The first things I like to look at when working with a new athlete are usually their lifts, and their Muscle-Ups. These are not only the things that take the longest to develop, but they have the most immediate impact on our athlete’s success in the sport. Nick Bloch is a great example of this (I know, you’re getting sick of seeing him – I don’t care). Two of his worst performances at Regionals last year were on the OHS, and the Burpee Muscle-Up events. Yesterday I got the first chance to see his Muscle-Ups, and now I know why he finished where he did at Regionals. With so much to correct, I knew I’d need to call in the big guns for a comparison video.

I sent a text to the best Muscle-Upper I know, Daniel Tyminski, and asked him for a few reps on video. Daniel has a 2:19 30 Muscle-Ups for time, a 3:19 Amanda, won the Burpee Muscle-Up event at Regionals, and is easily the best example of utilizing the hollow/arch that I’ve seen. If you want a nearly perfect demo video to compare someone’s Muscle-Ups to, he’s the #1 seed. Below is the comparison video I sent to Nick last night. He was fairly blown away by it, so I thought I’d go ahead and post it to help others who may think they have gotten pretty good at the movement, but have never really seen what it’s supposed to look like.

Before you watch: yes, it’s kinda long and in depth (don’t worry, there’s lines and stuff) – yes, I have the sniffles right now (it was 6 degrees yesterday, sorry) – and yes, at the end I say arch instead of hollow and then correct myself (oops).

WOD 140109:

Rest day.

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  1. +1
    Probably one of the best Coaches Eye instructional posts in awhile…

  2. Last years open, 13.3 said feet can’t go above he rings, not tryin to start shit, dan is the man, but feet above rings it looks like?

    • Guy from my gym asked this same question when I shared the video, so I went back and checked the standards for 13.3 and the official wording was that the “heels may not pass above the bottom of the rings.” Hard to say exactly, but it looks like Dan is right at the edge, but not over.

      • No doubt , I didn’t double check just knew lots of girls at my gym had a tough time because they had no hip launch, just feet

  3. Seriously – Far and away the most information I have ever taken away from a MU instructional video. Hugely helpful.

  4. This is a phenomenal breakdown. Thanks for sharing. Great points, and the lines for illustration really drive things home.

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