Logan Dobbs – 245# Hang Snatch Double:

WOD 131203:


4X1 Clean & Jerk @ 90% – rest 2:00


1a) 3X5 Strict Press – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.
1b) 3X5 Bent Over Row – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.


For time:

12 Bar Muscle-Ups
20 Burpee Lateral Box Jumps 20″
9 Bar Muscle-Ups
20 Burpee Lateral Box Jumps 20″
6 Bar Muscle-Ups
20 Burpee Lateral Box Jumps 20″

Burpee Lateral Box Jumps: Burpee beside box, jump laterally to the other side (touching on top), Burpee on the other side. Each Burpee counts one rep.

38 thoughts on “131203

  1. 1) 170X2(89.5%), 175X2(92%)
    S1a) 125
    S1b) 145
    Cond. 9:36 (subbed pull-ups and ring dips for MU)

  2. 1) 285-295-295-295
    S1) 155
    S2) 245
    Cond) 7.44 Rx’d (all MU unbroken, whoop whoop!)
    (first time in a while stringing together any type of pulling … my elbow seems better for the most part)


  3. BBG
    1) 185#
    1a) 95, 100, 100#
    1b) 225, 245, 245#
    11:50 (subbed pull-ups and ring dips, only did 1/2 of burpee reps)

  4. BBG:
    270# (3/4)

    1a) 165-165(4)-155
    1b) 215# across

    10:24 – dropped the bMU to 9-7-5; all singles (I really suck at these)

  5. BBG:
    Started at 90% of my C&J max (120), was able to work up to 90% of my clean max (135) with no misses, which is a PR for C&J.

    a) 63, 68 73 (3)
    b) 103

    14:53. Fucking train wreck. Subbed chest-to-bar pull ups, tore my hand, stopped to tape it so I didn’t bleed all over the rig, finished with strict pull ups.

  6. BBG- 5@175# (can’t read that early in the morning..) felt amazing


    Cond- 8:26. My legs were JELLO during the burpees.

  7. 1) 250

    a) 135
    b) 155

    Cond 15:33
    BMUs were bad today. 24″ box though, so it was totally harder. Right.

  8. BBG:
    3 @250# missed Jerks
    1 @235# (85%)

    1a.) up to 145#, 3 @150#
    1b.) @205#


    • Negatives:
      1) Off the floor, the bar ends up going away from you, then back towards you after you pass the knees (0:13 second range of vid). Bar path should be back off the floor, continuing back once it passes the knees until it meets your hips.

      2) When the bar is at your knees, your shins should be vertical. From the video, it doesn’t look like this is happening. This will load the hamstrings, using your hip as the fulcrum, and creating a lot of power. You are leaving a lot on the table by not getting into the proper hang position.

      3) Wait just a split second longer to let that bar get into your hips. You can see that your heels are just ever-so-lightly off the ground once the bar is at your hips. Something like this can be drilled in warm-ups and at lighter weights to ingrain this motor pattern.

      1) Body positioning in the catch. You have a fairly vertical torso, you catch it with knees forward, and you look pretty comfortable down there. My guess is that you can OHS this weight with somewhat relative ease.

      2) Catching it at the bottom. Similar to the above, you obviously are fairly mobile and have the ability to catch it in the bottom. This is great.

      *Caveat – I am no expert…just a nerd who likes WL

  9. BBG
    110 kg no fails (92%)
    1a) 65-67,5-70 kg (last set did not look pretty…)
    1b) 100 kg

    8:56 rx’d
    hell yeah it’s so fuckin’ disappointing to to burpees next to a box…
    super slow Burpees

  10. BBG & Strength: DND. Been sick the last 3 days and wasnt feeling like this would be pretty. I am also going to work with an olympic lifting coach tomorrow and I am guessing we are going to work up to close to maximal weights so want to be semi fresh.

    Cond: 7:48

  11. 205lb x 4


    Can anyone recommend a gym or an actual coach in Houston, TX for some one-on-one snatch/jerk instruction? I’d like nothing more than to make it to an Outlaw camp, but it ain’t gonna happen.

  12. BBG
    287 felt good.
    1a.) 155, 155, 160
    1b.) 155, 176, 181

    did yesterdays since i felt bad that i quit halfway through
    all times between 1:35 and 1:39

  13. Quick (probably stupid) question for any of the Outlaw coaches. I’m out here on the west coast and typically don’t get all the work done til about 7 at night unless i bust through it all in one session. Is it still worth posting all my results and data even though you may not see it til the following morning?

    4X1 Clean & Jerk @ 285#

    1a) 155#
    1b) 205#

    8:03 (BMU’s all UB)

  14. BBG:
    1) 205×2, 215, 220

    1a) 125
    1b) 165, 175×2

    12:18 w/ ring MU’s

  15. BBG:
    230#, no misses

    1a) 135 for all sets (feel a loss of raw shoulder strength)
    B) 185, 205, 215

    7:30 Rx – major lactic acid pain in my core after, like doing Annie lol

  16. BBG:
    1) @ 116kg… tough day with the jerk. had to drop to this weight to hit.

    1a) 61kg
    1b) 89kg

    8:06 rx… for some reason my legs were SMOKED during the burpee lat box jumps.. never been to quite that extreme before

  17. 27/77kg/5’9″/M/CenEast

    3/3/2 – coming down with a flu/cold. Vitamin C &D’d that shit all day

    C&J: 210#. 4/4. Off of 235#.

    SPress: 135/140/145#
    BoR: 195/205/205#

    Conditioning: 9:49 Rx.

  18. 1. DND- limited time and no room.

    1a. 105-115-125
    1b. 135

    Conditioning- 12:38… Eff this WOD.

  19. M/20/190
    1) 245
    1a) DND shoulder not 100%
    1b) 190

    Conditioning MU instead of BMU 11:19

  20. BBG:
    285# (felt really good)

    1a) 165# (light, took all 3 sets to warm up my shoulders)
    1b) 225#

    Conditioning: 6:03 Rx

    *This was the first day I have had a training partner in a while. It was really nice to have that extra push during conditioning. Bar muscle ups are also a former gymnasts dream. Today was the first day in a good while that my conditioning felt on point.

  21. BBG: C&J Done at 240#, felt good.
    1a) Did with just the bar, having some shoulder issues.
    1b) 185, 205, 205
    Cond: Did yesterday’s rowing – 1:45, 1:46, 1:48, 1:47, 1:49. I hate rowing.

  22. BBG: 166.5#

    1a) 95, 95, 100#
    1b) 125, 130, 130#

    Conditioning: 11:42 I think. Awesome WOD. Everything felt good today!

  23. BBG
    4X1 Clean & Jerk: 255 across. Then did a little 245 on the minute to fix a couple things~it didn’t fix them

    1a) 3X5 ~135,140,145
    1b) 3X5 ~225,235,245

    Conditioning: 8:27 Rx. Awful warm-up first round was terrible

    For time:

    12 Bar Muscle-Ups
    20 Burpee Lateral Box Jumps 20″
    9 Bar Muscle-Ups
    20 Burpee Lateral Box Jumps 20″
    6 Bar Muscle-Ups
    20 Burpee Lateral Box Jumps 20″

  24. BBG: 215#
    1a) 135# (failed 145 and 140; just didn’t have it.)
    Cond – 15:51. Scaled to 9-6-3 ring MU in order to keep moving.

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