Many people see James Tatum and think he’s simply the best 77kg lifter in America. I mean he just Snatched within 4kg of DOUBLE bodyweight…

I, however, see more than that. I see a man I can learn from. A man that has – despite his youth – figured out some things that perhaps I haven’t. I see a scholar, who I can perhaps turn to in times when I need an answer to a question that no one else would have the answer to.

Thank you, James. Your wisdom has helped me more than you’ll probably ever know.


WOD 140120:


7X1 Mid-Hang Snatches @ 80% – rest 60-90 sec. (Do not go above 80%)


1a) 3X5 less C2B Pull-ups than each set from 140106 – rest 60 sec.
1b) 3X20 (steps) Front Rack Walking Lunges (use axle bar if possible) @ 80% of heaviest load from 140113 – continuous stride (no stopping to gather feet), rest 60 sec.


8 minute AMRAP of:

50 Double-Unders
20 UB Wall Balls 20/14#

*The goal is to move calmly through the entire 8:00 without significant deviation of pace, and with smooth UB reps. If you can maintain a quick pace throughout all rounds then start fast. If not, choose a pace that will allow for minimum variance in intervals.

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  1. BBG- done at 215 w/ straps
    1a) Still learning to butterfly these. Did 3xME: 12, 16, 8
    1b) 140
    Cond- 3+50, only broke on 3rd set of DU

  2. BBG
    195# (w/ straps) – no misses, felt smooth

    1a) 8 – 10 – 10 (glide kip)
    1b) 145#

    3 + 25 – Double unders surprisingly crappy after the first set

  3. BBG:
    1.) 200

    1a.) 16
    1b.) 145

    Conditioning :
    4 rds + 5 WB’s ~ DU’s unusually sloppy

    • Just realized that I did the conditioning backwards ~ went TTB, WB, DU ~ so score was 4 rounds of that + 10 TTB + 5 WB

  4. BBG:
    1.) 115#

    1a.) 10, 10, 10
    1b.) 115

    Conditioning :
    Completed 1 round. Stopped to perform skill work in double unders (very weak area). Takes me forever whenever there are double unders in the WOD.

  5. M/37/210
    BBG 155
    Did it from max hang should have done it from max snatch?
    Strength pull ups 5-7 used 95 for walk lunge. Really tried to focus on hollow position on pull ups
    Condo 3 rounds with 25 double unders. Stayed Smooth and controlled

  6. BBG: All at 175

    C2B PU’s – All sets were in the 5-10 range. I did 6 sets because these are my biggest weakness and felt I needed the work
    Lunges: 185 on my back.

    Cond: 3 Rounds + 25 DU’s. All UB except one set of DU’s. I have about 30-40 yards between my PU bar and where I do wallballs so rested on my walk. Everything was slow and controlled with no breaks during work. Felt good.

  7. BBG: 87.5kg very easy

    Lunges: 80, 90, 90kg
    Did HSPU at 10″ deficit instead of C2B 3×10

    3rds +60 bwarrr…

  8. 1) 185
    Felt heavy but no misses

    a) 3×10
    b) 110

    Cond 3+40 DUs
    Heavily paced but UB

    Made up 13.1 from Saturday. 114 Burpees at a consistent pace, much less painful than on the past.

  9. BBG- Didn’t do. No bumbers

    1a) 15×3
    1b) 135×3

    4+46 DU’s All unbroken except a few miscues with the rope. Tried to stay around 1:50 a round.

  10. BBG-
    @ 84kg. no misses

    1a) 15/17/18
    1b) 140#

    4+10 WB’s…. had a great gameplan and moved smoothly… might not have needed the little rest i gave myself before the TTB as those were easy throughout.

  11. snatches 165
    pullups 11
    lunges 135
    3 rounds, not a good double under day. toes to bar were easy

  12. snatches: 125#
    pullups (not c2b b/c took step back in recovery last week from them): capped at 15 to avoid pain
    lunges: 95#
    cond: 4 rounds. Tripped on DU’s more than usual though.

  13. M/27/170#/NorCal

    1) 188# no misses

    1b) @ 155#

    4 rds + 1 DU very smooth. Didn’t rush the transitions. Had a lot left in the tank.

  14. BBG:
    185, 7/7 felt good here. Off 230

    1a) 3×20 – rest 60 sec.
    1b) 3X20 (steps) 115 – continuous stride (no stopping to gather feet)/should be heavier, rest 60 sec.

    Conditioning: Later. Shoot for 5 rds maybe steady pace

    • Conditioning: 4rds + 30 DU’s. Everything felt good; may have pace too much kept 20 ft. between WB’s and rack for T2B.

      8 minute AMRAP of:
      50 Double-Unders
      20 UB Wall Balls 20#
      10 UB TTB

  15. BBG: 132#

    1a) 15, 5, 10
    1b) 92#

    Conditioning: 3 rds + 15 wall balls. Couldn’t maintain wall balls. Legs were shot for some reason

  16. 27/77kg/5’9″/M/CenEast


    Still coming off a cold. Can’t quite get it up out of the lungs yet. Glad this is a “slower” week.

    MHSn: 150#. Off of 185#. 7/7.

    C2B: 14/11/11. Off of 19/16/16
    FRWL: 112# with Axle Bar. Off of 137#.

    Conditioining: 3 rds. WBs and T2B UB, one stop on DUs, but I can tell this cold is eating my wind…

  17. BBG: 130# 7/7 -all felt solid and quick. Surprised since I have been off program for the last few days die to travel and illness.

    1a) 6/6/7
    1b) 95#
    2rnds + 7TTb

  18. M/35/5’8″/180#
    1a) 13-10-10
    1b) 105#
    3rds need to get a new rope because it has barbs of steel catching my pants making DU tough.

  19. BBG
    1) 165#

    1a) 15, 10, 10 *butterflied best i could*
    1b) 115#

    4 + 25 DUs

  20. Bbg: 1. 195# no misses

    Strength: 1. (-5 scheme) 12, 10, 11
    1b. 125#

    Conditioning: 5 Rd + 50 du + 4 wall ball.

    Felt surprisingly good after team SuperFit Delaware Saturday. Let’s goooo

  21. 1) 231#. A mess.

    1a) 15 each set
    1b) 145# with axle bar


    3 Rounds + 10 Wall Balls. Too paced.

  22. Snatch – 195
    Conditioning – 3+28. did right after a 12min ARMAP of Thrusters, Pull-ups and Box Jumps. I paced a good about to say the least.

  23. BBG:
    @160#. 2 misses but calling it 1. Some douche bag walked a foot in front of me mid extension

    1a.) 16
    1b.) @135#

    290 reps. All UB slow and smooth

  24. Starting over on muscle ups so I did the muscle up progressions (3-3×10)

    1) 165

    2) 165


  25. BBG: 1) 155 – 70% – first time catching anything in a full squat since dec 8 due to groin. Felt good…played it safe and didn’t go over 70%
    Strength: 1a) 3×10
    1b) unweighted walking lunge due to groin
    Conditioning: 3rnds

  26. Three weeks post foot injury. Still have minor foot and ankle swelling/soreness but thought this will be a good week to ease back into things. Can’t squat heavy yet and will have to alter some movements, but am excited to train again.
    1) 135-145

    1a) Strict pull-up: 10, 10, 10
    1b) Alt. lunge: 115

    *15c AD for DU

  27. Snatch: 175 no misses
    No time for skill/strength
    Cond: 4 rounds. Came came unglued on my last set of DUs. Unbroken until then.

  28. BBG
    no snatches due to massive left ellbow pain, did push-ups on a gymnastic ball to strengthen the inner muscles and to release some stress out of the triceps—> result: no pain during training

    3x 15 UB C2B super smooth movement
    3x 20 Axles Lunges @ 61 kg

    3 rnd + 6 WB (1st rnd of DU sucked and the whole WB-thing just didnt work for me that day)

  29. Snatches @ 145# (been off TOW for a bit)

    3×15 UB C2B
    3×16 BB walking lunges with 135#

    Cond: 3+52 (30# WB first rd, long walk to T2B, smooth pace for me)

  30. Male/ #155/ NorCal
    1. #145
    1a. 17, 14, 11
    1b. #125

  31. M/20/190
    BBG 180
    C2B 3×10 it might be just me but my butterfly becomes more fluid and my consistency improves if I’m aggressive on these
    Lunges 130 lost balance a few times but continuous other than that
    Conditioning 3+60 i can’t wait until I don’t have to walk 20 yards to the pull-up bar

  32. BBG
    1) 72kg (158lbs)

    1a) 13-15-10 (last time I got 18-20-15)
    1b) 125 (last time I got up 155)

    3 rounds
    I was able to maintain a comfortable pace and did not deviate the entire 8min

  33. 1) 110 no misses
    2a) 10 across, butterflied
    2b) 85lbs. felt like air

    con- 3 rounds even. could NOT get my sh!t together on the DU’s. First time in a LONGGGGG time that I whiplashed myself multiple times. Barely managed a string of 30 at a time today…oh well. Stayed UB on the WB’s (using 16lb ball) and 5&5 on t2b

  34. 1. 160#, felt light, hit a few full and some power
    2. 15s
    3. 125#, first one legs were still cold but second two were easy
    4. 3 rounds, smooth and steady, felt good with plenty in the tank, probably started a little too slow

  35. BBG: 105

    1a. Just did the 5 C2B each set
    1b. 95

    Cond. 3 rds. + 20 WB (subbed 75 singles) Had kinda a long transition between WB and TTB and then back to the rope.

  36. Joel Rogers (my 16 yo son, first time doing CrossFit!!)

    BBG: Skipped
    1a. 5
    1b. 35# bar

    Cond. 2 rds + 5 Knees to Elbow (subbed 75 singles, 10# WB, and knees to elbow)

  37. Back with this after a 4-day sick layoff, so took it relatively easy.
    BBG) 95, 115, 125, 125, 135, F135#
    Str 1a) 5, 5, 4
    Cond – 2R+18

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