WOD 131214:


2X1 Clean & Jerk @ 95% – rest as needed


1a) 3X3 Front Squats @ 75% – rest 60 sec.
1b) 3X5 Jerk Balances @ 40%-50% of 1rm Jerk – rest 60 sec.


“2012 Regionals Event 2”

For time:

Row 2,000M
50 Pistols (alternating)
30 Hang Cleans (power or squat) 225/135#

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  1. Peeps – Best/most translatable scale for pistols? I can’t do pistols, so I do them one of two ways…

    1) Hold a 15# weight out in front of me as a counterbalance, or

    2) Angle a plate on top of a few others to give myself a little advantage with no counterbalance.

    Which is better? Do you have something else that I haven’t thought of? I shy away from using the rig as that just asks as a crutch more than the above.


      • Try grabbing your calf instead of using a weight for counter balance. I don’t have the flexibility to grab my foot. Worked wonders for me.

    • I can grab my foot but can also do them without but my quad cramps like a MFer so I always hold my foot and it is awesome!

      • Before I could do pistols unassisted I would hook a band around something and lightly hold on to it as I was squatting. It let me try to do them as unassisted as possible but if I got off balance I could use the band to help pull myself upright.

    • Thanks guys. I appreciate the help and different ideas. It’s been a weakness I address weekly through the using of plates, and it’s getting better…just not “there” yet.

      @Nick – I’ve tried the holding the foot thing before, and I do not yet have the skill to do one. I’m not that flexible either, so it’s fairly tough.

      @Greg – I haven’t tried holding my calf before, so I’ll give that a shot today before I start.

      Again, appreciate the help.

      • If you have a rack, set up the J cups low right around your butt level, and string a band across them. Then sit into the band and the band will support you. Best way we’ve found so far.

      • I don’t have my Supple Leopard book on me to tell you what pages as a reference if you have it but, I helped one of my buddies yesterday get his first pistols and he knocked out the WOD and he is super not flexible. I’ll do my best to describe what I did to get him in that position.

        Hook a band to a cage or rig and put it around your waist and squat down so it pulls your hips in. Your issue is probably ankle flexibilty. I had my buddy sit there for a little bit.
        (scroll down to the dude squating with the band)

        Get a “super friend” to push down on one of your knees and steady you as you shoot one of your legs out in front of you (pistol postion) and then just sit there for a little bit. Keep your heel on the floor (foot underneath you) and let everything stretch in that position, especially your ankle.

        Hope that makes sense.

      • @Tristan – Have never thought to do that, and I come up with some wild work-a rounds. I’m going to have to try this on Monday just to see what it’s like.

        @Nick – I own Supple Leopard, so I’ll review those pages again. I think I know what you’re referring to. Additionally, the website you referred me to is written by a girl at my box. Small world. I already do that stretch and replace the super friend with a barbell to work on the ankle, but I have not gone into pistol position while doing that. Something I will have to add in each warm-up.

        Great info from all of you. I greatly appreciate it, and if something ends up working out, I’ll make sure to post it.

  2. Morning APFT: having made absolutely no effort to improve my 2 mile run time, ran it in 13.49, so I’ll take it.

    Worked up to a heavy single on power snatch to get my hips moving fast after the run.

    a) 110
    b) 70

    Cond: Fucking IPhone decided to do it’s own thing and the myWod app crashed during the WOD. Someone else was running a timer and started seconds after us on his own conditioning piece so we went off his clock so my time was some where in the 14 minute range!


  3. BBG:
    290# (1/2)

    1a) 250#
    1b) 135#


    Used 17:00 cap from Regionals – finished 20 cleans.

  4. C&J: 255 – Jerks felt heavy

    Squats @225
    Jerk Balances @ 155

    Cond: 15:34 which looks like it would have put me in 13th out of 45 at the North Central Regional in 2012 so I will definetly take that. (And a full 4 minutes slower than Froning – Wow).

  5. 1) 175×1 (about 93%) Missed 180

    S1a) 165
    S1b) 95

    Cond: 19:00 w/ 135, pistols were no perfect.


  6. BBG:
    1) 215 (kept missing jerks behind)

    1a) 4×3: 215
    1b) 4×5+ME ring rips(#35)

    Accessory work.

  7. 27/77kg/5’9″/M/CenEast


    C&J: 225#. 2/2. Off of 235#.

    FS: 195#. Off of 260#.
    Jerk Bal: 115#. Off of 235#.

    Conditioning: Scaled. Can’t do pistols, so scaled those with a 45# plate angled off of a 45# plate. Also scaled the HPC to 185#. My max C&J is 235#, so 225# is slightly over 95%. Capped at 17:00. 8 HPC.

    Notes: Trying to keep things in perspective. Quite possibly the most frustrating WoD for me to do, err not do. After doing CF for 2 years, I’m still unable to do a pistol Rx. Have I worked on it as much as I could? No. Am I the one to blame? Yes. The most frustrating thing is not being able to do any of this WoD Rx, save the row. I know I’m not a Regionals athlete, but to not be able to do a WoD Rx chafes my @ss.

  8. BBG:
    1. 130kg
    1a. 105kg
    1b. Just did jerks from blocks 100kg
    First time ever doing it

  9. BBG
    1.) 138, 143 kg (98.5%). went a little heavier on the last set and it felt great.
    1a.) 122 kg felt phenomenal
    1b.) 70 kg

  10. 1) 250-235-245
    failed jerks at 255-260-265-255-245-235, hit 225 and worked back up. frustrating day.

    a) 195
    b) 155

    Cond 13 Cleans rx, 17:00 cap
    No joke I am really happy with this. 4-6 months ago I only got halfway through with 185.

  11. BBG
    2X1 Clean & Jerk @ 95% – 270 Felt good

    1a) 3X3 Front Squats @ 75% – 265,270,275 (265~75%)
    1b) 3X5 Jerk Balances @ 40%-50% of 1rm Jerk – 135,140,145.

    Conditioning: Rx -12 Hang Power Cleans done at 17 Min. Then finished it don’t know the time. Then did 15 hang power cleans on the minute at 205 because I was pissed.
    “2012 Regionals Event 2″
    For time:
    Row 2,000M
    50 Pistols (alternating)
    30 Hang Cleans (power or squat) 225/135#

  12. BBG: 165/170#
    Strength: a) 170#
    b) 85/85/90

    Conditioning: 18:36min. RX
    I know it’s not thé best time and I could have definitely fit in time cap more fresh, but I did this wod last august with 95#, because I thought that 135# was humanly impossible and I could not even imagine myself cleaning it even once. So, I am kind of happy to see the progress in one year.

  13. 1) Make @ 325, Clean @ 335 but missed jerk

    2a) 275
    2b) 155


    16:30 – first time under cap and I have not been doing a lot of conditioning. Pistols and cleans felt good.

  14. BBG:
    1) 205# (95%) missed 2nd jerk
    1a) 170# (75%)
    1b) 95# (44%)
    capped at 17 minutes with 6 cleans left 135#

  15. BBG: 190#

    1a) 161.5#
    1b) 103#

    Conditioning: 18:48. Damn wish I knew about the time cap

  16. BBG
    2/2 @ 90%
    1a)2-3-3 @ 75%
    1b)5-5-5 @ 50 %
    worked on power clean from the hip
    Did pistols & worked on double unders

  17. No wod again back keeps tightening up not gonna let it get worse this time, mobility and rest. Will kill it Monday.

  18. BBG:
    1) 305# ( 2/2 felt solid today)

    1a) 265#
    1b) 135#

    15:01 First time doing this. Ate pretty crappy yesterday and felt it throughout the whole WOD… Started the cleans without the hook grip and was getting 2-3 reps each time… Switched to Hook grip and hit 6, 5, 5 for my last 3 sets. Probably could have made up :30sec to 1:00min.

  19. BBG: Done at 255#. Felt pretty good overall.
    1a) Done @ 210#
    1b) 115#, 125#, 125# still not sure if I am doing these right or now.

    15 Cleans at 17:00 cap. Read the WOD wrong and did cleans from the floor. Not sure if hang cleans would have been better for me or not.

  20. BBG – 205, 225, F230#
    Str 1a) 190#
    Str 1b) 115#
    Cond – 17:57 w/165# hang cleans
    (compare to 18:34 on 120428 with 135# cleans)

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