I can never figure out what makes something ironic. Either I’m not smart enough, or Alanis Morrisette mind-effed me too badly to ever truly understand the term. I’m sure someone will point out today’s post is not, in fact, ironic – but my soul feels that it is (maybe my soul is stupid too).

This morning Paul posted this meme which he made a few days ago…

I saw it when he made it, but didn’t know when it would go up. Meanwhile, also this morning, someone sent me the video below. It’s Ilya Ilyin, at 200kg, demonstrating the truth which Morpheus speaks about.

I watched it 17 times, put it in Coach’s Eye, teared up, and basically decided that I needed to pray immediately, because the world is most certainly coming to an end.

While I was going through the lift over and over in CE, I decided to put the timer on it. You’ll remember from a few weeks ago, that Jared’s 170kg took .42 seconds from point of contact (with the pelvis), to catch (elbow lockout). Anyone care to guess what Ilya’s time was…?

.36 seconds.

Speed under, boys and girls… Speed under.

WOD 140206:

Rest day.

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