Next week we will announcing the details of our completely re-vamped Remote Coaching services, as well as, what will be the final two dates of the Parabellum Series Training Camps. We’re pretty excited with the changes that will be coming to the RC program, and we think you guys will be too.

Speaking of coaching… Tomorrow I’ll be following up last week’s Muscle-Up analysis video, with a Muscle-Up progression video. This is the same progression we use with the athletes at Outlaw HQ, to get them from none to some fairly quickly. People always ask about it at camps, but we have never fully explained it publicly, so we thought this would be a good time.

Brock Kirian – 9X450# Back Squat:

WOD 140115:


1) 8:00 to work to a 1rm Power Snatch (stay within the time limit – no more than 4-5 attempts).
2) Every 30 seconds for 3:00 – 1 Power Snatch @ 80% of max from #1.


1a) 3X1 Strict Press + 7 Push Press – heaviest possible, rest 90 sec.
1b) 3X8 Kang Squats – medium load (slightly heavier than last week) – be perfect with every rep, rest 90 sec. DEMO VIDEO


30 Muscle-Ups for time.

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  1. I really wish I was doing the 30 muscle ups for time… I’d like to see if I can still do it unbroken. Instead I’m using it as an active recovery day for Wodapalooza this weekend. Maybe I’ll try it next week when I get back. I haven’t been posting much that past few days, but will be back at it after this weekend.

  2. BBG

    1) 225
    2) 185


    1a) 185
    1b) 115

    Cond- 5:31 (subbed 30 pull-ups + 30 ring dips)


    • I am a jackass and didn’t edit this. Here are my real numbers.

      1) 130
      2) 105

      1a) 135, 140×2
      1b) skipped

      Cond- 5:31 (subbed 30 pull-ups + 30 ring dips)#TheOutlawWayAfghanistan

  3. Power Snatch: 195

    2: 155 – felt too light

    1a) 185
    2a) 135 – keeping these light and slow and really feeling the pull in my hammys. Have a feeling they are going to be screaming tommorow.

    MU’s: 6:49 – blah. Going to work with a coach on these tomorrow. Just run out of gas and cant hit more than 2-3 in a row after the first 10.

  4. M/27/170#/NorCal

    1) 200# PR+5
    2) 160#

    1a) 133-138-144#
    1b) 190-195-195

    2:55 PR -:25

  5. BBG:
    1.) 205#
    2.) @165#

    1a.) 155/165/175(f) – 155#
    1b.) 145/155×2

    4:15. Should’ve been ~3:45 but had ring malfunctions

  6. 1) 225
    2) yep

    Had to work some imbalances


    Missed my 30th rep at 2 freaking 56 then finished at 3:06. AHHHHHH

  7. 1) 190
    2) 155
    5# almost PR for power snatch. Caught a little below parallel, but finally my power catch is becoming one with my squat catch and I’m ‘missing’ correctly, not dumping the bar out front.

    a) 135-140-135

    MUs 4:40
    Finally under 5:00! About a 90s PR. Did triples every 30s and it was finally paced just right.

  8. BBG
    1a) 185
    1b) 165

    1a) 155-165-175
    1b) 155-165-175

    3:39 First time ever doing this wod but I always name my fantasy football team 30 muscle ups for time!

  9. BBG:
    1) 200# PR power snatch
    2) 160 no misses

    1a) 145, 155, 165 struggled with the strict press today
    1b) did good mornings at 155

    Cond: 9:43
    first time other than the workout with the 800s before and after.

  10. bbg
    1) 140# ran out of time
    2) 115#
    Kang squats: 105-110-115
    presses: skipped due to shoulder
    Cond: 7:43. really unhappy with this, felt like my timing was off.

  11. snatch 185, failed 195, mightve got it with more time
    80% 155
    press 165,170,175failed strict but hammered out the push presses
    kang 145
    first time doing this one. just happy i can actually do this. a year ago i had no muscle ups. a year from now i want to do this in under 5 minutes

  12. bbg
    2)180 EZ
    175 across
    6:26 possible PR? was at 24 at 4 min and the wheels fell off, was doing like adam, hit triples and 10 sec rest, then misses and singles all around

  13. Doing all this tomorrow:

    But just read the Time Magazine article on CrossFit and once again they “the media/journalist” only get half the story..if that. (I.e.) Taking CrossFit and simply highlighting proposed negative aspects such as, “crazy”, hyperintensive, “rhabdo”, approach-bogus. Does not talk about building strength, learning & highly refining techniques, metabolic pathway training, mobility, etc. etc. etc. Didn’t really interview anyone with an iota of knowledge in the area of CrossFit/mixed modal/etc. Just not well done; do they not realize that Division I Sports have been training “somewhat” this way for a long time-intensity, pushing one’s self, etc. I wrestled at the Div. I level in the Big Ten and to achieve goals you have to train hard, no one says you can not scale back, drop weight, or listen to your body. Anyhow, speaking to the choir here-Train Hard.

    • This new trend of writing shit on CrossFit started like a year ago, and has since gotten increasingly stupid and wasteful of time. My recommendation is just stop reading anything about the sport that is not written by a top level coach. It is all just bullshit trying to get views and isn’t worth your time or giving them money.

  14. 1) 205 – Smoked, then hit my nuts on 215 and called it.
    2) 165 – Too easy

    1a) 175
    1b) 175

    Cond: 4:15 – 43second PR — Had some left in the tank, but ‘gamed it’ to a good PR — Next time I can go a bit faster — not bad for a 225lb guy with a 6’10” wingspan I suppose. Especially since my upper back is just destroyed right now.

  15. BBG
    1) 260 (5#PR)
    2) 221 (No Misses)

    1a) 185-195-205
    1b) 185

    7:38 (Nearly a 2 Minute PR) -still suck at MU but slowly improving.

    *1 Year ago my Max Snatch was 225 and it took me 13:47 to do 30 MU For Time. Today my Max Snatch is 300 and 7:38 for 30 MU.

  16. BBG: 1.) 200# (+5 PR)
    2.) @ 165#

    Strength: 1a) 165

    Conditioning: your muscle up demo video w/ Dan finally clicked & I fixed my MU descent!! 3:22!! Over 6min PR. Thank you thank you thank you

  17. 27/77kg/5’9″/M/CenEast

    4/8/6 – Definitely have a cold, can’t breathe well, and my body felt exhausted…then I started.

    1RM PSn: 145/155/165# – 175F – This is terrible given that my 3RM is also 165#. Knew it was going to be a rough one.

    E30OT30: 135#. 7/7. Felt relatively light.

    SP+PP: 135/145/150#
    Kang Sqs: 105#. Done.

    Conditioning: 6:42. Swore that we had done this during the past 7 months, but I couldn’t find it, so I have no clue if this is a PR or not.

    Started with Adam’s plan of 3 every 30 seconds. Felt great through 15, failed 16, and went to singles after that. Done with 15 in 2:10, last 15 took 4:32. Whole upper body, shoulders, neck, traps feel blown out from this week. Not sure if it’s the cold I have or what, but damn.

  18. BBG: 225. 180 six for six.

    Strength: 165, 170, 175
    Kangs at 135 feeling easier

    Cond: 4:54 something like a 10 minute PR.

  19. BBG:
    1) 175# power form felt way off -20#
    2) 145# very easy

    1a) 135(still shocked on how I seemed to lose all my raw shoulder strength. Used to be able to hit 165# for a double. )
    1b) 125

    3:57 PR by 48sec. Plenty of room for improvement. Not a lung issue.

  20. 205# snatch- PR. One of those weird semi annual days when it all comes together.
    165# EMOM

    1a) 155-165-175
    1b) skipped

    9:34. First time doing this. Did 25 in 5:30— got my 26th at 8:30. Hopefully next time can shave several minutes off and the goal would be to go sub 5.

  21. M/16/155/ South West

    A. 115
    B No Misses, 100

    A. 110 For all
    B. 95, 100, 105

    8 in 7:34, then missed 5 in a row, finished the rest with strict L-Sit style banded MU.

  22. BBG:
    1.) 215*PR~88% (+5)
    2.) 185

    1a.)155, 160, 170
    1b.) 155, 160, 165

    7:31 (1st time, think I need to try the 3 on the 30sec next time)

  23. Sorry gotta skip today, ill try to do something I missed this last week tomarrow. Friday is the hybrid challenge at cf ethos and Saturday is the strongman seminar I can’t wait.

  24. BBG:
    1.) 135#
    2.) 115#
    1a.) 145#/155#/155#
    1b.) 95#/100#/100#

    4:45, no rings so performed bar muscle ups.

  25. M/ #155/ NorCal
    1. 175
    2. #140
    1a. #115,#125,#135
    1b. #135,#145,#155

  26. 1) 220. Missed 231 twice.
    2) 187

    1a) 187, 198, 187
    1b) 187, 198, 187

    30 MUs – 6:34. Well over previous best.

  27. 1) 185
    2) 175, no misses

    A) 175-175-185
    B) 165-175-175

    Cond: 4:46 (1:14 un-PR, went out too fast and was already failing MU’s a rep 18)

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