I’ve had 4 weeks off for the holidays. This is the longest stretch I’ve had without traveling for a while, so I’ve had quite a bit of time to keep myself from going crazy study. This “studying” has been comprised of a little reading, and a lot of playing with Coach’s Eye. Wanna see one of my coolest discoveries?

Paul Estrada from POC (point of contact) to catch (sorry, the landscape cut his head off on the first frame), with 151kg…

Jared Fleming from POC to catch with 170kg…

In no way is this to try to say Paul is ANYWHERE near as good of a lifter as Jared, but it does go to show how important speed under the bar is. Especially when you’re 6’5″ in a sport that doesn’t favor pole vaulters.

Also, it’s a fun little game to play with your own Coach’s Eye. If anyone has a sub .44 maximal lift, send it to me. You’re the champ or are under five feet.

WOD 140108:


1) 8:00 to work to a 3rm Power Snatch (touch & go reps – stay within the allotted time)
2) 1XME T&G Power Snatches @ 85% of max from #1 – rest as needed


1a) 3X2 Strict Press + 5 Push Press – heaviest possible, rest 90 sec.
1b) 3X8 Kang Squats – medium load – be perfect with every rep, rest 90 sec. DEMO VIDEO



Compare to 130629

21-15-9 of:

Deadlifts 225/155#
HSPU (regionals standard)

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  1. Rudy,
    Have you seen the video of Klokov watching the guy from Cal strength (sorry i forget his name). He mentions in the video that he is moving too fast!? I am interested to hear your thoughts about that?
    Your training is awesome! It is inspiring to see someone doing what they love!

  2. BBG
    1) 210#
    2) 8 reps @ 180#

    1a) 165 – 175 – 165# (shoulders smoked from yesterday)
    1b) 165 – 175 – 165#

    3:57 – 60s PR

  3. 1) 90, 100×2 (so close to getting 3)
    2) did 3 Power Clean Power Jerk like #1- 110
    a) 70, 75, 80
    b) weird … 75

    Did some different conditioning.


  4. Should have taken the day off. Fighting a horrendous sinus infection and the whole session was a shit show.

    1) 185 – weak
    2) 155×9 – weak

    a) 165 – weak
    b) 135

    Cond: 4:57. Couldnt breathe. Felt like I was going to pass out afterward. Hopefully I will be feeling better by Friday.

  5. Strength
    1a) 155-165-175
    1b) 135-155-175

    Cond- 3:58 HSPU’s sucked. Shoulders smoked from last 3 days.

  6. 1. 165#
    2. 140 x 7
    3. a. 145, 160, 165 ( 5# pr)
    b. 95, 105, 110
    4. 5:07, HORRIBLE. Back and Hammies were torched from the get go.

  7. M/27/172#/NorCal

    1) 188#
    2) 8 reps @ 160#

    1a) DND – neck is messed up.
    1b) 177-188-190#

    3:01 Rx PR

  8. BBG
    1) 135lbs
    2) 110lbs

    1a) 135lbs, my strict press sucks!! Any tips for improve this?! Add tricep work maybe?
    1b) 110lbs (good morning is hard, squat easy)

    Conditioning: skipped

  9. snatches 185, thats a PR power snatch…for a triple!
    me tng 7/155
    press 165
    kang 135
    diane 8:50 (-2:20) severely disappointed 🙁
    im one of those weird people that back squats more than they deadlift, does anyone have recommendations on what i can do to remedy this (other than spend a ton of time deadlifting and overtax my CNS of course)

    • Read the Outlaw Doctrine: I don’t think a ton of deadlifting has to be done; I’d stick with the programming and continue developing speed-my thoughts

      Sample from the Outlaw Doctrine –
      Recently I programmed a Clean & Jerk cycle with a different goal in mind. We had a group of about 15 folks (anyone I’m talking about here is a general gym member – no competitive CFers) who started a 12 week Wendler cycle, and I decided I wanted to see how big of a difference a specific PL cycle vs. a specific “Limited Conjugate” cycle made. To throw even more excitement into the test, I decided to try something I’d been wanting to do for a while, which was program ZERO Deadlifts, only Power Cleans and Cleans for pulling off the floor and heavy Back Squats for skeletal loading. We did a ton of Hang Cleans – with a full stall – to get everyone stronger in spinal extension with weight hanging below the scapula and held pretty close to Prilepin’s Table for loading.

      I’m sure you get where this is going. We tested 61 people at the end of the concurrent cycles. Of the 12 Wendlers that tested the average PR was just under 18# with – in my opinion – the numbers being skewed a bit by a couple 80+ pound PRs from two people who had rarely Deadlifted before the initial test (one of which who gained nearly 15# during the cycle). There were SIX of the 5/3/1 group who UN-PR’d, and a few others who tested the exact same. Of the “Limited Conjugate” group EVERY SINGLE PERSON PR’d by an average of 40# on the men’s side and 18# on the women’s side. The average male Deadlift, of the 33 men who tested from the LC group was 396 pounds… That’s the fucking AVERAGE. These are normal people. Not a single one of them was from our gym’s group of competitive CFers. We had FIVE dudes pull 500+. My gym is not huge and we didn’t have a bunch of ex-Division 1 athletes testing.

  10. BBG:
    1.) 195 ~ 80%
    2.) 165×7

    1a.) 150, 155, 160
    1b.) 150, 155, 160 (back and Hammies!)

    4:22 (-0:49 from 6/29 ~ No PR ~ shoulders, Hammies, etc etc)

  11. BBG
    1.) 200
    2.) 170 x 7
    1a.) 145, 155, 160
    1b.) Kept it at 135, good mornings smoke my hammys, wonder what these will do

  12. BBG:
    1) 135#, 145#x2(PR)
    2) 115# x 11 -I had 12 at my eyes and lost my grip, sweaty

    1a) 95/105/115 -Trying to work back to more strict over head strength, my jerk has suffered due to this
    1b) 95# across -Awkward for sure

    Abmat under head, 185# DL
    8:17 -should have went for heavier DL but my lumbar region dislikes these

    *Jealous of Amadeu, my Outlaw Shirt is “Lost in Translation” somehow for over a month!!

    • My shirt take 15 business days to arrive to Portugal.
      I need more strict overhead strength too. Any ideas?

      • I am in the US(southeast region) and there are apparently shipping problems.
        I have been working on handstands (free/wall) and KB/DB pressing to work on rotator cuff stability. TGUs and KB windmills are great also.

          • I usually add it in 2 days a week, most often on wednesdays and saturdays since they are followed by rest days so i don’t over stress my shoulders especially since we don’t always know what is coming.

            Core work as well! Everyday! On top of Coach’s programming! Strong core = Strong lifts

  13. BBG:
    1) 185
    2) 160 for 8

    1a) 145, 155
    1b) HBBS from yesterday since I missed…335, 365, 385

    Cond: 9:25
    first time doing Diane

  14. BBG
    1) 205
    2) 7,6,4@175- Guessed that the rest as needed meant the 1xME was a typo. Guessed wrong.
    1a) 175
    1b) 95
    Cond- 8:52. Really struggle with deadlifts in workouts. Definitely a weakness.

  15. Super sore and tight legs due to yesterdays WB-Massacre
    1) 87,5 kg last one was a full snatch
    2) 72,5 kg 10 reps t&g
    1a) 65-67.5-68.5-70 kg
    1b) 60 kg

    COND: 4:34 rx’d
    56 sec PR
    completely wrecked down after the last 3 days

  16. BBG: 185 (suck)
    160 for 10 (ehh)
    Strength: subbed sh.press for ydays back squats: 1×8 @325, 2×5 @345, 1×3@365
    Kang squats: 205 (I’ll get you Rudy once I’m used to this Kang squat thingy)
    Diane: 4:51, 2:00 PR (hamstrings were non existent, hspu were unbroken regional standard too! Pumped)

  17. 27/77kg/5’9″/M/CenEast


    3RM UB PSn: 140/150/160/165# +5#PR
    1xME @ 85%: 140#. 10 reps

    SP + PP: 135/140/145#
    Kang Squats: 95#. I’m weak at GMs, plus this was fairly awkward for the first two sets

    Conditioning: 4:34 Rx. Lifetime PR of 0:14 from 121123. 0:40 PR over 130629.
    DLs UB – really felt it in the hamstrings.
    HSPUs: 13/8;8/7;5/4 – normally I burn out here. Planned rest, worked well.

  18. BBG:
    1) 205# (felt easy, but ran out of time)
    2)175# for 10 reps

    1a) 165#-175#-185#
    1b) 135# for all

    5:16… PR is 2:59… I got to the set of 15 HSPU, did 3 HSPU and almost shit myself… ran to the bathroom, did my business, and came back to finish the WOD.

  19. BBG:
    1. 130#
    2. 110.5#

    1a. 110#
    1b. 130# for first two, then 125# for last set with better form I think.

    Conditioning: 6:37

  20. M/ #155/ NorCal
    1. #155
    2. #135 – 8 reps
    1a. #115,125,130
    1b. #135,145,150
    5:49 (first time doing Diane)

  21. Mobility only for the last two days. I think its helped shoulders and calf, but my hips and back need work still. Also ab muscles get tight and sore, I never really spent much time on them before but I ground a lot of junk out with the lacrosse ball. Hope to be lifting again by Saturday.

  22. M/16/155/ South West

    A. 105
    B. 7 at 95

    A. 105 Across
    B. 95 Across, Too light, but wanted to do them perfectly

    18:40 Rx’d
    Super slow, but overall a 7Min 30sec PR from the last time. 🙂

  23. 1. 185 power snatch triple…no straps
    2. 155 for 12…no straps

    1a. 155
    1b. 115 (weird, but good)

    3:32 rx. Over a three minute PR. Deficit hspu in training has done wonders.

  24. 1) 110, 115×1(missed the 2nd rep) pulled from the blocks
    2) 95×10 (from the blocks)
    a) 145×3
    b) skipped

    Cond: rowed


  25. Back wasn’t feeling it today, and was short on time

    1.) 185#, +10 over the 2R from last week
    2.) DND

    1a.) 155#
    1b.) 135#, could’ve been heavier (back)

    Scaled (back)
    21-15-9 of:

    HSPU, Regionals Standards
    *moderate rest after each set

    21 UB. Lost the wall @ 14 of 15 and 7 of 9

  26. m/35/5’8″/180lb
    1) 175 with straps
    2) 150 x 10 with straps
    1a) 135-145-155(1+F + 5 PP)
    1b) 135-145-155
    4:49 (30 secs off of my PR but better than 6/29/13)

  27. BBG
    1) 175
    2) 150

    1a) 145/155/165
    1b) 145

    Conditioning – made up yesterdays
    7 rds
    1:00 Wall Ball
    :20 Box Jump

    WB: 176
    BJ: 62

  28. BBG
    1) 120#
    2) 8 reps @115#

    1a) 145#
    1b) 75#, Kang Squats were a new one

    7:30, First time trying Diane, tried to get some work in after a flight from NC to Germany, felt drained. Gym here does not have bumper plates but no excuses had to get it in.

  29. bbg
    1) 135#
    2) 8 reps at 115#
    1) 105# (2 sets, shoulder still bothering me)
    2) 105-95-95
    Cond: 6:06, felt horrible

  30. BBG 1) 135#
    BBG 2) 115#, 5 reps
    Str 1a) 125-135#
    Str 1b) F135-95#
    Cond – 10:15
    (Compare to 11:29 from 130629. DL much more efficient, HSPU still tough.)

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