Daniel Tyminski – 340# Clean & Jerk:

WOD 131226:

1) EMOM for 5 minutes:

2 Hang Squat Cleans @ 70%

Notes: This is meant to provide a warm up for both the legs and the CNS. DO NOT go above the prescribed weight. Each set should be easy and fast.

2) 30 minutes to establish a 1RM HBBS.

Notes: The Cleans should provide a good warmup, but you will still need some Squat sets of 2-3 reps. Once you reach the 80-90% range, take 2 minutes rest then perform a “Walkout” (simply set up like you’re going to squat, walk out of the rack, and hold the weight on your back for 5 seconds – DO NOT attempt to squat – belts are recommended for this movement) with 5-10% more than your projected maximal Squat. If you are projecting 400#, walk out with approximately 425#. After your “Walkout”, rest 2 minutes then begin your near maximal and maximal attempts. If you have not missed an attempt you may go slightly over the time limitation.


5 rounds of:

2:30 to complete-

15 Deadlifts 135/95#
1 set – ME UB Muscle-Ups (if you cannot do a set of more than 4 UB reps, try to maintain 5 reps every round)

*Rest the remainder of the 2:00.

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  1. Can’t wait to hit this! 300# here I come.

    Santa Claus brought me a pair of klokov reebok lifters and I am itching to smash some PRs or atleast have a great pair of shoes to drink vodka shots in!!

  2. +10 lb pr @285. 300 is still eluding me. First time getting a squat pr from the TOW started in June.

  3. Feel like I need to share my X-mas haul with my fellow Outlaws. I must have the best wife, parents and in-laws on the planet. I recieved : Registration to Outlaw Training Camp in Chicago, a pair of Romaleos 2 Volt lifting shoes, a brand spanking new Schwinn Airdyne, Rogue fatboy sled, and various other smaller lifting items like foam rollers, straps, tape etc. I figure all my lifts should immediately PR by at least 20lbs from switching to the Volt Romaleos from my Reeboks.

    BBG: 185

    HBBS: 375 (10lb PR). MAYBE had another 10lbs in me but was short on time and was happy with a PR

    Cond: MU’s: 7, 5, 5, 5 (not Unbroken), 5 (Not unbroken)

      • Ya I had never been on an airdyne in my life when I went to the Granite Games last October. 3rd event was a 5 min max effort airdyne for Cals. I thought I was going to die 2 minutes in.

      • Careful what you wish for. I own one of those and whenever I can’t workout, I go into my pit of hell and hop on the AD. No matter how often you do it- kinda like burpees- it never gets easier.

  4. BBG: 140#
    HBBS: 253#, 11# PR be at 300# in no time. Keep the programming coming.
    Cond: MU’s: 5, 5, 5, 5, 4 (Not unbroken), nowhere to hook up rings so had to do bar muscle-ups.

  5. 1) 225
    HBBS) 315, 365, missed 410, 315, 365, missed 385 … FML
    C) just did 6 reps each round, first time doing unbroken with elbow in a long time


  6. 1) 320
    missed 335 3x. -10 but not too disappointed. Form improved a lot over this cycle.

    Cond 11-6-5-5-6 for 33 total MUs

  7. CNS Prime – 195

    1RM Back Squat
    225×3, 250×2, 275×2
    Walkout @ 405
    300, 325, 350, 375

    10#/5kg All time PR

    Did some fat boy upper body hypertrophy work in the 4×8 domain instead, will probably swim or run tonight.

    It looks like Santa indeed brought gains for Christmas. Like I said on Monday its been a real pleasure following the Way with all of you. I’m working on getting my next 3 months programmed out so I peak at selection, so Saturday or Monday will probably be my final day as we all start prepping for our game days/weeks.


  8. M/28/185bw
    Hbbs 315×2, 365, walked out with 415, hit 390, missed 405. Super close. Just could drive my hips under the bar.
    Not sure how big of a pr. In July I switched from a unknowing low bar back squat around 380. When I made the switch to high bar 345 felt like a max squat. I thought there was no hope. I was wrong.

  9. 1) 145
    2) 265 – 20# PR

    Frustrating – MU’s have disappeared. Maybe it is the 10# of muscle put on during this last cycle. Or maybe the cold but I need to get it figured out.


  10. 1) 180
    2) up to 325 (+10), missed at 335. walked out was done with 370.
    Muscleups @ 10-5-5-4-4
    * Warming up for this wod I did an unbroken set of 13 when I was fresh, which is a new PR.

  11. Knees have been hurting so skipped 1rm but hit 405# for 6 reps, rolled them, no pause at top, up and down. SUCK IT KNEES!!

    11/5/4/4/6 rested before last set so I could end on 30 total

  12. BBG:

    345 (10lb PR)
    – have to stop hesitating, and hit the hole/ trust the bounce when the weight gets heavy.

    Maintained 5 each round.

  13. Feel like shit today.
    * Use cleans to train technique. Goes perfect.
    * Back squat : don’t PR and can’t do my last 1RM.. -45lbs to my last 1RM, maybe because my hip flexor injury 2 months ago (1month without squat), i only do the last 3 weeks of the FS/BS cycle..
    *conditioning : 7-5-5-5-5 UB muscle ups.

  14. BBG: 195
    Strength: 310 ~ 93% (poorly), 325f, 340f (little confidence this cycle – hadn’t gone prescribed since the 85% week – frustrated)
    No rings high enough so did UB C2B’s & Ring Dips ~ 17+10, 15+8, 15+7, 16+9, 15+7

  15. 1.) @195#
    2.) 405#, +20#!! My lifts are gonna have to start catching up…

    10/8/6/6/5 = 35 total

    Sucked worse than I thought it would

  16. 27/77kg/5’/9″/M/CenEast


    EMOTM Clns: 165#. Done.

    HBBS: 285/325 – walked out at 400# – 345# (-10# PR);

    Conditioning: 7/5/5/5/5 – All UB – 27 total. Extremely surprised by this and makes up for the lack of HBBS PR

  17. 1) 135#
    2) 245# +15 lb OR (up 45# since starting outlaw in June, after being stuck at 200 for a full year. UhhhhhHUH)

    Cond later

  18. BBG @ 225

    Squat 410…10 lb pr. on second attempt. Came about halfway up on 425, but had to dump it.

    Conditioning: No rings… Ceiling above bar is too low to do bar muscle ups. Did 15 Pull ups and 15 dips after the 15 DL’s

  19. 1) 68kg

    2) 137kg (12kg PR and finally 300#!) missed 140kg twice

    can’t do muscle ups so the first two rounds I did strict pullups and the last 3 I did strict ring dips

  20. 1) 215#
    2) 385# (missed 400# twice) – 10# under PR; 2nd straight cycle with no PR even though squats seem to feel much improved.

    8-4-4-4-4 (all UB)

  21. 23/M/168#

    A) 155 (70% of 225)
    B) Got to 315!! PR by 15 pounds!

    I was pretty spent, I did the movements but at a slow pace to cool down. I had nothing left.

  22. Warmup Cleans at 135

    Walkout at 305#
    265# (+10)
    280# (+25)
    290# (+35)!!

    Pre-Smolov- 215#
    After Smolov- 255#
    After Hatch- 255#
    After Demonic Cycle- 290#

    I’ll take +75# in 28 weeks. Now if I could only get my lift percentages to correlate.

    No time for conditioning, only an hour available at the gym I’m visiting. About 5 minutes of MU work.

  23. M/35/5’8″/180lb
    1) 185 cns warmup
    2) 325 (+10pr) hit 335 but didn’t get enough depth
    Read the wrong blog today, no Cond

  24. M 35/156/5’9″
    Clean Warm Up 115

    Walkout 325
    300 (up 15 from last PR, still 20 under pre-knee injury but my form is 100x better
    went for 315 but was just shy of breaking parallel)
    I’m happy with the progress

    Deadlifts @ 115
    TRX push ups 5-7-9-11-13( couldn’t get a rack to hang my rings )

  25. 1. 210
    2. no new max (3rd cycle in a row)
    3. 33 muscle ups
    rested 10 minutes
    4. did tuesdays: 3 reps @ 205

  26. 1) 80kg
    2)hit 170kg, then missed 180kg (2kg below PR)

    Training’s been crappy the past month with college graduation, sickness, tweaking various parts of my back/neck, and all the other stuff that went along with being a student teacher.
    Training will be more consistent now.

  27. Hang cleans @ 185#

    HBBS – 375# (15# PR)


    Worked neutral grip for this (been using false for two years)

  28. BBG: 225#

    Strength: 422# (PR +7#)

    Conditioning: Rx, 20 MUs in unbroken sets (6, 5, 4, 2, 3) need work here

  29. Didn’t do smolov cycle, started about half way into hatch…

    Post Hatch : 250 lbs

    Post Squatpocalypse: 300 lbs (+ 50)

    I’m very happy

  30. 1) 235#

    2) 405# (tied previous PR, but felt much easier than last time), failed at 415# twice…

    17, 12,10, 8(hand slipped off rings from fingers going numb…), 10

    No heat in the gym today since my heating oil never got delivered… It was about 29 degrees…and horrible

  31. BBG
    HBBS max 400
    (Pervious max was 430, 10# heavier body wt was specifically training Hbbs)

    (Done on bar rings still need work)

  32. 1. 200
    2) 30 minutes to establish a 1RM HBBS. 455, just missed 475 it’s there. Don’t know how to post the vid.

    15 Deadlifts 135

    *Rest the remainder of the 2:00.

  33. #175 hang squat cleans

    #340 HBBS – 20 lb PR. Last two cycles had gone down in strength, sopretty excited.
    Last PR was 12-26-12. ‘Tis a good day this 26th of Dec.

    5 MU each round.

  34. Been doing outlaw for about a year. Never posted till now.
    New PR:325hbbs up 40 from last time
    Conditioning was nothing special

  35. M/20/185
    BBG: 200#
    1RM: 415# (10# PR didn’t go up but probably should have)
    Cond: 26 MU not great but I am improving

  36. Had to skip today for late Christmas with family. I’m doing mobility and will test squat tomarrow. I’ve missed a lot of workouts in the last few weeks so it will be interesting to see what happens,I didn’t miss a single workout last cycle but saw no gain. I’ll post #s by saturday

    • Ok check it out smolov jr got me up to 315# had no gains since then. I tweaked my back 1 month ago and wasn’t able to really squat or deadlift without pain and tightness.I took the last 2 days off from lifting and did a ton of mobility. Today 355#. Thanks coach rudy and TOW that’s another 40# pr. Come on 400#
      I suck at muscle ups so i did ME c2b/20 pushups, deads were rx
      5/20, 10/20, 5/20, 3/20, 3/20 I finished the last 2 sets with less than 10 sec left.

  37. 1) Done at #185
    2) Worked up to #345 (-30lbs) Trying the new bounce HBBS learned at camp.
    3) 6,5,4+1,3+2,3+2

    Felt like a fat slug doing CF because of all the food and booze, haha!

  38. 320# PR +15. Never missed, but the last one was pretty slow going up, so I decided to call it a day. Very happy with that. Been following OW for 8 weeks, so hit this entire squat cycle and I know my strength has increased a lot.

  39. M/27/171#/NorCal


    375# pr

    6-6-5-5-5 bar mu’s
    At the in laws. Globogym knurled pull up bar … FML

  40. 1)145
    2) 285, tied PR. Much easier and I hit rock bottom and popped right out of it. Thats a W for me. Missed 295 called it a day.

    Thanks Rudy and All of the Outlaw staff! Looking forward to the new year!

  41. 1) 150#
    2) 290 (+5lb PR) fought for this a bit, but what should i expect with almost 5 days of cookie eating and sitting around.

    10/5/7/7/4 (dips/pullups-no rings)

  42. 1) 165#
    2) HBBS – 335# (+10# from previous 1RM)
    I believe I can do more, but as usual I am reluctant to press on alone at 5:30am with no power rack/cage. I can dump the HBBS, but I’d really rather not at that weight.

    Cond – 5, 3, 3, 3, 3

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