I swear to G, I understand how hard it must be to pull off a WL meet of this magnitude. I’m not trying to be a whiner, but this is almost too confusing for anyone to follow. Here’s an updated schedule. I know you’re all probably scheduling your entire lives around this, so I apologize if you penciled in a major surgery, or wedding, around the AO viewing schedule and now everything has gone to hell. As you can see, this afternoon should be pretty exciting, and thankfully some of our best ladies have been separated tomorrow evening. Also, Spencer will be defending his title at 5:00pm now instead of the 3:00pm I posted yesterday. Everything is running a little behind, but these times should be pretty accurate. I’ve included the platform for each lifter, so you don’t have to spend 45 minutes trying to figure out which webcast you should be watching. You’re welcome.

CLICK HERE for the Webcast (in case you missed it yesterday).


Kevin Simons (94C) Platform B
Drew Bignall (94C) Platform B
James McCoy (94C) Platform B

Thomas Felstead (69B) Platform A

JoEllyn McAtee (75B) Platform C
Kat Anderson (75B) Platform C
Paul Estrada (105+B) Platform B



Sarabeth Phillips (58A) Platform A
Caitlin Vodopia (58A) Platform A
Spencer Arnold (69A) Platform B

Nicole Capurso (63A) Platform B


Marco Coppola (94A) Platform B

Elisabeth Akinwale (75A) Platform A

WOD 131207:

Run, Swim, Row, Cycle for 30:00-45:00 at 70-80% intensity.

Notes: And don’t do anything else.

21 thoughts on “131207

  1. Anybody have a clue as to why P. Estrada’s third snatch was a no lift?!? Looked great from the film…?!?

  2. So do we have to choose one movement or can we do a row and run? My butt can’t take 30 minutes of rowing, but I also refuse to run for more than 20 minutes at a time.

  3. I hate cardio!

    5 rounds of 1000m row, 800m run

    Like Brandt said, no way in hell I was sitting on the rower for 40 minutes straight!


  4. 20 minutes on the AIrdyne
    15 minutes on the rower.

    Feel quite good, which I suspect will change dramatically after Monday’s workout…

  5. Yesterdays go at “Godzilla” had to modify it a bit since i don’t have paralettes and my rope only goes up to 12′ not the full 15′. I started each rope climb without jumping and did an extra climb at the at the very end to account for the lack of length. Also used 13″ deficit with bumpers instead of paralettes. The camera times out on the last set of HSPU so i couldn’t show the weights and time but i ended up with a 7:38 and kept it all legit.


  6. Wanted to share with everyone. Set the ole C2 for a 40 minute row. Started rowing at around a 1:55 pace and saw my “projected finish” at over 10,000 meters. So around the 5000m mark I made the decision that a 10k was my goal. The last two minutes I was rowing a 1:35-1:38 pace trying to make up for being lazy around the 7000m mark. I finished with 9945 meters. Stupid…

  7. Any idea what percentage of athletes at the Open are pure weightlifters and what percent are CrossFit athletes?

    Did spin bike today for 35 min and a 10 min run

  8. Had a CF competition on Saturday. Hopefully since I skipped Godzilla the competition doesn’t come back to bite me in the butt for this coming week…

  9. Run, Swim, Row, Cycle for 30:00-45:00 at 70-80% intensity.

    1x20C2B/10min air-dyne/1×10 HSPU/3x3minute row 1 min rest/1×40 push-ups/10min air-dyne/1×25 sit-ups

    air-dyne nice pace ~105 cal first 10min/100cal 2nd 10 min.
    rower same nice relatively easy pace kept about a 1:57 500 m split, ~2400meters

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