While I would love to throw some witty barbs at you guys today, or swoon over Dan Tyminski’s muscle-ups while subtly making fun of a guy strong enough to rip my arms off if he wanted – I ain’t got time.

I’ve spent the day trying to get Jerk blocks to sit level in a 80-year-old building…
I won that one ^^^^^^^.

And figure out a way to get people to put balls back in the right place…
My victory there ^^^^^^^ remains to be decided by the reading comprehension level of our clients.

Hey, at least I cared enough to think of you guys while I was working.

WOD 140122:


10 minutes to establish a 1RM Power Snatch.


10 minutes to establish a 1RM Push Press.



Compare to 131025.

9-7-5 of:

Snatches (full) 135/95#

For time.

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  1. Got an email an hour ago from TOW with a WOD dated 120417. Before I noticed the date I read through the content, which was long, and thought it sounded off considering where we are in the schedule. A tidbit:

    I’m having an emotional roller coaster day today. As we sailed towards the Dun Laoghaire port this morning I was nearly overcome (nearly, not completely, ’cause I’m a manly man, but I’m sensitive), as I thought about how many generations at least half my family had lived here, and that if my great grandparents hadn’t been brave enough to get on a boat at a port just like that one, I wouldn’t exist. I was overcome with excitement as I had the opportunity to be a huge tourist, and take tours of both the Jameson & Guinness factories, then partake in some of the homeland’s finest libations.

  2. … and then he just hung out at my gym all day, talking the sport of exercise, and then we ate steak. True story.

  3. M/37/210
    PS 185
    PP 235
    amanda 12:30
    Pulling with arms to early and lots of driving the car position and kick sies. Need to review your video and get some more work on the rings

  4. BBG
    235# – 15# PR

    270# – 5# PR

    Muscle-ups really bothered my shoulder, so I did “Isabel” instead.
    2:12 – 16s PR

  5. 1) 180
    2) 205

    Cond 6:57

    2 minute PR but I have more, just so smoked today. Can somebody tell my body it’s a deload week?

  6. BBG:
    113 (10# PR, matched latest snatch PR)


    Worked false grip strict pull ups and 95# snatches.

  7. BBG:
    1) 155 (-15)

    1) 185 (-20)
    -this was my 5rm a couple months ago, sweet.

    -just happy I was able to get into a full snatch with my foot, slowly getting there but I’m in no rush.

  8. BBG
    1. 200 easy but stopped there due to bruising
    2. 275 (+0), failed 280
    no rings today
    15-12-9 c2b pullups
    9-7-5 Snatch @ 135
    6:30 Probably better i didn’t have rings today, c2b pull-ups are my biggest fear going into the open

  9. BBG:
    175#, -30#. Missed 195# twice. 1st and 3rd pull felt off

    235#, ~+30#

    6:11. 1:21 PR!

    Singles on Snatches, 1 Miss. MUs felt good

  10. BBG
    95 kg (2,5 kg PR)

    105 kg (5 kg PR)

    Cond: 4:52 (PR by 1:04)

    felt good, getting my ellbow pain under control with gymastic ball push ups

  11. Snatch: 175 (-25)
    Push press: 210 (-20)
    Amanda: 9:36

    Wrist is still ripped from 30mu for time. I think yesterday’s work definitely took a toll on my lifts today. Tired.

  12. BBG: 195, failed 205 1x

    PP: 235, i think that ties PR

    8:12 PR, last time in October DNF, best time last July was 9:47

  13. M/27/170#/NorCal

    1) 205# PR +5

    1) 232# Pr +2

    5:11 Completely shit the bed on this one. Wasn’t feeling it.

  14. BBG: 150# (pr)
    PP: 170# (pr)
    Cond: 7:16, 1 minute slower than in October, not happy about that.

  15. BBG: 1) 160
    Strength: 1) 215
    Conditioning: 7:15 – bar mu and dropped every snatch – did not want to push groin to hard

  16. 1) 205#, 215F (-25)
    2) 265#, 275F (-30)

    4:44 RX — PR by 1:12 I believe, either that or :12. Not sure how to feel about today, I’m down in weight a bit and definitely weaker than normal, but cond has felt good.

    • questionable means shitty, right?

      You work really hard, and you’ve got a pretty good motor, but not a single rep counted.

      At least you have the balls to post a video of your shitty reps. Cheers.

  17. BBG:
    235, 5 off PR
    260, 5 off PR

    4:20. I *think* it’s a 7 Sec PR. I gotta do a better job posting. And get better at muscle ups. All Snatches TNG.

  18. Bbg: 1.) 195# Power snatch (200 is PR)
    2.) Push press 265#

    Conditioning: 5:17 Rx’d. Wanted sub 5 but my old PR was around 10 so it’s a start.

    (Also made up yesterday’s dips & squats)

  19. #185 snatch
    #255 PP (-5)

    8:02 Amanda (3:30 PR). Wasted 90 seconds on last two MU. Next time sub 7.

    Love the shorter workouts this week.

  20. M/35/5’8″/180#
    1) 185#
    2) 225# 10# PR!
    Cond – did bar MU
    6:25 more than a 3 minute PR!!! Woot woot!

  21. Did outlaw crossfit at local box
    Push press 195# -10#
    M/u skills
    2 ub on the rings, I was happy.
    8:40 bar m/u. Last time I finished amanda inside the time cap was 13:10. Not bad for all singles. Cant wait till we do this one again, legs were stiff from yesterday, more foam rolling for sure.

  22. 1) 231#. 11# under PR
    2) 264#. Missed 286 twice which is my previous PR.

    Amanda – 4:56. 20 second PR. Surprised by this but was more conservative with the MUs.

  23. Switched Wednesday and Thursday to avoid crappy roads.
    1) 225, missed 235×2. A lot less starfishy than last time.
    2) 275, 10#PR
    Cond: 5:49, 1st time doing this.

  24. BBG:
    150# (kept losing forward)

    160# -this is definitely my weakness, overhead strength

    20 OH Squat 95#
    10 AD cals

  25. 1) 115# matched old PR. I have no idea why I am so stuck on these. My full snatch and power snatch have been stagnant for over 4 months now.
    2) 170# +15pr

    8:12 with bar MU’s…

  26. Day late. Redeployed … Real World Problems!

    1) 105 (5k PR)
    2) 120 (matched PR but previous was with belt)
    C) 5.19 … Slow but first time doing MuscleUps in over a month

  27. BBG:
    Power Snatch: 215 (10lb pr)
    Strength: 1RM Push Press-265 (30 lb pr)

    Conditioning: 5:36. (2:04 pr). Have quite a bit more in me, probably broke up both MU and snatch too much. MU were 6/3, 4/3, 5. Snatches were 5/4, 4/3, 5. I’ll be in 4’s next time

    9-7-5 of:
    Snatches (full) 135#

  28. 1. 185#,tie PR
    2. 225#, tie PR, went for 235#and barely missed the lock out
    3. Didn’t keep time but felt better than ever, connected nearly all the muscle ups and same for the snatches, good session for ‘Amanda’ today.

  29. BBG 150#
    Str 215#
    Cond – 11:46 @ 115#
    Snatches were a nightmare today. Full recovery from sickness is taking longer than anticipated.

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