Yesterday I received this email and video. No additional words are necessary. Please take the time to read this…


365 days ago this happened…

Fibula Break on 310# Clean & Jerk (DO NOT watch this if you have a queasy stomach).

As you know I folded under 310# clean the first time I had ever stood it up. On the way to the hospital that day all I could think about was how I could not train anymore for the 2013 Open and if I’d ever be able to get back to where I was after months of following The Way. I sat in the hospital as a doctor told me I’d need surgery… a plate and 8 screws. I broke down crying as this was my 2nd time tearing ligaments in my left ankle. I quietly told myself I’d hit a 310# clean and jerk within a year of my injury.

Today I hit a 141kg Clean and Jerk for a PR of 310.2#. Today is the exact one year anniversary of my injury. I know no other program but The Outlaw Way and will not follow another program. The human body is an amazing thing. The doctor told me to wait months before beginning my training. Should I have listened? Yes. Did I? No. Because I feel I know my body better than anyone. With that being said, I learned one must listen to their body. The day I got hurt I hit a 295# clean jerk and felt my back give a little bit. I should have cut myself off there. I didn’t and I got hurt. What I want all the Outlaw Way followers to know is that when they don’t feel good, they need to listen to their bodies. We are human. It’s not worth the injury, they can work another movement instead of the one that hurts. I went through months on crutches, and not being able to walk. As a competitor, it eats at you every fucking day.

I’ve listened to my body since I’ve been back following the program. I took 4 weeks off of going overhead because of wrist pain and didn’t lose any strength. I talk to my athletes about resting at certain points. It takes time. I want to thank you for your program again and would not have been able to stand that clean up if it wasn’t for what you put us through, and I wouldn’t have been able to hit that jerk if you hadn’t told me at the Para Bellum camp I shouldn’t be jerking the bar from my finger tips. Thank you and I can’t wait to see what the Shenandoah CrossFit team does in the 2014 Open and hopefully we can represent The Way at the Mid-Atlantic Regionals.

Shawn Rider
Shenandoah CrossFit

Shawn Rider – 141kg (310#) Clean & Jerk:

WOD 140106:

1) 10 minute to establish a 2rm Mid-Hang Snatch (see demo pic below).
2) EMOM for 5 minutes: 3 Mid-Hang Snatches @ 85% of max double from #1.


1a) 3XME UB C2B Pull-ups – rest 90 sec.
1b) 3X20 (steps) Front Rack Walking Lunges (use axle bar if possible) – begin at heaviest load from 131230 and try to go up each set with continuous stride (no stopping to gather feet), rest 90 sec.


10 minutes to complete-

4 rounds of:

10 Shoulder to Overhead 135/95#
20 TTB
50 Double-Unders

With the remainder of the 10 minutes-


Lateral Jump Burpees (Burpee, then hop to the other side of the bar – this equals one rep.)

*Score is total reps of Burpees.

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  1. Some of the most Intelligent words anyone has posted, listen to the body. Awesome effort on recovery and PR, inspiration for those struggling through injury!

  2. Inspiring Shawn R. Sadly sometimes it takes a devastating injury to make people train smarter and begin to listen to thier bodies. Thank you for reminding me and everyone about how important it is. I’m competing at cfne kill cliff in a couple weeks and I am in injury paranoia haha

  3. Awesome, just awesome Shawn! Congratulations.

    I haven’t lifted for over 2 weeks, except BW work at home, because I hurt my back on CJ. The injury is like one I’ve never had and I chose to shut it down. Have been planning to go to the gym tomorrow and have been anxious about it…fear of re-injury. Your story has provided encouragement. Thank you

  4. Amazing. That was probably one of the most important write ups on training I’ve read. I’m just now learning to recognize when my body is talking to me. Going to pay even more attention now.

  5. 1) 110
    2) 95 (not EMOM, rested exactly a minute and still struggled)
    a) elbow, subbed Ring Rows 3×10 with 3s pause at top
    b) 60,65,70
    Cond) 4 burpees


    12 more wakeups and I’ll be home!

  6. barbell
    1) 187 pr
    2) 160 emotm no misses

    Strength/ Skill
    A) 19-16-19. ugh
    B) 155×20

    14 burpees Rx

  7. 1) 195
    2) 165 (No misses- tough)

    A) 10/8/6 – god I suck at these
    B) 165

    Cond: 3 Burpees. Way too slow on TTB.

    • Oh ya, and I smoked my chin on the bar coming down from a pullup and chipped a tooth. Sweet

  8. BBG: skipped due to back pain.

    S1a. 10,11,9
    S1b. 115 for all 3 sets

    Cond. eliptical 30 mins (3.5 miles) again due to back pain.

  9. M/37/210
    BBG 170
    145 triples.
    Started to follow the bulletproof shoulders as well as jumping through my whole foot on 2nd pull, seems to be helping.
    Only 2 rounds of strength today used 135 really hard to do this with out pausing to gather. Lost it at 17 on the last one.

  10. Great article Shawn; been through that myself and learning to pull the plug and live to fight another day is definitely an important lesson.

    1. 175#
    2. 145#, easy
    3. a. 21/21/15
    b. 145#/ 155#/ 155#
    4. LATER

    • Conditioning: 4 rounds right at 10 minutes; my abs just shut down at 10 reps on the last set, horrible.

  11. M/170#/NorCal

    1) 210#
    2) 177#

    1a) 30-20-20
    1b) 185-190-190# … that sucked

    Conditioning later

  12. Strength/Skill
    1a) 21-19-17
    1b) 155×3

    Cond- 6 burpees Did bar facing burpees on accident might of snuck a few more in if I went lateral.

  13. BBG:
    1.)220*Double MH Snatch PR ~ 90%
    2.)185 ~ 15/15

    1a.) 20, 21, 20
    1b.) 155, 165, 175

    19 Lateral Burpees

  14. BBG
    1) 95 kg
    2) 80 kg 14/15
    a) 16-22-16 weak grip today and shitty butterfly technique
    b) 61-63, 5-66 kg

    Cond: 3rnds + 3 T2B
    Struggle with the T2B

  15. BBG
    1) 145#
    2) 125#

    1) 14/14/14


    2) later will do 3×10 Bench Press instead of walking lunges (I need to work on upper body more)


  16. BBG:
    1) 175, 185 1/2
    2) 155 no misses

    1a) 5, 7, 7…timing on kip
    1b) 152, 162, 167

    cond: 2 rds + 30 du’s

  17. 1. 215#
    2. 185#
    3. 10,11,12 (ive got a 2:07 fran but cant do c2b to save my life)
    4. 135#
    5. 16 Burpees

  18. BBG
    1) 250
    2) 215 (14/15)

    1a) 12/12/13
    1b) 135-155-155

    – 0 (3+30 )

  19. BBG:
    1. 140#
    2. 120#

    1a) 18, 10, 10
    1b) 105, 110, 110#

    Conditioning: 9 burpees. Screwed up DUs a lot for some reason today

  20. BBG:
    1.) 185#
    2.) @155#. Couple misses

    1a.) 17/21/15
    1b.) 135# across. Fml

    0 Burpees. 3+61 reps.

    TTB can go fuck themselves

  21. BBG: 1.) 205 x2 & 210 x1 so went off 205 for 2.
    2.) 175#: 15-15 no misses

    Strength: 1a) 1. 17 2. 15 3. 16
    1b) 145

    Conditioning: 11 burpees RX’d. Really hate how my t2b fall apart under fatigue..

  22. 1) 242#
    2) 205. 2 Misses


    C2B – 20, 16, 16
    Lunges – Subbed step up to 20″ box with 135#. These hurt my hip a little less.


    7 burpees. Ugh.

  23. 1. 120 (matches one rep max)
    2. 100 no misses. Felt easy
    3a. 13,13,8 felt good on first two
    3b. 95,105,105 really tough at 105

    Conditioning: 3+19 ttb
    Ttb were awful

  24. BBG:
    1) 140 (actually felt smooth and fast)
    EMOM: 120#

    1) 10/10/12
    2) 95/115/115#

    This sucked, just broke down the movements and worked on each one. Apparently Walk Lunges make my DUs SUCK!
    4×10 STOH 135#
    4×50 DUs
    4×10 lateral bar burpees

  25. First day back after the pulled groin. Still nursing it, so I’m not balls out yet…

    BBG: 1) 155
    2) 135
    Strength: 1a) 3×15
    1b) no weight 5-10/leg
    Conditioning: 4rnds 7:30- no burpee didn’t push the groin

  26. WOD 140106:

    1) 205, Got 215×1 (f)-2nd. Felt awesome here, no wraps
    2) 175 no misses Felt great, no wraps.


    1a) 25/25/25– rest 90 sec. Fell off rest time a little on the last set
    1b) 3X20 (steps) 135 Across

    Conditioning: 10 minutes to complete- Score was 7 (fell off pace on final rd of ttb)
    4 rounds of:
    10 Shoulder to Overhead 135#
    20 TTB
    50 Double-Unders
    With the remainder of the 10 minutes-
    AMRAP of: Lateral Jump Burpees (Burpee, then hop to the other side of the bar – this equals one rep.)

    *Score is total reps of Burpees: 7

  27. 1) 195
    2) 165
    Will do Strength/Conditioning tomorrow (did Tuesday’s today because of classes)

  28. 27/77kg/5’9″/M/CenEast


    2RM Mid-Hang Sn: 155/165/170#
    EMOTM 5 mins: 145#. 17/18. Missed 2nd rep of 5th set.

    3xME C2B: 19/16/16 (as compared to a week or two ago of 18/15/15)
    3×20 FR lunges: Normal bar; 130/135/140#

    Conditioning: 3 rds + 13 T2B; sad part was conditioning wasn’t the issue…
    Toes to bar killed me. Any drills anyone does in here to get better on these? Seems like I break when I become fatigued. Help?

  29. BBG:
    1) 155#
    2) 135#
    1a) 20, 20, 20
    1b) 135#
    WOD- 9:30 + 10 burpees Rx

  30. BBG
    1) 215#
    2) 180#

    A) 19/15/11
    B) 195#

    No score ( made it to 4th rd)

  31. 1. 130
    2. 110

    1a. 8-10-10
    1b. DND, tweaked something in my groin.

    Conditioning. 3+5
    Stupid TTB.

  32. BBG
    1. 125
    2. 105

    1a. 7-8-5
    1b. Worked up to 110

    2 rounds + 30 reps – omg TTB!

  33. 225, nearly 242 – just missed the second

    No C2B. Shoulder no good to kip – subbed strict pull-ups
    Lunges – 160# axle


    33 burpees (subbed 15 GHD, shoulder no good for kipping T2B)
    Probably a but faster, but killed the legs more for burpees

  34. BBG:
    1) 245# (somehow did this in nanos with no belt, knee sleeves or chalk)
    2) 205#

    1a) 20-20-20 (not ME, trying to save my hands for competition next weekend)
    1b) 155#, 160#, 165#

    23 burpees

  35. BBG:
    115, Failed 120 twice
    EMOM at 100

    3×20 Lunges
    115, 120, 125
    3xME C2B

    11 Burpees at 95Lbs for S2OH

  36. BBG
    1) 175
    2) 150

    1a) 20, 15, 13
    1b) 115, 120, 125 *w/ axle bar*

    3 rds + 10 S2O +20 TTB

  37. m/35/5’8″/180lb
    1) 175#
    2) 150# (missed third rep in minute 4)
    1a) 18-15-15
    1b) 105-105-105
    2 rds + 13 TTB, stupid TTB (also didn’t help doing this in my unheated garage during the polar vortex, had to take gloves on and off for SH2OH and TTB, and had limited space for DU), finished 4rds in 17mins) UGH!
    Think I may try that one again inside a gym.

  38. BBG
    1) 132#
    2) 114# (one miss)
    1a) 10-11-11 (kipping, progressing to a a butterfly)
    1b) 121#, 121#, 121# (11# improvement from last time performed)
    This turned into double Under skill work! Have to get better at these. Shoulder overhead and TTB were very easy. Double Unders killed, but I performed a 25 Burpee penalty for not getting to burpees.

  39. snatches 190
    emom 160
    lunges 135,145,155
    c2bpu 16,12,16
    con-subbed 25 wallballs for du’s. it made this hell on my shoulders but i didnt have many choices today.
    2 rounds+25…stupid toes to bar!

  40. M/20/185
    1) 205 (previous hang 1 rep)
    2) 175 (first two on the minute without dropping, last three drop in between w/ minute rest)
    1a) 15-11-10
    1b) back at school so no axle bar 140-145-150
    3+10 S2O Wasn’t sure what to expect going in but everything was fast/unbroken. I’m going to estimate at least 35 seconds of transition each round for walking into/out of school weight room for TTB.

    • Cond: 2rnd + 10S2OH +8TTB Didnt feel good at all today may redo this one very soon

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