Everyone loves a good list. Someone suggested that I do a list of the most viewed Outlaw videos for 2013, and I thought – hey, that’s a really good idea. Since I’m a moderately intelligent human being, I like lists, and it will require almost no work from me – I actually think it’s a great idea. So here we go…

These are the top five most watched videos of 2013. The only exceptions I’ve made are for instructional videos that were posted multiple times, and strategy videos from the Open. I’m pretty sure no one wants to see those. This eliminates Jon North’s 140kg low-hang Snatch complex, but it’s linked back there < so you can watch it if you really want to. This is so exciting. I feel like Ryan Seacrest.

#5 – “Marco Coppola – 375# Clean and Jerk (still the Training Camp Record)”

#4 – “Cameron Currie – 500# ‘No Hands’ HBBS”

#3 – “Spencer vs. Caleb”

#2 – “Rudy performing the ‘Geriatric Complex’ @ 205#”

Editorial Note: YES!!! I made the list! I’d like to thank Jesus, my parents, Nike, Rick Ross, and the Wendy’s “Baconator” for making me awesome. I’d also like to thank Paul Estrada for doing this same complex with almost 100# more than me the next day. Asshole.

#1 – “SUPER-MEGA Crossfitnessing – Featuring Vladimir Tyminski:

#1a – “Paul Estrada – 330# (150kg) Snatch”

I don’t care how many views it got, this is THE GREATEST video we’ve ever posted.

WOD 140102:

Rest day.

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