We are a week away. I’d say it was a fortnight for dramatic effect, but I have no idea what that is. This time next week – give or take 24 hours – we’ll all be reloading the Games site 4,000 times and complaining about how it’s not loading fast enough.

This impending obsession has brought on a bazillion questions about the setup of our template for the Open. I’ll be writing a detailed explanation of how we’re going to approach the week, along with suggestions about repeating, next Monday. Try to stay calm and breath, people – I’m excited too.

Highlights from the week…

Anthony Layfield – Two PRs:

Laz Enriquez – Learning to Snatch:

18yo Alvaro Diaz – 295# Clean & Jerk:

Hildur Grétarsdóttir – 200# Squat Jerk:

58kg Outlaw BB Lifter, Caitlin Vodopia – 210# Clean Double:

WOD 140220:

Rest day.

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