Gerald Sasser – 2 Days, 2 PRs:

The world gives us very few opportunities to see true beauty. The smile of a child – a Michelangelo painting – the sun setting from the beach of an island paradise – Michael Jordan’s fadeaway – the Holden Commodore Ute – Lidia Valentin – these are some of things that define beauty to me (at least three, maybe four of them). Today I believe I have witnessed something that I will not only be adding to that list, but something so perfect, so remarkable, that a strong case could be made for it to be added as the new Eighth Wonder of the World.

Here’s the thing: Gerald Sasser moves so well it’s almost annoying. He’s the one guy that actually moves as well as the lady exercisers. In fact, he moves better than the ladies. He’s like an angel wrapped in muscles and Lululemon (can a seminarian please check my angelology on that one? do they already have muscles and/or Lulu?). He’s always been very good, but with some work from Spencer and his “70-year-old dudes that can all Snatch more than you” coaches, he’s become magic. The Clean & Jerk PR from the video above is a work of art unto itself (slow down the Jerk if you don’t believe me… the feet stay flat until the real power has been translated from the hips, and the front foot is 3″ off the floor when the rear foot strikes), but the 290# Snatch… It’s breathtaking.

It’s so good that Spencer Arnold—an American Open Champion, technical Weightlifting expert, cocky/competitive son-of-a-bitch, and renown poo-pooer of everyone’s technique—sent me this text this morning while we were discussing the lift…


Yes, ladies and gentleman, that is a real text. One of the all-time Weightlifting snobs, admitting that a competitive exerciser has bested him at his own sport. This is truly a watershed moment. Expect the end of the world soon. Expect Gerald Sasser to become the Antichrist. Expect Reebok to realize they have no idea what they’re doing and to hand the keys over to Nike. Expect Robb Wolf to eat a donut.

Stand up and rejoice exercisers! Gerald Sasser has led you to the promised land (or hell), and you will never have to lift in shame again. Now prepare to weep tears of joy (or tears of pain from the whole burning in hell/lake of fire thing)…

Sasser – 290# Snatch @ Full Speed & Super Slow:

WOD 131119:


3X2 Hang Clean + Jerk (below the knee) @ 70% – rest 60 sec.


1a) 4X5 Push Press – absolute heaviest possible (work to 5RM), rest 60 sec.
1b) 4X5 Bent Over Row – heaviest possible, rest 90 sec.


For time:

Row 1k
50 Double-Unders
Row 750m
75 Double-Unders
Row 500m
100 Double-Unders

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  1. After watching Sasser utterly crush some stuff with utter ease in Cincinnati a few months ago, I continue to think the man floats when he walks.

    This confirms it.

  2. BBG:
    1. 100kg
    1a. 70kg 80kg 84kg 87kg
    1b. 100kg 105kg 109kg 109kg (Pendlay Rows)

  3. BBG:

    1a) 185-205-225-245(3)-235(3) [Should’ve done 235 instead of 245]
    1b) 185 across

    12:18 – last 100 doubles were rough

  4. BBG
    200, 220, 227, 238 x 4 (surprised i failed this, first 4 felt good)
    155, 175 175 175

    13:05 Really feeling the yesterdays squats during the rows, quads were lit up

  5. BBG: Off 265

    Strength : 185, 205, 215, 225×3 – couldnt hit 4th rep
    1b) 185, 205, 185, 185

    Cond: 12 something

  6. BBG 1) 135
    S1a) 135, 145X3
    S1b) 135
    Cond: 13:18 (subbed 75, 115, 150 singles for teh DUs)


  7. c+j 180
    push press up to 200, 210 for 4 reps
    bent row 175
    con 13:37
    flew through the first 50 DU’s unbroken, the last 100 had about 6 breaks

  8. BBG:
    1) 165

    1a) 165, 175, 180(-5), 190(2)
    1b) 4×6: 155, 165, 175, 185

    13:20 (DU’s weren’t clicking today)


  9. BBG: just cleans, based off 205#: 145#.
    Strength: a) 85/105/125/125. Not for max, just till it felt confortable and no pain.
    B) 115

    Conditioning: 16:15min. I am ashamed of myself 🙁

  10. BBG


    1a) 135/145/155/170
    1b) 155/175/185/195
    For time:

    Row 1k (3:52)
    50 Double-Unders (1:20)
    Row 750m (2:25)
    75 Double-Unders (2:11)
    Row 500m (2:20)
    100 Double-Unders (3:19)

    MFS: 3-7/6/3

  11. M/35/156/5’9″
    110 2/2-2/2-2/2
    1a) 75-85-90-100
    1b) 135-155-185-205
    17:46(need to work on DU’s)

  12. BBG:
    1.)195 ~ 6/6 but felt like pr weight today, these squats are slowly but surely destroying my spirit

    1a.)175, 185, 195, 200x3f
    1b.)205, 205, 205, 215

    For time: 11:37

    Row 1k ~ 1:45 avg
    50 Double-Unders ~ UB
    Row 750m ~ 1:48 avg
    75 Double-Unders ~ 1 break
    Row 500m ~ 1:48 avg
    100 Double-Unders ~ 4 breaks (including 1 @ 99 f)

  13. Actually got the whole WOD in today!

    BBG: 140#

    1a) 180
    1b) 185-205 (although lots of leg movement at 205)

    Conditioning: 14:18 @
    Row 1k
    100 singles
    Row 750m
    100 singles
    Row 500m
    100 singles

    Piss off! I can’t do consecutive DUs

  14. bbg
    1a)205,220,230f(4),225 (possible 5rm or 5rm tie?)
    1b)245,255,265,275 kipping bent rows right?
    missed the run/mu/run yesterday, so added in the 30mu today instead of doing both today

  15. Not a great day all around

    BBG: 185
    1a) 185, 195, 205, 215×3 (went BTN for PP)
    1b) 185 across
    Cond: 16-17 minutes, DUs were pitiful today

  16. BBG

    1 a) 165, 185, 205, 215×4
    b) 185, 205 for 3 sets

    12:04. Shoe lace came undone twice on last round. Should of been easily a sub 12

  17. BBG:
    1) 175- no misses little less than 70% coming off a strained back
    1a) up to 220 – sorry Mikey
    1b) 185
    12:52. DUs what?

  18. BBG:
    No misses. All Push Jerks

    1a.) up to 215#, +10#
    1b.) up to 205#

    12:28, 1:50 pace on all rows

  19. BBG:
    1) 225#

    1a) 225-235-245-255
    1b) 245#

    13:49 (did 50, 100, 150 on double unders… Thats what I get for not writing it on a white board for me to see…)

  20. BBG) 135

    1a) 125- 135- 145(failed 4th)- 145(failed 3rd)
    1b) 125-135-145-145

    Conditioning) 12:29
    *I think I got “rower’s high”..?

  21. 27/77kg/5’9″/M/CenEast

    3/3/3 – Power was out. Slept at in-laws. Yeah…

    HCln&Jerk: 165#. Off of 235#. No misses

    PP: 135/145/155/160#. 25# PR for 5RM
    BoR: 185/195×3

    Conditioning: 12:25 Rx

    • Yea, bad storms rolled through here sunday (central illinois). my town and several local towns were hit with tornadoes. Two blocks north of me! Crazy, I was at the gym rowing when it happened.

  22. Weightlifting
    1a) 80,85,90,95(f,x3)
    1b) 70 across
    Subbed 50 Flutter Kicks (4ct) for each set of double unders because fuck that noise.
    More relevant movement for goals anyways.

  23. M/20/190
    BBG 90 kg felt really light
    1a) 185 lb.
    1b) 175 lb.
    conditioning 13:06 lose focus on double unders

  24. BBG
    3X2 Hang Clean + Jerk (below the knee) – 205

    1a) 4X5 Push Press – 175,180,185,190-last set was difficult
    1b) 4X5 Bent Over Row –215,215,215,225

    Conditioning: 12:52. Rowing splits are improving, not the best rower. Double-unders were fine; it was the transitioning between movements/pieces that need to be better.

    For time:
    Row 1k
    50 Double-Unders
    Row 750m
    75 Double-Unders
    Row 500m
    100 Double-Unders

  25. did on Tuesday, forgot to post
    3×2 at 135#
    1a) 135-145-147.5 2.5# PR-150 5# PR
    1b) 135×4 150×1

    skipped conditioning did climbing training

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