Yes, I’m gonna finish the recap, but we’re having too much fun in the home of the Deftones right now. Did you guys know that California is the coldest place on earth?

More camp dates coming this week, including a place I never thought I’d see (go to a world map, find Finland, then look straight south about 6,000 miles).

WOD 131216:


Snatch: 1X2@75, 1X1@80%, 1X1@90%, 3X1@95%, 1X2@80%, 1X1@85%, 1X1@90% – rest 60 sec. up to 90%, then rest 2:00 through 95%, then 60 sec. for remainder


1a) 4X2/4 FS/BS @ 80% of 1rm FS – rest 60 sec.
1b) 4X5 UB Weighted Strict C2B Pull-ups – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.



For time:

21 Thrusters 95/65#
9 Muscle-Ups
15 Thrusters 95/65#
7 Muscle-Ups
9 Thrusters 95/65#
5 Muscle-Ups

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    • Hey Kevin – One of my box’s coaches is going down to compete in the Elite division. He’s an Outlaw follower but doesn’t post. His name is Mike Kerul. Check him out and try to connect. Cheers.

  1. Cannot wait for this one. I think rudy is getting soft. This screams thrusters at 135….Old man must be in a holiday mood. #outlawsanta

  2. 1) 87, 95, 105, 112, 95, 100, 105
    a) 120
    b) 35 (not chest to bar, realize my elbow problem is caused by C2B)
    Cond) 5.16 (singles on muscle ups due to elbow again)


  3. 1) 100, 105, 120, 125, 105, 110, 120
    a) 175
    b) unweighted

    Cond) Due to my inability to do MUs I just did “Fran” but having a lower back and shoould issue so I took my time – 8:35


  4. BBG:
    Off 245# – fine thru 90%, then everything fell to crap. Right shoulder really bothered me; tweaked shoveling mountains of snow yesterday.

    1a) 270# – easy
    1b) 10#, 3×15#

    Skipped to rest shoulder.

  5. BBG:
    1. based off 114kg, missed 95% 105kg and last attempt at 90% 100kg
    1a. 120kg
    1b. 16kg

  6. BBG
    Went smoothly until last set at 95% (105 kg), started my 2nd pull early and hit my dick… fell apart after that with a whole bunch of misses climbing back up.
    4×5 unweighted
    no rings, attempted Fran for the 1st time ever
    4:40, pretty disappointed, the pull-ups kill me, especially without a butterfly

  7. BBG: Based on 215. Missed 2 of three at 95% and hit the rest. Weak

    1a: Based on 300
    1b: Done

    Cond: 7:31. Hella slow on MU’s today. Shoulders felt gassed

  8. BBG:
    Missed 3 @95%, 205#. Couple other misses in there

    1a.) @240# easy
    1b.) up to 12kg


    Should’ve been a couple minutes faster. Haven’t done conditioning in a week cuz I suck

  9. BBG-
    Had a perfect day. No misses at all. Felt so smooth that I actually used 95%+5lbs on my three singles and I still managed to crush them.

    A) 220
    B) up to 20kgx5 new pr

    will do later when im at work

  10. BBG:
    Based off of 265#

    1a) 280#
    1b) 12kg for all sets (These may be my new favorite movement)

    Later tonight

    • 4:04 Probably could have gone a bit faster… Didn’t warm up for this and my traps were toast from the C2B and snatches. I did my conditioning later in the day. I think my time may have been faster if I did it after the BBG/strength when I wasn’t sore.

  11. BBG: went 10% down percentage because of the shoulder.
    Had 1-2 misses because of instability and catching the bar too much in front: 95/105/120/125/105/115/120#

    Strength :
    a) 180#
    b) no weight/ 3@10#-2 nw/2@10#-3nw/ 4 no weight

    Conditioning :
    As I still suck at MU aka dont have them, subbed with ring row+ring dip
    Time: 8:40min. Thrusters UB

  12. 1) up to 205 all good

    A) 225
    B) body weight

    Cond 6:59 Rx
    Frankenstein hangover today. Whiskey is fun.

  13. BBG:
    1) Up to #150 2/3 this was good b/c last week I couldnt hit this at all.

    1a) 175#
    1b) Not C2B but done

    Condish: Worked on Fran since no rings and subsequently no MUs (haha)

  14. BBG:
    1) 125,135,150,160,135,140,150# (max is 165#) no misses they all felt amazing

    1a) 185#
    1b) no added weight but I couldn’t do more than 1 or 2 strict C2B in the summer and I did all the sets of 5 UB

    Rx Thrusters
    Subbed strict ring pull-ups for muscle ups
    Time: 6:45
    My shoulder was killing me today and I’d never done that many thrusters

  15. BBG
    Based on 185# (my form needs work needless to say), missed once @ 175

    1a) 265#
    1b) 25# all sets

    Conditioning will do later

  16. Bbg-
    Based off 225#. Made all lifts. Exretemly happy with this.

    A) 112kg
    B) 15#

    4:40 RX.. ouch

  17. snatches based off 205
    missed all my singles at 95%. i just have to get outta my head and snatch the damn weight. other than that it went well
    squats 265
    pullups 20#
    halfway through i got pissed and declared that i hate muscle ups. picked up the bar and cranked out 20 rage thrusters, dropped it and called it quits for today
    will do some muscle up practice later

  18. M/27/172#/NorCal

    Based off 230# NO MISSES!

    1a) 245#
    1b) 35#


  19. BBG:
    1) 155#, 165#, 185#, 195# (2/5), 165#, 175#, 185# (0/2)
    1a) 230#
    1b) 20#
    WOD- 4:53 Rx

  20. BBG:
    1.) 185×2, 195×1, 220×1, 235x1xfx1, 195xfx1, 210×1, 220×1

    1a.) 240 ~ 24/24
    1b.) 20, 30, 30, 30

    7:46 Rx (keep waiting for Fran anything to get better)

  21. BBG: missed at 90% on the way up, 85% and 90% on the way down. I made one more attempt at 90% and made it.

    1a) 275
    1b) BW

    Cond: 12:51

  22. Snatch- off of 135. Missed everything except first 2 and last 3. sh!t show….

    1a) 155#
    1b) 5#

    Cond: 6:15 but only did full MU’s for first 6…elbow was hurting so just pulled up abd through and dropped down for rest of MU’s. Thrusters UB

  23. Snatch off of 230

    1a. 275
    2b. 45# 7,4,5,4


    No rings. did 15 CTB pull ups and 15 Dips between thrusters. Lost track of time….thrusters killed me.

  24. BBG:
    1) Off 180

    1a) 225
    1b) 25

    -MU’s were SLOW, still sore from some upper body brocesory work on Saturday. Oh well.

  25. BBG: Based on 205. My best snatch day ever, hit every lift and felt good.

    1a: Based on 290
    1b: body weight for 3 sets then rigged up a green band around my waist as a weight belt with a 25lb steel plate.

    6:43rx still need to get comfortable with neutral grip MU. 7th rd was slow and ended up switching to false singles for last two to move. Also last rd were false singles, moved a lot faster

  26. 1) Snatches felt great today finally — was 0/3 at 95% but made all the others.

    2a) 275
    2b) 26# x 4 x 5

    Cond: 5:55 with (2) 44lb KBs — which made this far more difficult on the shoulders. Still cant rack a barbell with wrist injury. Went for UB Muscle-Ups which (paired with KB Thrusters) screwed me a bit later. Fun one to get at though.

  27. BBG
    1) Done with no misses – based off of 185#
    1a) 245#
    1b) unweighted strict C2B (missed last rep in last 2 sets)
    Thrusters and MU work

  28. 27/77kg/5’9″/M/CenEast


    Sn: done. Off of 185#. Missed the middle one of three at 95%. Hit everything else with ease.

    FS/BS: done. 210# off of 260#.
    SC2B Weighted 4×5: 20#. UB.

    Conditioning: 10:59 Rx. Thrusters were easy. MUs had to do one every 15 seconds or I would fail it. Shoulders smoked, but I made it through. Wouldn’t have been able to do this 6 mos. ago.

  29. Done off 180#
    135, 145,160end of barbell slipped off as I stood up,clip broke when I dropped 145, 170f, caught on toes, nice and smooth, 145, 150caught it a little forward, 160best lift of the night

    A. Fs/bs
    All sets done @215 off of 265
    B. C2b hardest movement ever I use a green rogue band just to do 5 straight
    Did the 4/1000 m row from last week 5:47, 5:41, 5:29, 4:55

  30. Bbg: off 205, no misses felt great

    1) 230
    2) 25-45

    Ugly maybe 10min- stopped the timer

  31. BBG
    Snatch: Off #230, 1 miss

    1a) Done at 280 off 350, felt good.
    1b) 4X5 UB Weighted Strict C2B Pull-ups-20 lb dumbbell.

    Conditioning: Time 4:29 “Framanda”, For time: Did Bar Muscle Ups

    21 Thrusters, #95
    9 Muscle-Ups
    15 Thrusters, #95
    7 Muscle-Ups
    9 Thrusters, #95
    5 Muscle-Ups

  32. m/35/5’8″/180lb
    1) 135/145/155/175/145/155/165
    went off of 185 instead of 195 since I haven’t done snatch in while
    1a) 215-215-215-215
    1b) did tempo L-pull ups 2121, 8×5

  33. I really need to be better about my commenting… still on TOW obviously.

    BBG: Just did snatch pulls up to 245# (battling a shoulder thing)

    1a) 275#
    1b) done – no weight today

    Conditioning: changed the muscle ups to double unders (shoulder) – good shit though

  34. BBG: 2@135, 145, 155#
    Str 1a) 205, 205#
    Str 1b) 5, 5, no weight
    Cond – 12:45
    Felt slow today, shoulders felt fried for some reason.

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