Yes, today is a sad day. My good friend, life-partner in Weightlifting nerdery, and Outlaw Head WL Coach, Spencer Arnold, has decided it’s time to move on. I would quickly like to make one thing clear—there is no ill-will, no anger, no Yoko, and no argument or specific event that led to this decision. Spencer has a baby girl on the way, a new location of Deep opening, and simply decided he needed to focus on things at home, as he explains here. I cannot thank Spencer enough for the time, effort, work, and fun he has provided Outlaw over the last year and a half. It is truly a sad day for me simply because I will miss hanging out with my friend, and watching people exercise. We absolutely wish Spencer all the best in everything he does from here, and will continue to support him as a Weightlifter and a friend.

As with all things, the show must go on. We will be moving to the Open Prep portion of the season next week (our pre-season), which makes this the right time for Spencer’s decision. His help with the off-season strength programming provided a great base to build the season from. I will explain and introduce why we’re moving to an earlier start to the season at the beginning of next week, as we have changed our seasonal template to be ready not just for Regionals, but to get to Regionals. Also, the Outlaw Barbell site will not be gone. We are talking to multiple Weightlifting coaches about taking over the program, and are excited to have some great options in which direction to go.

This day is sad, but only because I know I will be interacting less with a guy who I actually like a whole lot. Spencer, thank you, from the bottom of my heart for everything you’ve done for me, Outlaw, and all of our athletes. You’ll be missed. Hopefully now you’ll have time to train more, so maybe someday you can out-snatch Sasser.


WOD 131220:


5X1 Snatches working to a max single for the day (no more than two misses) – rest as needed


1a) 4X2+2 Snatch Grip Push Press + OHS @ 90% of max Snatch from above – rest 60 sec.
1b) 4X10 Reverse Hypers – heavy, rest 60 sec.


For time:

Run 800m
15 Ring Dips
15 KBS 32/24kg
Run 400m
20 Ring Dips
20 KBS 32/24kg
Run 200m
25 Ring Dips
25 KBS 32/24kg

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  1. Not a good day for me! I’ll post the others in our group out here that kicked some serious ass.

    Chet hit a 15# PR on Snatch for an easy 275, 285 was almost there.
    Kyle hit a PR on snatch for an easy 175, he barely missed 185 when I left the gym … hopefully he got it.
    John his a 5# PR for 145!

    1) 112, missed 120
    a) 100, 110, 110, 110
    b) Snatch Pulls 4×3 @ 125
    Cond) 10.31


  2. Snatch: 205. Just missed 215 which would have tied PR. Couldn’t quite get the bar behind my head today. Missed twice in front.

    1a) 185 – easy
    1b) DND

    Cond: 11:25

  3. Hate to see Spencer part with The Way but I understand his situation and good luck to him in the future! look forward to seeing big thing from him and Deep.

    1. 105kg
    1a. 95kg 100kg 100kg 103kg
    1b. skipped due to time
    love dodging ice patches on the sidewalk in the dark

    Have CF Kid’s cert this weekend so this afternoon I’ll do max c&j and front squats I missed Wednesday

  4. M/27/172#/NorCal

    185-205-225-235#(missed +5)- 230#
    I got greedy and went for a PR. Got the bar OH but missed it off the back and didn’t stick the landing.

    1a) 207#
    1b) Subbed GM’s 166#


  5. On the road traveling home over Christmas leave. Only time for conditioning.

    14:18 Rx
    * second day running, felt good. UB KBS, slow on the dips.

  6. 1) 205, missed 215 twice.

    a) 185
    b) did FS/BS from Wed, 215

    Made up the Power Snatch/Power Clean EMOMs from Wednesday at 140/175

    Cond 11:37 Rx
    shoulda ran faster.

  7. BBG) 205. Missed it twice but really wanted to get it. Tied my pr.
    1a) 185
    1b) 10-20-20-20
    Cond) 12:35

  8. BBG:
    1) 70,74,75,77,80kg (5kg PR!) no misses
    1a) 55kg
    1b) resistance band
    Time: 14:15 Rx

  9. BBG
    100 kg, 105, 110 (tied pr, felt really good), went for 115 3 times.. almost took my head off the third time. Still starting second pull too early when weights get heavy.
    95 kg
    15# on ghd
    Subbed 100, 75, 50 DU for runs.
    big surprise, no idea how to kip ring dips either, gotta start learning these things if i want a chance at regionals

  10. First I’ve posted since last Tuesday. Hurt my lower back/glute area doing cleans. Got bad enough that I was home from work 2 days. Never felt this kind of pain…hurt when I stood or walked and into my nuts. Pressure on testes. Strangest injury I’ve had. Making my way back cautiously…

    BBG: dnd

    1a) 150
    1b) done with swiss ball on top of bench, no weight.

    Conditioning: done but not timed.

  11. BBG
    Up to 165#

    1a) 150#
    1b) Subbed Stiff-legged Deadlifts
    4×10 @ 205/225/225/245

    12:05 Rx

  12. BBG: 150#, got 155 but only once

    1a) 135
    1b) no reverse hyper over the break, did 35# ghd hip extensions instead

    17:03. Running route slightly longer than 400 m

  13. 1) 130#

    a) 130/130/140/150. I went 100% of thé day Max and more than that as I try to build back shoulder stability.
    b) hip extension unweighted

    Conditioning: 17:05min. RX. Strict ring dips took too much time, my fault that I still havent learned to kip.

  14. 27/77kg/5’9″/M/CenEast

    1/1/3 – Hammies still sore from GMs

    5×1 Sn: 165, 175, 180, 185F, 185# – Ties PR. Wasn’t sure if I was supposed to continue since I did 5…

    SGPP/OHS: 165#. Done. Off of 185#.
    Rev. Hyper: 70#. Done.

    Conditioning: Rainy and icy in MI. Ran 100′ shuttle sprints. Total of 42 turnarounds; using that as my reason for being > 12

    12:37 Rx – Did RDs in sets of 5 w/ 7 second rest. Turnarounds suck. KBS UB.

  15. BBG:
    1) 155#, 175#, 185#, 195#, 205# (tied PR), 215# (2 misses)
    1a) 185#
    1b) BW
    WOD- 10:58 Rx

  16. BBG:
    205#. First time I’ve hit 200+ in a good 2 months

    1a.) @185#
    1b.) no Hyper, subbed 10 GHD Sit ups + 10 Hip Extensions

    14:45 Rx. KBS fucked me up

  17. bbg
    1)245 I am dog shit from the floor on snatches, but prefer floor (like a normal human) on c/j, doing heavy 1st pulls to try and correct my awful positioning from there
    no time

  18. BBG: snatch pulls up to 245#

    1a) up to 155#
    1b) GMs at 135#

    Conditioning: Rx 13:35 (ring dips suck)

  19. BBG:
    5X1 Snatches working to a max single for the day (no more than two misses) – rest as needed
    Worked up to 185, 5×1- 195,205,215, 225(f),235(f). Then did a emom w/185 for 6 min to work on back positioning

    1a) 195, harder than I expected
    1b) 4X10 Reverse Hypers – heavy, rest 60 sec. Done/bw

    Conditioning: Modified w/air-dyne. Tried to maintain 77% of my max sprint pace: killed me
    For time: 12:29-this one left me saying what ran me over. Air-dyne smoked legs, dips triceps/chest, kbs-grip. Smashed me

    Air-dyne: 3 minutes
    15 Ring Dips
    15 KBS 32kg
    Air-dyne: 2 minutes
    20 Ring Dips
    20 KBS 32kg
    Air-dyne: 1 minute
    25 Ring Dips
    25 KBS 32kg

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