Here we go, kids. Sorry it took so long, but apparently 18 minute videos take a long time to upload. Oh yeah… Also… It’s 18 minutes. Sorry? Muscle-Ups are hard?

Before you watch, here’s the progression in order:

1) Hollow/Arch Swings
2) V-Sit Hip Extensions
3) Seated Banded Tempo Muscle-Ups

Don’t worry, I explain it all in the video, as well as the string theory.

WOD 140116:

Rest day.

5 thoughts on “140116

  1. Thanks so much for all this great info!
    This has been very helpful for me, as I used to pull early with my arms.

    You mentioned that the false grip is important, however I lose the false grip during the swing. I can do strict MUs with false, but can’t seem to kip with it. Anyone else have this problem?
    Does Dan Tymanski use false?

    Thanks again!

  2. Thanks for the video instruction. Quick question; would it be most beneficial to do the drills 3×10 of each exercise or cycle through 3rds 10/10/10 like the gym site??
    Any chance of a bar muscle up video?

    • When I did the progression, I did 3×10 of one exercise before moving on to the next exercise. I think maybe it’s a personal thing? I liked being able to focus on one aspect for a solid period of time rather then cycling through.

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