Apparently people like the fact that we’ve upped our Social Media game. Apparently they like it a lot. Since Paul “The Genius” Castaneda has started sharing millions of PR videos, pics of exercising, and memes that are actually pretty funny – see below…

…things just seem to have gotten a lot more fun in Outlawland. Also, it’s given us some much needed entertainment for rest days. This makes me happy. Enjoy.

So here we go – this may become a weekly thing, or it may not – here are some social media highlights from the last week:

WOD 140130:

Rest day.

3 thoughts on “140130

  1. @Rudy – When do you suggest that those of us who have been using straps start to taper off of them? I started on Monday, but would appreciate your thoughts or anyone else’s for that matter.

  2. If I were Tyminski I’d be pretty pissed that his awesomeness way of a muscle up is being taught and spred.

  3. I know its rest day but instead of crashing out as soon as I got home from work I went to my local cf and did a 2rm power snatch 175# & dt @ 75# 6:31. I used it as a chance to work clean and push press technique. I think tomarrow should be fun, my energy level is pretty high for thursday.

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