Ok kids, here’s the most accurate list we could put together. Things may change a little with a few of our lifters trying to move weight classes, but this should be fairly accurate. I’ll post any possible changes to twitter and the facebooks, so shameless plug make sure you’re following one of them (if, of course, you care).

Here’s the link to THE AO WEBCAST.

Obviously there’s a ton of people lifting (including other Outlaw BB lifters), but the start times listed below are for the lifters who we are working directly with. Also, remember the times are CST. Here’s some highlights…

-8:00am Friday will feature Harrison Marus trying to break his own 13 and under American Records.

-8:30pm Friday is the night of the “Kings of the Outlaws”, and the tall blonde girls. Featuring Paul Estrada, and Kevin Simons, as well as, Kat Anderson and JoEllyn McAtee ALL at the same time. I’m a little excited about this one.

-Saturday at 3:00pm features defending AO 69k Champion, Spencer Arnold. Enough said.

-Saturday at 7:30pm features possibly our most talented group of women. 2012 5th place 58k, Sarabeth Phillips, Outlaw CrossFit’s own, Caitlin Vodopia, and the 63k D1 basketball player turned elite lifter, Nicole Capurso. These are some of our best podium chances, and most fun to watch lifters.

-Sunday, 12:30pm and 1:30pm, Coppola and Akinwale, arguably the two strongest overall competitive exercisers on earth, and arguably the best candidates for active CrossFitters to take a podium at a national meet. Someone may need to duct tape me to a chair for a few hours.


Harrison Marus (YB)

Emily Carothers (63C)
Jess Shultz (63C)
Jake Dickerson (69C)

Drew Bignall (94C)
James McCoy (94C)

Ingrid Kantola (63B)
Thomas Felstead (69B)

JoEllyn McAtee (75B)
Kat Anderson (75B)
Kevin Simons (94B)
Paul Estrada (105+B)


Spencer Arnold (69A)

Sarabeth Phillips (58A)
Caitlin Vodopia (58A)
Nicole Capurso (63A)


Marco Coppola (94A)

Elisabeth Akinwale (75A)

WOD 131206:


1) 15 min to establish a 1RM Snatch.

2) 15 min to establish a 1RM Clean & Jerk.


Courtesy of Ben Bergeron.


3 rounds for time of:

1 Legless Rope Climb 15′
2 Snatches 225/145#
3 Back Squats 365/245#
4 Parallette HSPU 13/9″ (to top of parallette)

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  1. Worst news ever. As you can see above I’m scheduled to lift tomorrow at 10:30 am but my flight from Utah to Dallas was cancelled today due to weather. No flights available until tomorrow at 12:30. So guess I’m gonna miss my first American open. So pissed right now.

  2. Holy balls look at that WOD. May be the first time in a LOOOONG time I have to do some scaling.

  3. Sorry if I’m wrong, just wanted to be sure that this is the programming you intended to post. Normally we max on Saturday’s, not Friday’s, and I figured you might be so excited about the AO that you forgot what day it was. Lol.

    • I’m grateful for the Friday max. I’m not always able to make it to the gym on weekends and have missed several max days.

      • I like the max on Friday, too. Just wanted to be sure that Rudy didn’t post something wrong cause of his obvious excitement for the AO. He just posted tomorrow’s programming, though, and it looks like this is exactly what he wanted us to do.

  4. 1) 255
    *missed 265 3 times, 1st time behind me (first time doing that before), 2nd & 3rd time arms wouldn’t stay locked out
    2) 315

    Skipped the conditioning when I realized there was no way I was going to hit the weight for back squat. Did some “heavy” squats and then a power snatch wallball conditioning just do get some work in.


  5. 1) 140 (10# PR)
    2) 155, missed at 175 cause I caught it high and feel back so figured I was fine to go up in weight and couldn’t hit anything. I guess I figured wrong.

    Skipped the conditioning and did “Fran” for the first time got 6:13


  6. Had to catch up on wednesday’s work yesterday, as a snow storm caused my school to close on wednesday. Came into this feeling not completely fresh as a result!
    1) 185 ( ties PR, took two runs at 190)
    2) 235 ( -15)

    Conditioning: 7:54 heavily scaled to 165/275 and non parallette HSPU’s

    Doing this workout RX’d has been a long term goal of mine since I started CF back in th spring.

  7. BBG:
    1) 245# (5# PR, no misses)
    2) 305# (10# PR)

    19:24 – Complete shitshow; stupidly tried to do it Rx’d. Dropped to 205# after missing first 5 attempts at 225#, still missed a lot, but got them in. Dropped BS to 315# after failing my first rep at 365#.

  8. BBG:
    Snatch: 216 – 11lb PR
    C&J: 275 – 10lb PR

    Cond: Scaled to 195 Snatch and 315 squats. 8 Something.

    Thanks to Rudy or whoever wrote that WOD for making me feel like a total bitch for having to scale weights 50lb’s. Goal for 2014 will be to finish that and King Kong Rx.

  9. Harrison is on Platform 2 for anyone following at home. Also, Rudy, get out of the picture…

  10. 1) 113 (5# PR)
    2) 128 (-5#)

    Scaled beyond recognition – used 90% for the lifts, and no deficit for the HSPU. Finished 2+2 in 20 min. But hey, got the legless rope climbs (12 ft rope)!

  11. BBG
    1.) 232… (-11) i hit this three times on monday, failed 247 3 times, positioning was off today.
    2.) 309, 325 clean, failed jerk
    Been stuck at 243 and 320 for about 10 weeks now
    did some snatches at 200 and got my positioning back

  12. 39M/192#
    BBG: form getting better but having trouble increasing max weight
    1) 166# (PR+1), still counts
    2) 230# (PR+5)
    cond: did Helen instead, 9:49 (PR-10 sec)

    • Hell yeah 2 PRs Nucks, not bad for some old guys at the asscrack of dawn in a cold ass garage!!!!

  13. 185 (15# pr).
    225 (current pr, failed twice at 230)

    Went way over 15 min on the snatches, and I missed 185 five times in front of me before I got it.

    Had to laugh at Nucks’ post. I’m 38 and 192, we have almost the same oly numbers, and we workout in cold garages. We’ll, mine’s cold today anyway in Houston.

  14. BBG:
    1. 155#
    2. 200#
    Hell yeah finally back to where I was before I hurt my knee. So happy.

    Didn’t time it but I’d say somewhere around 15 min. Had to use legs on last quarter of rope climbs and 10# lighter on the squats. Rxd on snatches and HSPU

  15. Oh boy.

    1.) 185#(-30) missed 200# 4 times and tried to match @215# in the last minute. No problem getting underneath. Just can’t hold it OH in the bottom

    2.) 265#(-10) cleaned 275# 3 times and felt like I could’ve cleaned 300# easy. Just tired OH. Or something.

    Hate to say it. But different.

    Mix of Cindy and C&J’s
    Then some DB Burpee Box Overs and Muscle Ups


  16. BBG:

    1) 155-170 (failed 3 times). Current PR is 165 but I haven’t maxed since August 31. Took a while to feel right going “heavy” from the floor

    2) 195 – 205 (failed). Current PR is 200. Haven’t maxed since June 8. Cleans are feeling great since I rested on them for a while and came back slowly. I also think the current squat routine is helping with cleans as I feel stronger in the bottom.

    No conditioning. Did some pullups and pushups.

  17. Snatch – 235 (-10) couldn’t lock out very well today
    C&J – 315 (tied pr)
    Conditioning – Rx’d, 17:35 – took about 20 total attempts on snatch. Once again, could stay locked out. Those squats weren’t as easy as I thought they’d be.

  18. snatch 200 (-5), failed 210 and 215. the pull felt great but im failing the catch
    c+j 265 (-10) not a PR but it was a technically decent lift and didnt look like dog crap
    modified godzilla
    3 rounds
    3 weighted strict chinups/40#
    2 c+j/205
    3 front squat/245
    4 parallete hspu/10″
    wish i had a rope to climb…and a 225# snatch

  19. BBG
    1) 90-95-100f-100f-100-102,5-105(tied my PR from June, but felt more solid)
    2) 100-110-115-121 kg (PR by 1 kg)

    more in the tank but not enough time

    Different Cond:
    Central Europe Throwdown Qualifier WOD 1 (again)
    12 min AMRAP
    STOH @ 50kg
    Wallball 20 lbs @ 305 cm
    Box Jump @ 60 cm

    252 reps (last try 225) it was worth to hit it again

  20. BBG:
    1.) 225 ~ 91%, 240f, 250f
    2.) 270 ~ 98%, 280f

    1 Legless Rope Climb 15′ – Rx
    2 Snatches 225/145# (205*)
    3 Back Squats 365/245# (285*)
    4 Parallette HSPU 13/9″ (to top of parallette) – Rx

  21. BBG:
    1) 170, 185(f)
    2) 220, 250(15lb clean PR from the floor)
    -had one of those self taught (ah-ha) moments today on the clean that helped me a ton

    Lulz. Wen’t for a pump instead, 10-1 bench w/chains and strict supinated ring pullups.

  22. Snatch
    195(-10) missed none going up, failed 210- 3 times

    Clean and jerk
    260(10# PR) felt good, just stopped there, missed none leading up.

  23. Snatch 260# (matched pr just with better form) 275 and 270 failed

    C&J 285# (30# under PR, jumped too quickly to 315, got the clean just had trouble locking out the jerk)

    Modified “Godzilla”

    3 rounds for time of:

    1 Legless Rope Climb 15′ (only have a 12′ rope so i didnt jump up it and i added an extra RC at the end)
    2 Snatches 225/145#
    3 Back Squats 365/245#
    4 Parallette HSPU 13/9″ (no paralettes so i used a 13″ deficit with bumper plates)

    7:38 RX

  24. 27/77kg/5’9″/M/CenEast

    1/3/1 – F* this cold

    Sn: 185#. Ties PR. From last weekend.

    C&J: 235#. Ties PR. From last weekend.

    Conditioning: Competition tomorrow.

  25. M/18/160#

    Did Barbell’s strength

    Conditioning: Scaled to 165# on snatch and 275# on squats. 8:03

  26. M/18/165#

    1) 165# (10# PR) bodyweight 😀
    2) 215# (10# PR) hit 225# clean (15# PR on just clean) missed jerk

    Smolov Bench 1.3
    8×4 @ 165#

    4 rounds
    400m run
    30 4-count mountain climbers
    20 push-ups
    Time: 12:40

  27. Fuck this shit
    Snatch 200# (-10) Have not hit a PR or matched it in almost 6 months
    C&J 255 (-25)

    a few factors could have contributed to this but really I am questioning whether outlaw is right for me right now.

  28. Snatch

    Clean and jerk

    3 rnds
    15ft rope climb
    2 snatches 165#
    3 Hbbs 275#
    4 hspu


  29. BBG
    1) 215 (-15)
    2) Dnd

    Conditioning: Different conditioning
    25 Burpees
    3 rds 315 deadlift/50 double-unders
    25 burpees


  30. bbg
    1) 170# 15# PR
    2) 195# 5# PR then hit the clean at 200# missed the jerk forward for a 10# clean PR (also my front squat 1rm for this squat cycle)

    conditioning “mico-zilla”
    3 rft
    12 strict pullups
    6 deficit HSPU on 15# bumper plates (like 1″ maybe)
    3 snatches 120# (70% of my new snatch PR)

    first time with deficit hspu in a workout I could do

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