We are entering the 4th year of our little data collection project (aka The Outlaw Way). Since this first post in September of 2011, we’ve had the pleasure of coaching twenty-five Games athletes in the last two years—including twenty first timers, taking over thirty lifters to national Weightlifting meets, and traveling to so many Regionals that I can’t even put a number on them. The amount of people who have posted their PRs, reached lifetime goals, and have been introduced to the tortures of things like a Smolov cycle, is something we could never have dreamed of, and will never take for granted. You guys have given us the opportunity to travel the world, welcomed us into your gyms, and have embraced concepts like the importance of developing strength for overall improvement, and the need for technical proficiency to bolster efficiency, in a way we never could have imagined.

I love coaching this sport. This site began because I’m a huge nerd, and wanted to test my concepts. The fact that so many people would share in my nerdery was completely unexpected, and has been a massive amount of fun. As a matter of fact, working with and for you guys has been a massive amount fun. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this is a job that happened by accident, and it’s the best job in the world.

We have not, and never will, master the exact formula for success in this sport. However, we will never stop trying, and every year—even with a constantly changing construct—we know we are getting closer. Just like the hours upon hours that you all spend with knurled steel in your hands, trying to achieve the mastery that will add numbers to your PRs—we will be reviewing our ever-growing sources of data, staring at Coach’s Eye endlessly, bugging Glenn Pendlay and Jared Fleming with questions, and doing anything possible to continue to bring those of you who have given us your sweat and trust, the best possible chance for success in the sport.

We are more than excited for 2014. We are refreshed, renewed, and dedicated to all of you, our athletes, kicking a whole new level of ass.

Win everything.

WOD 140101:


1) 8:00 to work to a 2rm Power Snatch (touch & go reps – stay within the allotted time)
2) 3XME T&G Power Snatches @ 80% of max from #1 – rest as needed


1a) 3X3 Strict Press + 5 Push Press – heaviest possible, rest 90 sec.
1b) 3X10 Reverse Hypers – very heavy, rest 90 sec.


3 rounds for time of:

10 Front Squats 225/155# (no racks)
50 Double-Unders
15 C2B Pullups

58 thoughts on “140101

  1. M/170#/NorCal

    1) 200#
    2) @160# (8-8-9)

    1a) 150-155-160#
    1b)subbed GM’s 155-165-175#

    11:30 Rx

  2. Are people starting with an empty or are they doing any warm up with weight before starting the 8 minutes

    • It is usually up to you. Some people work up to a moderate working weight then begin the timer but this is your choice. Be smart and start off the new year right with some snatches.

  3. M/ #155/ Nor Cal
    1a. #160
    1b. #135 8-7-7
    1a. #115-125-135
    1b. Sub GM #135-140-145

  4. 1) 115
    2) 95 (6,6,8)
    S1a) 135, 140, 135
    S1b) 10,25,25
    Cond.) Total lack of motivation. Only did 1 round. 3:45

  5. BBG
    1) 205, 220# (ox) [PR 1-rep power snatch]
    2) 165#: 10-9-8

    1a) 155-165-170#
    1b) 230# across

    Frustrating. Stomach/intestinal issues forced me to stop after 1 round (2:09), but the actual movements felt good.

  6. 39M/194#
    Coach, thanks for the programming. I look forward to a year of improved technique and gains
    1) 135#, missed the 2nd at 145#
    2) 115#, 10/11/10
    1a) 135#/145/145
    1b) no reverse hyper machine, performed on GHD 3×20 BW
    Shout out to Armygasguy, did the workout Rx
    scaled to 155# FS, cap at 15:00, got to 1 C2B in 3rd round

  7. 1) 175
    2) 140 for 10-10-10

    a) 135 across
    b) GHd Hip Ext 20#DB

    Cond 18:15
    225 FS was ow

  8. A) 215
    – 16
    B1) 155
    B2) Barbell on the neck 115

    9:13 UB until the 28th rep of front squats then it all went to hell in a hand basket.

  9. 33 / 5’8″ / 150#

    1. 135# (felt like I should’ve done better but that would be the theme of the day)
    2. 105#; TnG sets 5-6-7

    1a. 115 – 115 – 125#
    1b. sub GHD back ext all sets w/ 20# db

    13:52 @ 165# FS
    Started strong and hit the wall on round two. Can’t wait to have a healthy respiratory system again. Legs are also thoroughly smoked from yesterday and today’s squats and I like it. Trying to break out from being just a body weight ninja.

  10. BBG:
    1.) 175#. Could’ve hit heavier. Ran out of time
    2.) @140#, 6/6/7

    1a.) 155/155/135#
    1b.) subbed GMs. 115#


    3 rounds of:

    50 DU’s
    15 Pull Ups

    Felt awful today. No way I could’ve done that cond. #toomuchwhiskey

  11. Barbell
    Up to 180×2 and 185×1 ( as ugly as possible). Old P snatch max was 175×1
    145x 7-7-6

    A) up to 150. This is so tough for me. I really like it.
    B) sub snatch grip RDL. Back to my regular gym next week.

  12. 27/77kg/5’9″/M/CenEast


    2RM T&G PSn: 155/165/170/175# +15# PR – straps were used in the making of this PR

    3xME T&G @ 80%: 140#. 8/8/8. Really. F@cking. Awesome.

    SP + PP: 125/135/145#.
    Rev. Hyper: 105#. Done.

    Conditioning: Scaled to 185#. 225# is 96% of my max C&J, so that wasn’t going to happen, and the point of the WoD would have been lost.

    9:58 @185#.
    FS: 10;6/4;5/5
    C2B: 5/5/5;5/5/5;5/3/3/2/2

    • The ME T&G Sn reps were without straps. Wanted to slowly work the hands back into some of the snatch strength stuff.

  13. M/26/5’9″/155#/Southwest

    1) 175#
    2) 5/7/6 @ 140
    3) 135#/150/160
    4) 9:33; went 10/4/5 on the Front Squats, just did not have it to go unbroken /or keep re-cleaning it.

  14. Bbg: 140, missed 2nd rep at 145 behind
    ME at 115# 6-6-6
    1a. 95-100-100
    1b. 25#
    Cond: 8:26, hands are raw.

  15. Bbg-
    1. 80kg… Kept this light. Felt horrible this week just used this as a warm up
    2. 65kg.. 10/8/8. Did no pause to this numbers.. Was not ME

    A) 63/65/67

    7:52 rx

  16. BBG:
    1.) 200
    2.) 160x4x(6 w/straps)x(5 w/straps)

    1a.)135, 145, 155
    1b.)125 on a jerk block reverse hyper

    12:17 Rx

  17. BBG:
    1. 140#
    2. 115# 4,4,4. Damn that hurt the hands

    1a) 110 #
    1b) 50, 70, 70# (couldn’t go heavy because the reverse hyper was sliding all over the gym. Had to do light and slow).

    Conditioning: 10:14

    • Rudy knows all, didn’t you know that?! Lulz

      Anywho, it’s interesting that the announcements will be on Thursdays now. I’m assuming same format – 9 pm EST to Sunday at 9 pm EST. My guess is this has been done to reduce the number of redos…not sure how much this will deter people, so most people don’t attempt it Wednesday night, but we shall see if there are any other surprises.

    • Rudy – As a follow up, as I know the gerbil is running on that little wheel of his inside your head, how does the Thursday announcement impact the strategy video and our Friday work? Normally, you and your team have had Wednesday night and Thursday to break things down and post results on Thursday for Friday’s attempts. What’s going to happen now? Must we consult Vladimir Tyminski?!

  18. 1) {8} to 80kg
    2) 65kg: 3x8x

    1a) 50, 55, 60
    1b) glute bridges- 60, 70, 80

    UB DU’s- 50, 48, 17x (50 is a PR for unbroken)
    Then worked on trying to get a bar MU… Really close

  19. Bbg: 231# (This was a PR for a 1RM Power Snatch, let alone 2 TnG reps.)

    ME at 187## 8-7-6
    1a. Up to 175#
    1b. 70#

    Cond: 9:36. Feel like my engine is really coming along.

  20. M/35/156/5’9″
    1)105,missed 2nd @ 110 then ran out of time
    2) 85 7-6-6
    1b)subbed Good mornings
    Quads to sore and Rotator cuff is acting up
    did some light FS and Double-Unders

  21. 1) 220#
    2) 176#. 3 sets of 6. Cut it early


    1) 176
    2) Glute rehab work



  22. Happy New Year. Thanks Rudy for all the great programming and I can’t wait to see what the open brings us all.

    2) 110# 7/7/5

    1a) 95 -working more on strict form so kept the weight light
    1b) wt back extension sub

    9:58 -felt tough at 155 but the DUs were smooth.

  23. BBG1) 143#
    2) @118# (8-8-9)
    1a) 143-151#-154#
    1b) 3 x 10 bw (no reverse hyper machine)
    Squats 200# 1st round, 176# last two rounds. My 1rm is 231#. Then it became double under skill work (hate this movement). All in all it was a humbling workout.

  24. 1) 110#
    2) 85#- 10/11/9

    1a) 95/100/110005
    1b) 20# kb off back of ghd

    Cond: 11:34. Squats all ub. Still getting killed by c2b’s….

  25. BBG
    1) 195, ran out of time
    2) 155, 8/9/8

    1a) 3X3 Strict Press + 5 Push Press – Did as body weight Handstand Strict + Kip
    1b) 3X10 Reverse Hypers – very heavy, rest 90 sec. Done

    Conditioning: 8:34 Rx. Dropped bar on last set of fs at 8 reps-pissed. All c2b 8/7; back squats got me last night
    3 rounds for time of:

    10 Front Squats 225# no rack
    50 Double-Unders
    15 C2B Pullups

  26. BBG

    1) 165#
    2) 135#


    1a) 145# all sets
    1b) 3X10 Stiff-legged Deadlifts (235# all sets)

    Conditioning later

    • Conditioning

      7:56 (2 rounds only)

      This was at 8:30pm on one meal eaten around 4pm. Friggin exhausted me!

  27. BBG:
    1. 195
    2. 155 x 10,9,7

    1. 155, 165, 175, 185×2 strict
    2. weighted back ext. at 80 lbs



  28. 1) 200
    2) 150 x 10,9,8

    Cond: 9:47Rx – Squats unbroken, slow as fuuuuuuck on everything else. C2B is my biggest weakness right now.

  29. Gym was closed yesterday, got after it today
    1.) 95 kg
    2.) 76 kg 8, 7, 5
    1a) 65 kg, 68, 70
    1b) DND
    11:02 RX. Front squats unbroken, DU’s were a shit show after 1st round

  30. BBG:
    a) 205×2 (PR!)
    B)@155: 12/8/5(lost grip strength lulz)
    Strength: 155/155/165
    No hypers….
    Conditioning: 16:15 RX’d (died, died so hard, punishment for going too HAM on New Years……)

  31. snatches 180
    me 145, 9/8/8
    presses 165
    weighted ghrs-25#
    i think this is the first time ive done one of these rx’d where the front squats are 225. the fs has never been the problem. but now my clean has finally gotten to the point where i can do 225 within a conditioning piece

  32. 1) 175
    2) 145: 10-9-9

    B) sub’d weighted hip extension: 70# DB

    WOD: 7:55 Rx

  33. 39/m/190#
    1. 145#
    2. 5,6,6 last round the best
    1a. 115,125,135
    1b. 210
    17:15 205# I could barely spluat clean that in April 2013 when I started on outlaw
    Rd 1 ub FS
    Rd 2 7&3 FS
    Rd 3 6&4 FS

  34. BBG
    a) 205# low back still a little off
    b) 167.5# 9/12/2 bar fell out of my hand

    8:25 Rx
    Squats 10,5/5,5/5
    C2B Unbroken. Think the heaters we’re on a little too long before the WOD or my conditioning sucks. Prob my conditioning!

  35. 1. 145#
    2. 115#
    A. 115#
    B. Worked rev hyper technique and did way more sets than prescribed.
    Scaled to 155#, c2b on yoke crossmember, 16:30. Grip strength wasn’t an issue, the kipp was the problem. Fat bar or not 5 is about the limit.

    • Forgot ME t&g power snatch 10, 10, 14 banged knees droped bar out of instinct, didn’t hurt though.

  36. M/20/185
    1) 200 (15# PR for 1 rep power snatch and hit it twice…felt good so went full snatch and hit 225 for 5# PR after PRing a week ago)
    2) @160 7/7/6
    1) 125 shoulder still giving me pain so kept it light
    2) no GHD or RH machines so just did 225 deadlift 3X10
    14:25 rx never thought i’d say pull-ups were limiting factor

  37. BBG 1) 150#
    BBG 2) 4@125#
    Str 1a) 115, 125# – had some shoulder discomfort, so stopped
    Cond – 15:00 cap, 2 rounds + 2 DU w/185# FS

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