I think I do this every year, but I can’t remember, and I certainly do not feel like wasting the two minutes and eighteen seconds it would take to look back at last Thanksgiving’s post to confirm. Therefore, I will continue the probable Outlaw tradition of posting five things I’m grateful for.

“5 Things I’m Grateful For”

Don’t know why it was necessary to post the title again, but it felt more official.

1) The WordPress app on the iPhone.
Sitting in “Frozen” right now with my girls. Don’t worry, I’ve got the screen brightness turned all the way down, and the phone between my legs. Hey yo.

2) The Squat Jerk.
Why? Because it looks awesome. Also, it can turn a mortal exerciser into an instant hero, because everyone sucks at it. As a matter of fact, one of my coaches, James McClarity, proved that a good Squat Jerk will make the ladies swoon, and the men fall at your feet, just today when he hit this double at 200#…

After this lift the class laid down palm leaves for James to walk on so he could put away his plates.

3) Lidia Valentin.

4) Hookgrip’s slow-mo Weightlifting videos.
I remember trying to watch Pyrros Dimas in slow-mo by clicking play/pause as fast as possible on YouTube. Now, thanks to HG (and others), we can see which nostril takes in more air as LΓΌ Xiaojun decimates every world record. And this…

5) The incredible staff of both Outlaw CrossFit and the Outlaw Way. The amount of support, dedication, time and effort that each one of these people put in, are what makes “Outlaw Industries” possible. We are constantly in a state of inventing what it is that we do, and every time a need arises, somehow it is taken care of. Thank you guys, from the bottom of my heart, for being the best staff imaginable. In the profound words of the great Canadian poet, Drake – “Started from the bottom…”

WOD 131128:

Rest day.

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