Well, there won’t be any “y’all” or confusing weightlifter-eze in the post today (although a Lidia pic would be nice). I’ve got access to the site back, but I can only post from my phone. This usually wouldn’t be an issue, but today I need to “bless the rains down in Africa”, and get the Cape Town registration posted. Please tell me someone got the reference, I’m not really THAT old.

Here’s the link to register:

Outlaw Training Camp
Cape Town, South Africa
May 2nd-4th


Cape CrossFit

I’ll have a full page built when I have full access to the site back, but if you need more info on the camps in general you can go to our Training Camps page. I believe this one will go very quickly, and I know we won’t have time in the schedule to add another, so make sure you guys get registered. Clearly I need to go to business school or something—that was a terrible sales pitch, I should have used a lot of exclamation points or something.

Some HQ love for a guy I personally think is one the best exercise coaches on earth, Michael Winchester.

WOD 131219:

Rest day.

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