Nicole Capurso – 150# 3RM Power Snatch (touch & go):

WOD 131228:


12 minutes to work to an EASY 1RM Clean & Jerk for the day.

Note: This means no more than 5 to 6 attempts, no more than 1 miss, and none of these attempts should be a huge fight. Stay well below your current max if the weight isn’t going up easy.


20 minutes to establish a 1RM Front Squat.


5 rounds for total working time of:

Row 500m
15 Thrusters 105/70#

Rest 1:1

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  1. Rudy – Just wanted to let you know I am loving the Open programming so far. Exactly what I need.

  2. BBG- 235 felt fast so I left it there
    Strength- 305 ( +40)
    Conditioning: different due to equipment available

  3. M / 33 / 5′ 8″ / 150

    Strength: 240 (15lb PR)

    Been basically bed ridden the past two days with some sort of desert crud. Merry fucking christmas to me. Today felt about 80%; good enough to lift but no conditioning. Did a little weighted ring dip and bench press work today too.

  4. BBG: stopped at 245

    FS: 325Lb (+25lb PR) Happy with this. Wanted to hit at least 315

    Cond: Slow. 12:30 – 13ish. Terrible cold I have right now is just killing me on conditioning. Cant breathe

  5. Elbow injured again, bad. Muscle ups strung together and then pullups, no good. Having a hard time acheiving the front rack position.
    1) 125
    S) 150 (10k pr without a belt, 5k of pr with a belt)
    Cond) 3 rds only with 55# KBs instead (2.37, 2.47, 2.55)


  6. 27/77kg/5’9″/M/CenEast


    Easy C&J: 135/155/185/205/215#

    FS: 185/225/245/275#; 15# PR; 290#F

    Familial obligations; will do tomorrow

    Go Blue!

  7. BBG:
    DND, shoulder hurt on jerks
    130kg (28kg PR)
    Did my box’s partner WOD cause they had an odd number of people.. Got the best time for the gym by 4 minutes

    So I want to just post how amazing the past six months have been.

    Before Smolov – couldn’t clean 85kg, back squat was 105kg
    After Smolov – back squat up to 125kg, front squat was 102kg
    Wasn’t able to max after hatch
    This week – back squat up to 137kg, front squat up to 130kg
    In addition to this my PRs in Olympic lifting keep going up. Thanks to Rudy and all the Outlaw staff for this amazing programming that finally has me getting stronger, faster

  8. Bbg: 275

    S: previous PR 335. Today 360 +25 lbs. Would have gone for 365 or 370 but was at the YMCA with no bumper plates.

    Cond: couldn’t time at the YMCA…felt fast. About a 90 percent pace for all sets

  9. Hey Guys,

    Could you explain me the meaning of “Rest 1:1” ? Have you one example please ?


  10. BBG: c&j til 265lb which felt great
    Strength: +10lb PR to 335lb
    Conditioning: 13:01 total working time
    (1. 2:33 2. 2:34 3. 2:39 4. 2:45 5. 2:30) super pumped all thrusters UB

  11. BBG
    Worked up to 245 easy

    355# front squat, missed at 370 (360 current max however I was 10# heavier and was only focused on squats/oly lifts) 355 felt really easy

  12. 1.) 250#; clean and fast
    2.) 315#; 15# PR Went for 325#, felt strong but stalled out right below parallel on the way up, couldn’t get the hips through.
    3.) Averaged 3:30; mental work out on the rower today.

  13. BBG:
    185/205/225/245#. All easy, no misses

    325#, +20#. Missed 345 and 330#

    9:10 TWT. Only had time for 3 rounds

  14. M/20/185
    BBG: 235 and stopped to save shoulder
    Strength: 345 (20# PR) missed 355 but didn’t try 350
    Cond: 15:08 just happy I got through all five rounds

  15. 1) up to 235

    FS 280 (-20)

    santa did not bring me gainz for christmas.

    Cond 14:07 twt
    last two rounds were tough

  16. M/16/155/South West

    205 (10#PR)

    17:21 TWT, Holy Crap that was hard. Just happy to get through that many thrusters.

  17. BBG
    20 min. Snatch skill work

    12 min to 225# C&J

    340# FS (15# PR)

    3 rounds
    9:29 TWT

  18. 23 years | 6’1” | 174lbs | Portugal

    I’m a Street Workout guy and I began Crossfit (and following #TheOutlawWay) one month ago.
    Today I PR my Clean (207lbs) and almost Jerk the same weight (198lbs), PR my Front Squat (242lbs). Next year will be awesome!! Keep it Rudy and Outlaw mates!

    Best regards,

  19. BBG:
    stopped at 305#

    365# (15# PR and 2x body weight)

    No time today… will do Sunday morning

  20. Total bro session with Craig today. Good times lifting with someone else whilst I’m home.

    Up to 245

    Sets of 2-3 @ 135 through 205
    225, 245, 265, 285, 305(PR), 330(PR), 345(F)

    40# PR.

    Nope, lulz

    Craig is a philistine and only has pounds; luckily my 330 converts to an easy 150kg. Santa indeed brought gainz. Its good to end my tenure with Outlaw with some pretty sizeable strength gains. The next 3 months are going to be spent building a massive “sport specific” aerobic engine for selection week and chasing the elusive 185kg back squat. Its been a real pleasure following along and talking shit with you all. I’ll be in and out on the blog keeping my homies (Craig, Alex, Adam, et al) updated with how training goes, keep crushing it everyone.

    Bert, out!

    • This guy ^^^^^ – this week has been the Olly show. Estrada, Simons, Coppola… I think there’s a new challenger for the crown.

    • Cond.
      4:23, 4:25, 4:23, 3:44, 3:55 total 20:50 95# thrusters
      Thrusters were a bitch today, I didn’t fall into the groove till rnd 3. Rows were too conservative, which seems to be a recurring problem for me, and not just on the rower. I’m gonna handle this.

  21. Day late due to travel.
    BBG- 275#
    Strength- 375#, 10# PR. Again, I don’t count in the squat cycle stats.
    Cond- 13:46 (2:24, 2:34, 2:50, 2:55, 2:59)

  22. M/35/156/5’9″
    FS 180(+15) tried 190 bailed ,185 bailed Quads toasted from Thursday

    3rounds(not timed , just need to work on skill & quality of movement on these)
    20 Double Unders
    5 Thrusters

  23. Easy 175 C&J

    Front Squat- 255 (+30 since testing before the open) (+110 since December last year).

    Conditioning different with Jo.

  24. BBG: 205/215/225/235/245/255~all fast and relatively easy.

    Strength: 405 (+50). Missed 425

    5 rounds for total working time of: 13:45
    Rds: ~ 2:30/2:42/2:45/2:59/2:49

    Row 500m
    15 Thrusters 105#

    Rest 1:1

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