Lots of “gear” chatter lately. I’m curious how many of you think our sport needs year-around testing.

And… Read this.

WOD 131126:


6X1 Clean from Power Position + 2 Jerks @ 90% (drop the load if this isn’t possible) – rest 2:00


1a) 4X3 Push Press From Behind the Neck – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.
1b) 4X6 (ea. arm) One Arm KB Row – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.


5 rounds for total reps of:

:20 ME Thrusters 95/65#
:20 ME Pullups
:40 Rest

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  1. Are there legitimate concerns (rumors) that CF athletes are juicing? I’ve never read that, outside of YouTube comments which mean jack.

  2. DAMNIT RUDY!!! Just when I start smashing WoDs you throw this shit in the mix. Hey do fran as fast as possible for 5 rounds….CYA!!! Uggggggh

    • 100% agree. I would pay a extra fee for the Open and Regionals to cover drug tests throughout the year of athletes who “qualified”. Too many dishonorable people in the sport now willing to do anything to win. It’s pathetic.

  3. I dont usually post, and im sorry for that. But since the start of my Outlaw journey (May 2013) here is some progress.
    Snatch (May) power snatch: 165, “full snatch”:135 on a super mobile day)
    C & J (May): 231
    clean: (May)231
    HBBS (May): 345
    Present main lift numbers
    C & J: 290
    HBBS: 395 (Def could get more next time we test)

    So my point is… this stuff works!

    So to Rudy and Spencer, I thank you for this awesome, sometimes brutal (like todays 3/6 FS/BS @90%) programming!!

  4. Even though you told the entire camp that you make up the conditioning pieces on the spot, that one today was fuckin perfect. As soon as I hit 20seconds I was leaving my comfort zone and was able to get that effect every round with almost the same reps every time

  5. 1) 275 (85%)
    a) 235
    b) 135 (DB)
    Cond) 46 thrusters @ 100, 41 pullups w/ regular kip and c2b

    Making some progress on the elbow, butterfly irritates the crap out of it so back to relearning the regular kip.


  6. 1) Missed first attempt at 155 which is a little over 80%. Made the second so moved up to 165 and failed twice so dropped back down to 135 and worked up at 5# increments. Missed at 150 so dropped it back down to 135 to do one more rep. Suckin today.
    a) 155
    b) 75# KB
    Cond) 35 thrusters @ RX, 44 pullups


  7. BBG)
    6 sets with 225. I would have thought this was impossible just a few weeks ago. My PR C&J at the start of this semester was only 230! Tons of progress.
    A) 135-155-165-175
    B) used d bells 65-70-75-80

    Conditioning: 80 reps and I’m NOT happy with it. Felt like going again as soon as I finished. Ugh.

    I dunno about you guys but the last few days have got me feelin wrecked.

    • By the way, I really need to learn butterfly pullups. I train alone and have no one to show me. If anyone else has been in this situation, what helped you?

      • I also train alone and sucked at butterflys. I spent $50 and drove an hour to my closest box and spent an hour one on one with really good coach working on nothing but gymnastics movements (butterflys, bar MU’s, kipping HSPU, etc). I still am not phenomenal at them but it helped me tremendously. May be worth your time and $$$ to do the same.

      • Same situation for me. Carl Paoli’s progressions were MAJOR in figuring it out. http://gymnasticswod.com/movement/butterfly-pull

        Especially the emphasis on leaving your legs out of the equation in the beginning. Learning the upper body rhythm, THEN mastering the leg sweep is huge and most people rush into adding the leg sweep, especially when you’ve kipped for a long time. I incorporated 2-3 sets of 2-3 every single day as a warm up…eventually moving up to 2-3 sets of 5, then 10, etc etc. FORCE yourself to do them every day, FILM yourself practicing, and post your video for people to see. Between Paoli’s progressions, constant practice, and video critiques, I can now do more UB butterfly than kipping pull ups. Good luck!!

  8. BBG:
    270# (90%) – no misses (only 1 jerk per)

    1a) 205-215-225-235
    1b) 40 kg

    100 reps (50 of each)

  9. Bbg: @205 didn’t think i was going to make it through them all, but no misses

    strength: pp@145 row @60

    cond later

    • ok, I lied. thighs are still solid from this morning, but low and behold!! my wife got me an airdyne this past week! so I hop on, hoping to break up the lead in my legs, and now I understand why Rudy yell’s at us to get one


      ….that is all…

  10. BBG: 245lb – No misses

    1a: 205
    1b: Heaviest KB was 70lb so did these slow and held the KB at the top for a 2 count

    Cond: 11/12, 10/11, 10/10, 10/10, 10/8. 51 Thrusters and 51 PU. Goal was to hit at least 10 of each on every round. Just missed on the last set of pullups.

  11. BBG- 175 no misses. Jerks felt so light, cleans were….WOOF….

    1a) 135
    1b) 70

    Cond- 98 total

  12. Yes, any time you have a chance to win money, and you’re judged on performances there will be “gear” involved. People use steroids for a whole host of reasons – certainly you can understand the appeal as an upcoming athlete to compete with the big boys being temptation enough. Hopefully they keep an eye on all the young wrestlers and bodybuilders kicking the bucket before the age of 50.

  13. BBG
    287 6/6 on cleans 12/12 on jerks Pretty stoked on how my power position has been going this week.
    1a.) 200
    1b.) heaviest was 28 kg so i did 4×8

    Still don’t have butterfly down either did C2B kipping pull-ups
    51 thrusters, 46 C2B PU 97 total

  14. BBG:
    1) 200 (bunch of missed jerks, shoulder were not working today)

    1a) 160, 165×2, 170
    1b) 4×10 single arm kb row @32kg

    95 reps
    -Felt slow today, very little turnover time between last nights session and this mornings.

  15. BBG
    1) 215(85%)

    a) 175/185/185/195
    b) 32kg

    53 thrusters
    70 pull ups
    1) 11/15
    2) 11/15
    3) 11/16
    5) 10/12

  16. BBG: 157.5#… accidentally used my old max (10# lighter) but that turned out to be a good weight.

    1a) 145,145,145,150#
    1b) 28 kg

    Conditioning: 106

  17. Anybody else feel absolutely wrecked today? After the heavy heavy squats yesterday, the 90% sets of cleans and snatches, + a Fran style workout today – I feel like I got hit by a bus.

  18. bbg
    270 x 1, 270 f 2nd jerk, dropped to 255 x 4
    215 x 2, 225 x 2
    70 x 2, 88 x 2
    115 total

    crossfit either need to confront peds head on so we do not end up with a baseball style steroids era in 3-5 years and start testing year round for all games qualifiers (teams included) or just accept that in sport people are going to try to cheat and accept peds like pro strongman and multi-ply gear powerlifting does. although I don’t think as many people are on peds as the internet chatter would imply.

  19. Went to the doc today to have right shoulder examined. Bone spurs. Cortisone shot and PT. Was told OH lifts are bad. Skipped jerks and presses for today but plan to get back at it soon if pain stays away.

    BBG: 155-170-180 x 4. These felt great.

    1a) Did DB Bench instead. 4 sets x 85 x 3
    1b) 80# db

    Conditioning: dnd. out of time

  20. BBG
    1) 107,5 kg
    failed Jerk in the last Set…. PowerClean and Jerk… failed the 2nd Jerk…Hi-hang-Cleaned it and did the last Jerk
    1) 87,5-92,5-97,5-102,5(3f) kg
    2) 32-45-45-45 kg

    Cond: 122 reps
    Thrusters: 9/10/10/11/10 ->50
    Pull Ups: 16/16/16/15/9 ->72

  21. c+j 225-230 (85%ish)
    push press 210
    rows 90# DB
    thrusters 11,10,10,10,11=52
    pullups 14,15,13,13,10=65

  22. BBG
    1) Up to 287# (80%). The thought that 90% was going up today was laughable.
    1) 205#. Fine.
    2) 70lbs – too light.

    Cond: 105 reps
    Thrusters: 45
    Pull Ups: 60

  23. BBG:
    1.) 250 (90%) ~ 6/6 & 12/12

    1a.)215, 220, 225, 230x2f
    1b.)24, 28, 28, 32

    124 Rx ~ didn’t keep track of individual reps but Pull Ups carried me

  24. bbg: 180#, 90%
    1a) 135-145-155-165
    1b) 24kg
    Cond: 51 thrusters & 79 pullups= 130 total reps

  25. BBG
    1) 255#
    1a) 215#
    1b) 79#kb (highest we have )
    50 Thrusters 95#
    86 Pullups

  26. BBG: 225, 235, 225, 225. Stopped at 4 sets, lower back was hurting in the jerk.

    1a) 185, 195 3×3
    1b) 100# kb

    11 thrusters, 11 pullups each rounds = 110 total reps

  27. BBG: 155-165. Missed couple 2nd jerks

    Strength: a) 105-115-125-135
    B) 24kg

    Conditioning : DND

  28. It seems naive to think there isn’t any steroid usage going on in CrossFit. Past history shows that when there is the opportunity to use, athletes will use. Until CrossFit gets to the point where it can implement more strict testing that will be the case here as well.

    The interesting thing here is that there are special challenges for introducing year around testing to CrossFit. There is no professional CrossFit league, anyone with 20 bucks an a video camera can compete. So do you test only the athletes that have qualified for the games or regionals in the past? You will let the new people slip through the cracks. Do you test everyone who participates in the open? A complete logistical nightmare and impossibility.

  29. BBG: 185×3 190×3

    1a) 110#
    1b) 35# as heavy as I had access

    Condish: 7/6, 8/7, 7/8, 7/7, 8/8 = 72 Rx’d
    I was much too slow on the transition from thruster to pullup.

  30. Weightlifting
    6×1+2 @ 100

    1a) 80 across
    1b) 4×8 each arm @ 32

    Run 5x800m @ 1:1 + 5-4-3-2-1 strict pull ups during rest intervals


  31. 27/77kg/5’9″/M/CenEast

    1/1/4 – both Achilles/Calves are sore from Flight Sim yesterday

    HHCln+2J: done. 6/6. 210#. Off of 235#.

    BNPP: 155/165/175/185#
    KB Row: 32kg

    Conditioning: 110 total reps; 45/65
    R1: 9/14
    R2: 9/13
    R3: 9/13
    R4: 9/13
    R5: 9/12

  32. BBG
    275# (85%)

    1a) 225-245-245-245
    1b) used 40kg KB (heaviest I had)

    Thrusters-10+10+11+11+11= 53
    Pull ups-14+14+14+14+14= 70
    *Zero warm up for this, since I did the conditioning separate.

  33. BBG:
    2×1+2 @225#, 80%
    1×1+2 @235#
    1×1+2 @245#
    2×1+2 @250#, 90%. Missed 2nd Jerk on first set and 1st Jerk on second set

    1a.) up to 225#
    1b.) 32kg

    105 reps

  34. 1. Lets not talk about BBG.

    1a. 125-135-140-140
    1b. 70#

    Conditioning: 96 reps
    52 Thrusters
    44 Pullups- Best set of butterfly I’ve ever had, except the third round where I literally lost grip and felt flat on my butt. 🙁

  35. Just got back from R&R in Thailand where I did nothing but drink beer and not train.. That being said I am trying to work my way back slowly..

    BBG) Up to 245
    Strength 1) 185 (From the ground)
    2) 75# KB

    Cond) 8/10, 8/10, 8/10, 6/8, 6/8 Thrusters felt awful and I am currently very out of shape. Please work us hard Rudy so that i can be ready for the Open!

  36. Hi Hang Clean + 2 Jerks
    – up to 290 (PR for 2 jerks)

    Push Press (from front)
    205, 225, 235, 245
    DB ROW x 10 each side
    95# DB

    134 reps
    53 thrusters, 81 pullups. Last two rounds of pullups broke down bad.

  37. 39/195/6-2

    #220–Couldn’t hit the 2nd jerk

    1a. #165/175/185/190–no misses
    1b. 2p KB

    109. 44 Thrusters/65 Pullups.


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