang out with friends, maybe enjoy an adult beverage or take a bath – you all know you’re going to be completely useless next weekend between the leaderboarding, and going back and forth about repeating. Live your lives for a few more days, kids – in a fortnight you’ll be useless.

Finally putting up the pics of the amazing camps in Melbourne. Apparently leaving your iPad on an airplane makes it harder to have access to pictures that are on it.

I want to thank Josh and Ren, from CF Collingwood, for being the most amazing hosts in history, and making us feel welcome in their wonderful city.

photo 2

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WOD 140221:


1A) 4X5 Power Clean & Push Jerk: work to a 5rm – rest 2:00
1B) 4X5 Jerk Balance: work to a 5rm – rest 2:00


1A) Back Squat: 4X5@80%,­ quick up and down with no pause every set – rest 2:00
1B) Bench Press: 4X5 work to a 5rm – rest 2:00


From CrossFit.com 140218

7 minute AMRAP of:

5 Box Jumps 30/24″
3 Cleans (any style) 225/155#

Check CrossFit.com for competition rules. Win Everything (seriously, video this one).

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  1. Rudy, not sure if you’re actually wanting us to compete in what CrossFit.com posted or not, but it seems like you are. So with all respect, you know those videos are due the day after they posted the workout? The video for this one was due at 5 p.m. Pacific on Tuesday to be eligible.

    • Oh. And since I may have your attention lol. There’s a really cool framework (if you want to call it that) called DISQUS that you can add to this website that allows members to sign up with Facebook (or whatever social media network) and then allows other members to subscribe to each other and shows a history of posts. Invictus’ page uses it and I thought it made it pretty simple to look at other peoples progress, so long as they regularly post in the comments. Could be a useful tool for you as well.

  2. Testing BS next week? Lulz. most everyone has been struggling hitting percentages of training maxes, let alone 1rm.

  3. Anyone sift through all of .com’s scores yet? I think the best I’ve seen is Briggs’ 14+2.

  4. 27/168#/5’9″/M/CenEast


    BBG and SS today; Conditioning tomorrow

    4×5 PCln & PJ: UB 135/155/175/195#
    4×5 J Bal: 135/155/175/195#

    4×5 HBBS: 265#. 75%. Off of 355#
    4×5 BP: 165/185/205/225#

    • Conditioning: Did a different WoD. Used Competitors WoD workout and altered it a bit to hit my weakness of T2B:
      7 minute AMRAP
      30# WBs
      EMOTM – must do 7 T2B then return to WBs
      Total reps is # of WBs

      Score: 85 WBs

  5. I’m taking the (3 day) California Bar Exam in Sacramento next week. Any outlaw friendly gyms I can get to in the evening on Tuesday & Wednesday?

  6. I’m going to be in the San Jose/Santa Cruz area on Saturday, any Outlaw friendly gyms out there?

  7. I’m going to be in the San Jose/Santa Cruz area this Saturday, any Outlaw friendly gyms in the area?

  8. M/30/175/5’9″

    Did this a day early as I’m going out tonight. 4 days in a row sucks.

    1a) 165, 185, 205, —
    1b) 135, 155, 175, 185 getting the hang and seeing the importance/benefit

    1a) 235, 255, 255, 255 pauses, using 315#(PR is 335#)
    1b) subbed weighted pushups, 70, 90, 105, 135PR still had something left too

    6+5BJ, terrible, failed the second clean and took those slow. BJ’s were unbroken. 225 is about 92% of my 1RM tho (245#).

  9. BBG
    1a) Just worked to a heavy single (255#) to test elbow.
    1b) Skipped

    1a) 310# across (last 3 sets felt great; quickest I’ve been with no pauses)
    1b) 185# – 205 – 215 – 225

    8+5 (Just tried to keep an even pace throughout; all step-downs and single-rep power cleans.)

  10. Love myself some high volume clean days
    1.) 90, 100, 105, 110 kg
    2.) 90, 95, 95, 100 kg
    Tweaked my back squatting tuesday
    3x 220# (52%) and 1x 265 (63%) not worth it too push it any heavier
    1b.) 210#
    10 rounds even. Been doing the conditioning as calmly and smoothly as possible the past couple weeks, holding out the redlining for the open

  11. BBG:
    1a.)185, 195, 210, 225
    1b.)175, 195, 215, 230

    1a.) 265
    1b.) 165, 180, 195, 210*PR 5RM

    5 + 2 Box Jumps (cleans felt way heavier than they should have)

  12. BBG:
    1) 135, 145, 155, 155 (All of these felt ok until the 5th PJ, I suck at this)
    2) Skipped

    1a) 245 (felt strangely fast and OK)
    1b) Did dumbbell bench 4×10 55# (heaviest I had)

    6+1 Box Jump (30″ box, 185# clean)
    If this comes up in the Open with a lighter clean (135-155) I could prob get 9-10

  13. 39M/195#
    1) 135#/165/185/185
    2) skipped
    1a) 265#
    1b) 225#/245/265/260
    i know, my upper to lower body strength difference is jacked
    cond: dnd

  14. Bbg
    A) 96kg.. Someone took my belt from the box so could have done more
    B) 93

    A) @137 kg
    B) 220#

    8+ 1 clean

  15. My legs are still in thruster hell from Wednesday…

    1a) 115, 125, 140, 155#
    1b) 125, 135, 145, 160#

    1a) 196#
    1b) 135, 155, 165, 170#

    Conditioning: 8 rds + 5 box jumps

  16. 1) 170-180-190-205 PR
    2) 165-175-185-200 PR

    BS 275
    Bench 175-185-195-200×4

    Cond 6+2
    low back was toasted. have much more in my legs.

  17. BBG
    a) 255
    b) 235

    a) off of 375 – finally, I can keep tempo when we deload
    b) 265

    9 + 2 Jumps. Stepped down every rep.

  18. 21/165/5’8″/NorCal

    1a) 220(4)
    1b) 155

    1a) based off 410 (finally hit them all today)
    1b) 135,165,185,205

    9rds even (step down box jumps are for tall people like Ant)

  19. BBG: tough and go power cleans (no push jerks) up to 255 x 5. Big tear in my palm right now.

    Back squats: 4×5 at 315 pretty easily today.

    Bench : 225,235,245,245

    Cond: 9 rounds plus 3 box jumps. Filmed it so I didn’t have to count but wish I counted. I could have got to ten if I knew I was close.

  20. 3+6—-well that was a shit show, I guess it’s what happens when it’s over 90% your 1RM. Glad I’m goin to the outlaw camp, hoping to fix these Power issues

  21. BBG:
    1a) 260# (Felt good, so I worked to a 1RM power clean + push jerk. Hit 310#)
    1b) 245# for all

    1a) did not do… knee is still a little iffy…

    10 + 1 clean (2 cleans short of 11 rounds… I found a comfortable pace and stuck with it.)

  22. Bench – 265
    Only got around to doing today’s bench. But, I did get a 605# deadlift. Never really tried a max on it but found it today. Rudy, you’re right, all the pulls I need come from cleans and snatch. “Video or it didn’t happen” right?

  23. BBG
    1A.) only up to 185#, -10#
    1B.) 135#, felt weird today. Stayed light

    1a.) @295#
    1b.) 240#, +15#

    8 + 1. 65 reps

    Missed the box going for a second Box Jump at the end. That was fun

  24. BBG:
    1a) 185 (last 3 jerks were split)
    1b) 185

    1) 250
    2) BP 4×10: 150×2, 155×2

    -225 is 90% of my 1rm. Yes, I probably should have used 185 but my ego was being an ass hole.

  25. M/20/185
    1a) 230 hit 2 at 245 but stopped because of shoulder
    1b) 210 I think
    1) off 415 hamstrings and ankles a little tight today but happy we get to test squat this week I’ve enjoyed this cycle
    2) 215 I think shoulders sore

  26. HBBS: 320
    Bench: 185/205/225/235(10lb pr)

    Cond: 6+1 Box jump. Had to quit power cleans after second round and start squatting. Someday that 1rm strength is gonna translate to my WOD strength right??

  27. Friday night lights series@horizon strength.
    Snatch 175#
    Weighted pullup 70# pr
    F squat 275#
    Wod 12min 5 rnds add weight each round up to 225. No drops
    3 hang squat cleans plus 1 jerk @ 135, 155, 185, 205, 225
    12 burpee c2b.
    Had to drop out. Bummed. Don’t you hate it when work and the stupid real world gets in the way of crossfit? Ill take my revenge tomarrow.

  28. 1. 205# x3
    2. 135, stayed light as hip is still not great in the split position
    3. 285#
    4. 225#
    5. 4 rounds, cleans were heavy today

  29. BBG:
    1A) 175/190/210/225
    1B) 170/185/200/215

    1A) 365, no pauses
    1B) 225/235/255/275

    Conditioning: 20minutes, had nothing in the tank today
    Did the 50 burpees/20 FS from floor (275)/50 burpees

    first burpees (2:30ish)/FS-3min-17min-lots of missed reps was like a 275 E30secOT30sec, plenty of cussing/50 burpees. Bad day

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