WOD 131209:


5X1 Snatch @ 90% – rest 1:30-2:00


1a) 5X2/4 FS/BS @ 100% of max FS (from beginning of the cycle) – rest 90 sec.

*If you can’t complete the work, drop the weight and get the work done.

1b) 5X10 Strict Pullups – rest 90 sec.


4 rounds for total time of:

25 Wall Balls 20/14#
10 Power Snatches 115/75#

Rest 1:00 between rounds.

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  1. I messed my knee up last Friday during the max clean and jerk. Nothing serious, but i now have a pain in my knee that occurs when I walk or use my legs. I stayed away from working out since Friday, but the pain still continues today. Does anyone have any stretches or tips to help me heal quickly?

    • Josh,

      Although the information you have provided gives little to almost no incite I will make an attempt to e-help you. First of which is the type of pain. Use words like shooting, numbing, pulling etc. Second, isolate the pain itself: example of which would be upper knee, patella tendon, lower, IT band etc (type in the anatomy of a knee into google for a visual aid). Third RICE is ALWAYS a good to go with any joint injury or stress. If the pain persists I would take a look at mobilitywod.com and do your research there. Tedious I know but if you really want to fix this then you will put forth the time into finding out what you did so you can mobilize it.

      Hope this helps,
      FYI: “Nothing serious, but i now have a pain in my knee that occurs when I walk or use my legs.” is pretty fucking serious in my book buddy. So get on this asap.

      • LJ,

        “Nothing serious”, was meant to imply that I didn’t hear any cracking or pop, and I didn’t feel any kind of pain during the lift. But yes, you’re right, I didn’t provide much information on that. During my maxing out, I kept what I thought was proper form, but after looking at the video of my lift, I noticed that my knees extended farther out than my toes, which i didn’t notice or feel during the lift. Later that night, I felt soreness directly on the patella. The next morning, getting out of bed and walking around, I felt pulling below my patella. I know it can develop into a serious problem, which is why I’m looking for help. Never had Knee problems before.


    • When I had some serious knee pain at the top of my patella I would always come after working out and make it hard to walk, too. Do you do any rolling on your IT, hips, or quads? At the time I didn’t really take care of my muscles as I should be. I spent everyday, about 15 minutes a day rolling on those areas and eventually the knee pain went away. If you’re not rolling out your legs, especially your quads, then that is where I would start.

  2. So I purchased the MDUSA competition weight set for when I get home and it is in kilos. Seeing as how we only have pounds out here, I’m just going to call them kilos (with some rounding), for my purposes so I can learn to speak Olympic Weightlifting instead of being confused all the time when I get home. Actual weights will be off some but for my purposes out here, it works for me.
    1) 107
    a) 140 (decided to get the reps instead of drop the weight, so front squats were singles and back squats were doubles with about 20s of rerack time in between each “mini” set … not feeling confident either squat max has gone up based off of today’s performance)
    b) done C2B
    Cond) 1.20, 1.25, 1.32, 1.31


    • Aw man Nick! I look to your score everyday as a comparison and now you’re gonna make me do math by putting it in kilo’s?!?!?!?

      • Lol real easy to convert kilos to lbs. Multiply the number by 2, then move the decimal over to the left one place and add that number to what you just got when you multiplied.


        140 kg
        x 2 = 280
        Add 28.0 to 280 = 308

        I’ve been hanging out with some oly lifters from LSUS lately so I’ve had to do this conversion a lot haha

        • haha thanks buddy I do realize that but I wanted to give Nick some shit, I mean I dont want to actually do math work…

  3. 1) 125 (Had a few misses, got rep 3 on second attempt and rep 4 on thrid, no miss on reps 1, 2, or 5 and 5 was the best of them all)
    S1a) 215
    S1b) 8, 7, 8, 7, 7 (ME each set)
    Cond) 1:52/1:51/1:59/1:49 – 7:31 TWT


  4. Snatch @ 155×3/165×1/155×1
    5k run 22:32 (army pt)
    squats @235 (tried 245, no)
    pull-ups: 10/8+2/6+4/6+4/9+1

    cond later

  5. BBG:
    Missed 2x at 220#, dropped to 205# to finish.

    1a) Low back/hips completely jacked up, couldn’t even squat 275# once (80%); decided not to press my luck.
    1b) 5×10 UB

    11:09 total time

  6. BBG: 103#

    a) 2 sets @ 163#, form went to shit; tried 153, nope; 3 sets @ 143#
    b) banded

    Conditioning: 14:09 total time

  7. 39M/194#
    BBG: 154#/154(several misses)/143/143/143
    strength: looks like I’m not the only one feeling weak
    1a) 211#/233/255/255/255, last sets with FS singles
    1b) done
    cond: later

  8. BBG – 155 (just working on form and getting under the bar fast)
    Squat – 275 (hit 285 for 1, but then dropped back down to 275 to complete the work)
    3 sets UB PUs. Then just did sets of 5 to finsih the PUs.
    Conditioning – 9:45

  9. BBG
    1.) 220
    1) 360, 360, 340, 340, 331. only got two sets at my old 1 rm of 360, but I’m extremely stoked about it, since its only been 6 weeks. Dropped down to last mondays weight, then a little more for the last set.
    2.) 5×10, didn’t pair with squats
    did snatches first… oops
    7:04 TWT

  10. 5/1 @ 165#’ did all five, but missed second and fourth attempt. Made both sixth and seventh for my 5.

    Squats: 275, 260 final 4 sets.

  11. BBG:

    1a.) @305#. Most were fast and smooth. Scared to work off my new maxes next cycle…
    1b.) UB

    11:28 TWT

  12. 39m/190#
    BBG 64-67missx4 had no problem with this last week
    1a) 255# miss1fs, 225# x3 a real struggle wish I would’ve stayed heavy and drop reps??
    1b) done
    Metcon 13:10 very hard, minus rest time

  13. BBG: 1) 185
    Strength: pulled groin last sun and did not workout all last week to let it restFelt good this week and threw up 100% of 1 RM today. At parallel on first FS felt a “pop” in my groin. I’m an idiot……Off to physio. Was loving this squat cycle, but it’s gonna be a bit before I can squat heavy again….kinda disappointed with myself. All BBG is gonna be hang power till I’m 100%

    Did a few intervals on the airdyne

  14. BBG:
    1.) 220 ~ 5/6

    I feel like the definition of insanity with this squat cycle. I haven’t been able to go Rx since 131118 (3/6@85%) but I keep coming back every week expecting a different outcome.
    1a.) 250 (83%), 260 (87%), 270 (90%), 280f, 260, 270x1x1/4
    1b.) 50/50

    11:35 Rx w/rest

  15. Snatch: 5x 195. One miss

    Squats: 295lb. Got stapled on the 2nd front squat on the 3rd set. Other than that I got through all of them.
    B: Done

    Cond: Different. 3 Rounds for time – 30 Double unders, 10 HSPU, 10 OHS w/ 135 – 5:30

  16. BBG
    145# 4/5 (felt good then felt bad real quick, got slow)

    1a) 205 (had to drop the weight due to feeling like junk)
    1b) done

    Condish: 8:38 total work time. Snatch @ 95#

  17. snatches 185, felt really good today, got under the bar well
    squats 325 (97%)
    pullups- felt easy today!
    first round was completely unbroken 1:35. kept the WB’s unbroken but snatches slowed way down in rounds 3 and 4

  18. BBG
    95 kg no misses
    1a)140 kg no misses
    1b) done, so glad to lengthen my spine between those devastating squishy squats

    Cond: pain in my right ankle, i was able to squat, but WallBalls felt like hell

  19. BBG: 140#

    1a) 205# (had to drop from 215#. Not sure if that was really still my max to start with after not squatting because of a knee injury)
    1b) 10, 9, 6, 5, 5, pull ups (ME)

    Conditioning: 9:53

  20. BBG: 150 no misses


    1a) 250, oppressively heavy

    1b) BW x 5

    Conditioning: dnd, out of time

  21. BBG:
    @92kg. average day, felt heavy but completed.

    1a.) @133kg.. 7 kg less then 100%, no chance was I hitting that today.
    1b.) UB

    8:32 Total time

  22. BBG: 125/130/135/135(F)/130

    Strength: a) 2×185/3×195
    B) done

    Conditioning: 12:22min. Total time, including rest

  23. BBG: 190 4/5, but made up the miss at the end

    Squats: did these separate from pull-ups with 4 mins rest btwn sets.
    340# made all through 4 sets, 5th set only did 1 FS

    Pull-ups: 5×6

    Cond: 6:43 TWT

  24. M/27/171#/NorCal

    1) 210# No misses

    1a) 305#
    1b) Weighted at 17.5#

    No wall ball… subbed 75# Thruster

  25. BBG:
    Felt fresh so did 92% with no misses

    A) 100% FOR ALL SETS NO MISSES! I’m SO happy with this! Thank you Outlaws!
    B) Strict Pullups 5x10xb/w only

    different. friend was doing 13.3 so I jumped in on that. PR’d my Karen time but doubles were a mess. Finished with 13 muscle ups.

  26. Today was a bad day at the gym. Couldn’t get under 225, only hit 215×1, and barely got under 205 at all.
    Snatch – trash
    Conditioning – 1:18, 1:20,1:24, 1:57

  27. Hello, I am new to the outlaw way and I was wandering how did todays strength part work? For the front and back squats?

    • ~It was hard, that’s how it worked. 2 Fs/then 4 Bs at 100% of your Fs max found several weeks back. Great program, keep following

  28. WOD 131209:


    5X1 Snatch @ 90% – rest 1:30-2:00


    1a) 5X2/4 FS/BS @ 100% of max FS (from beginning of the cycle) – rest 90 sec.
    (305# (-60#)
    *If you can’t complete the work, drop the weight and get the work done.

    1b) 5X10 Strict Pullups – rest 90 sec.


    4 rounds for total time of:

    25 Wall Balls 20/14#
    10 Power Snatches 115/75#

    Rest 1:00 between rounds

    I am a dumbass didn’t realize we were suppose to rest in between rnds

  29. 1) One of those awesome “Bomb out” days…0/5 @ 225# – Shifting to my toes wildly early today, back/lats tired.
    1a) 335 x 3.5 sets (-65#) It’ll be awhile before I get my squat back.
    1b) 4sets
    Cut for time.
    Cond: 1:18, 1:22, 1:21, 1:29 – TWT: 8:50

    Finished finals today, been a rough few days….Hope to be back at it tomorrow.

  30. BBG
    5X1 Snatch: 205,210,210,210,210. Felt solid was 3/5 missed on a couple spots overhead working on a couple of things. My right foot is also landing too wide and splaying out/need to work right hip flexor mobility.

    1a) 5X2/4 FS/BS: 350-Felt very strong here today, got all reps solid at my old FS max
    1b) 5X10 Strict Pullups – Done

    4 rounds for total time of: 7:42
    1:24, 1:51,2:10, 2:17. Second round~mental lapse should’ve been unbroken snatches not 5/5. All wall-balls undbroken, improving on them.

    25 Wall Balls 20# ~10ft.
    10 Power Snatches 115

    Rest 1:00 between rounds.

  31. What a day!

    BBG: 3 @ 135# (old 90%) and 3 @ 140# (new 90%). Felt great. I am focusing more on pulling it into my hips and my body and its feeling easier every week.
    1a: 245# (old 1RM FS). This was insane. I can’t believe I made it through all 5 sets. I was yelling things that I don’t even know where they came from.
    1b: 10, 10, 7, 4, 4. Fell off quickly after the first two.
    Cond: Did 3 rounds @ 95#.

  32. 1. 130 4/5
    1a. 235 felt really weak today..
    1b. Done

    Conditioning- 8:33 Rx

  33. Weightlifting
    Keeping load light with snatch to improve form and technique.

    1a) 5×2/4@130
    1b) 5×10 strict pull ups
    Squats felt great today.

    No rx’d conditioning this week in preparation for my PAST on Friday.
    Movement prep for that test.


  34. BBG:
    1) 160, 165×4

    1a) 275×2, 265×2, 260
    -BRUTAL. Worst my squat has ever felt.
    1b) done UB

    8:47 TWT

    -Apperently a weekend of pub crawls does not enhance strength/performance, weird.

  35. 27/77kg/5’9″/M/CenEast

    1/3/2 – Body still a little tired from the comp on Saturday…

    5×1 Sn: 5/5. 165# off of 185#. Felt heavier than usual. Also, feel 2x’s more comfortable from the hang than from the floor.

    FS/BS: done. 260# off of 260#. No misses. Rds 3/4 were the worst.
    5×10 SPUs: done. UB.

    Conditioning: 7:57 TWT; 10:57 Total time.
    WBs: 25/15-10/15-10/10-10-5
    Rds: 1:50/1:50/2:03/2:17
    Outlaw Progress Update
    Started Outlaw on 130608, right after watching Ger barely miss the Games. Here’s my progress and testimony:
    BS: 315# to 355#. Increase of 40# or 12.6%.
    Sn: 160# to 185#. Increase of 25# or 15.6%.
    C&J: 225# to 235#. Increase of 10# or 4%.
    Before following Outlaw, I was following the gym’s programming. No attention paid to “offseason”, “preseason”, or the actual “season”. I supplemented when I could with some WL, but that was just me floundering. Any WoDs that were relatively heavy, as I’m only 170#, killed me both physically and cardiovascularly. Since starting Outlaw, “heavy” WoDs of the past are no more. I am not elite, and I will not make Regionals as an individual as some of you have and will. My goal is to make my box’s Regionals team, and thanks to Rudy, Spencer, Poppa, and all of you who post your times for making me better and hopefully closer to achieving my goals.

    • Hey J. Cheek never had a chance to introduce myself but I’m guessing you were the guy at the Outlaw camp last weekend in Columbus? Anyways, congrats on your progress- my girlfriend, Nicole, and I own CrossFit 248 in Farmington Hills and are Outlaw. Let us know if you ever want to drop in and do some work with us! (I am not trying to steal your business from PCF I promise lol)

      • Hey Nick,

        Thanks for posting. I had been meaning to ask if you were from the area or just happened to be wearing a 248 sweatshirt randomly. Yes, you are correct in your guess that I was down at the Columbus camp, fuzzy pants and all. I would love to drop in and do some work with you two. I just added you, Nicole, and 248 on FB, so shoot me a message on there and we can try and see what works. I live in Plymouth, so FH is a little hike, but once a week or ever so often would definitely beat training by myself. Appreciate the post again, and I look forward to getting together.

  36. BBG

    1) 253 – 2/3, 264 – 2/2


    1a) 330 x 4, 343 x 2. Just getting back to the Way after gearing up for the American Open. Percentages are not there yet.
    1b) Done


    Fuck my lungs and heart after a month of no conditioning.

    12:34 total time.

  37. Worked a 14 hr shift loading and unloading salt all day by hand

    Only did strength since it’s so late

    Got 100% for set one 290, then 290 for one FS on second, dropped down 280 for the rest.
    All pull ups UB strict.

  38. Bbg: up to 200 (95% felt real good)
    A) 260 (95% max fs)
    B) ub
    11:38 total time

  39. Rudy, I just want you to know that….what the fuck did you do to my body today? Seriously man….I about died at least 6 times today.

    Sn- 185 based off 206 did 3 power snatch there there went up and hit 195 power as well. Missed 205×2 so dropped and hit another power snatch at 185

    Squats- fuck…286# (old 1RM) missed 2nd rep of front squat on last 2 sets
    Pull-ups- done UB

    METCON- 12:48 total time-almost quit in between every round because my body hates me and was eating my soul today

  40. Snatch – Felt amazing at 225#. Hit every one without issue but low back locked up so I’m saving the hell squats til tomorrow. Sorry.

    Conditioning – 12:53 total time. Low back was screaming.

  41. BBG:
    1) 240# no misses

    1a) 335# (1RM FS is 350#)
    1b) done

    10:58 w/rest or 7:58 TWT

  42. 1.) 155 full squat snatch easy as fuck!!!! Never had a full snatch til TOW
    2a.) 335, too fucking easy. 400 soon!
    2b.) UB and done
    TWT: 9:39 w/ rest 13:36
    Cashed out with a 1k row @ 70%

  43. 5 x 1 Snatch @ 225

    2/5 – weights felt light but bar path was a little inconsistent. got over a minor back issue, and dealing with a shoulder. Haven’t snatched heavy more than maybe 2-3x in 2 months.
    90% is actually 238.

    Running a different squat program at my gym. Squatting tomorrow.


    Scaled weight up to 155 power snatch
    Total time 11:49

    Rounds 1:57, 2:13, 2:24, 2:15

    Back blew up right near the end. Another round would have tanked.

    Quick Bench 5×5 @ 225

  44. 39/6’2″/195

    Thanks to the kind folks at MuscleDriver, I’m liftin’ in kilos and feeling legit!

    80kg 5/5

    a. 125/120/122.2×3
    b. Done


  45. bbg
    5/5 at 150# 885 of my new 1rm
    bbg: squats made it to the bottom of the last back squat of the 4th set at 100% had to ditch (200#) backed it off to 185# for the last set,
    skipped pullups didn’t want to be distracted from the suffering


  46. 1. 210, dropped to 205
    2. 315 (first time in a while I have failed on a squat day)
    3. 9:25

  47. BBG – Technique was off today, didn’t go past 135#.
    1a) 2X255#
    1b) 2X7
    Cond – 95# snatches, 9:30

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