Here are some things I was good at when I was 13-years-old…

Eating cereal.

Raisin Bran mostly. I liked to let it sit until it was like a wet, globulous oatmeal cookie.


Mostly Pitfall! and Donkey Kong. We didn’t have newfangled sports games then.

Watching TV.

MacGyver, Moonlighting, The A-Team, you know—stuff with a plot and characters. Not reality TV BS, or effing singing shows. Also, pro wrestling and the Baltimore Orioles.

Missing jump shots.

As I had not blossomed into an incredibly average High School or College player yet, these were my formative years. Apparently, to be better than average, I should have actually been MAKING jump shots at this age.


No explanation needed.

Here is something that 13-year-old Harrison Maurus is good at…


Mostly with 400#.

Harrison Maurus – 400# Back Squat at 13-years-old:

I hate Harrison Maurus.

WOD 131121:

Rest day.

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