Apparently I suck at social media. Luckily I have smart people around me. Like Paul Castaneda, who alerted me to the facts that, 1) our Facebook page is boring, and 2) we didn’t even have an Instagram. I immediately made him “Head Coach of Social Media” – it’s like being the quality control coach for an NFL team, except with 0% of the pay, and about 1% of the cool – and told him to make it not suck anymore. Step one, make an Instagram…

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Step two, we take pictures of cool stuff, and you guys send your PR videos to OutlawInstagram@gmail.com. This way I don’t have to feel like a jerk for not posting everyone’s videos, and all the Outlaws will get to share in your PR victory juice. It’s a win/win. Also, make sure they’re edited to less than 15 seconds before you send them, and they’ll go up immediately.

What could be better than seeing pics of 997 pounds worth of Snatch in a PT Cruiser?


WOD 140124:

Run 5k

*Yes, you have to do this, and no, you shouldn’t do anything else.

42 thoughts on “140124

  1. So about the camps…..I really would like to attend one of your camps real soon!! IT has been a dream of mine since i have started Olympic lifting to attend one of your camps. PLEASE pretty pretty please….host one close to Oklahoma. I was way to late for Missouri and it sure would be cool if you hosted one in the Dallas area?? Just some Ideas. Thankyou!

  2. High of 19 degrees tomorrow with 13 mph wind and few inches still left over from snow the past few days… Looks like I’m wearing my cleats.

    • +1 rudy in my experience has been known to have a west coast/south programming bias. Hahahaha it’s somehow always freezing, raining, or both when runs show up in his programming. Love from Missouri.

    • And your weight vest. And be sure to try and stuff an over sized poorly wrapped package into your local USPS drop box.

  3. Fucking freezing outside, thank god for my treadmill.

    5k: 22:30. Had plenty left in the tank and could easily do under 21 if I was in a race and had to go all out. Feet and achilles were cramped like a MF’er afterwards. I hate running anything over a mile.

  4. I’ll take 4x8x80% any day and every day over running in this “feels like 18 F” that we have going on here in the “South”.

    22:12 w/ 7:12, 7:13, 7:01 splits

  5. M/20/190
    First day trying to come back from flu…
    22:56 (45 sec PR)
    Don’t worry I didn’t feel the need to do anything else

  6. I had to choose between running on a treadmill, or running 22 laps indoors… so i chose neither and did a 5k row. No idea on time, had to get off 1500 meters in and stretch a cramping left groin.

  7. Now I know what it’s like to run a 5k while it’s 20 degrees, had to be slower on part of the road due to ice and snow.


  8. 21:45. Somewhat surprised by this as it felt ok and I am sitting at 202lbs. My calves will not be ok tomorrow.

  9. 24:00ish (on the treadmill). Ran a little longer than 5k by about .1 so did notice my exact time at the end of the 5k.

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