Nicole Capurso – 98kg Clean & Jerk (215#) @ 63kg (139#):

WOD 131118:


4X2 Hang Snatch (below the knee) @ 70% – rest 60 sec.


1a) 6X3/6 FS/BS @ 85% (of 1RM Front Squat) – rest 60 sec.

Alternate #1B’s between every set of #1A’s:

1b) 3X5 Strict Tempo Weighted Pull-ups (3 counts up, 3 count pause, 3 counts down, no pause at bottom) – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.
1b) 3X5 Strict Tempo Weighted Ring Dips (3 counts up, 3 count pause, 3 counts down, no pause at bottom) – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.


Refer to 130301

For time:

Run 800m
30 Muscle-Ups
Run 800m

49 thoughts on “131118

  1. 1) 185
    a) 270
    b) 20#, 10 singles (still dealing with elbow a little)
    c) 0#, 10 strict (elbow)
    Cond) 12.10


  2. 1) 95
    S1a) 180
    S1b1) 5#, 0#x2
    S1b2) 0#
    Cond) 12:24 (subbed 30 pull-ups/30 ring dips)


  3. BBG:

    1a) 285# – failed on 2nd FS of set 5
    1b) 10#
    1b’) 10#

    Conditioning: (subbed 1K row for each run in March; did same today)
    17:02 (5:14 faster than previous)

  4. BBG: Off 210 – No misses

    1a) 255 – front squats were hard but got through them all
    1c) – Just did bodyweight for both

    Cond: 12:59 – still too slow on high rep MU’s

  5. 1) 165

    FS/BS 225
    Pullups bodyweight
    Dips 12kg

    Cond 18:07
    5min worse than March. Tempo work killed my arms and they were toast for MUs.

  6. BBG
    1.) 170
    1a.) 305 Absolutely brutal considering i only hit 320 as a 3 RM saturday. got through it though
    1b.) Bodyweight for both

    Felt sick DND

  7. Why is there so many less people posting #’s lately? We are down to in the 30’s every day for responses. I remember after the Games when Rudy told everyone to start posting we were up in the 200 range. Even back before the Open last year it looks like the responses were steady in the 60-80 range every day.

    • @Jordan – Can’t speak to everyone, but I have two:

      1) Some boxes have begun using systems to track member performance (i.e. Wodify) instead of the old log book. For gyms that follow TOW, most of the followers simply choose to post on Wodify instead of either posting it just on here or posting it in both places. Can’t necessarily explain why, but I know of a few former “posters” that have turned to Wodify.

      2) Some people just don’t care to post. Where I train, we have three TOW followers, including myself. I am the newest, and I am the only one who posts religiously. They will post every now and again, but they simply choose not to record it on here. Why? I have no clue…it takes 5 minutes or less…my guess is because they are lazy.

      Sad thing is, this forum is really the only thing I have to give myself that extra “push” due to the fact that I train by myself. I look on here before I start a WoD, I track certain people based on their skill level and strength, and try to beat them. If I didn’t have the forum or if certain people didn’t post, it would be a shame.

      • Your last paragraph is exactly why I was asking. I wish more people would post results on here so I know where I stand and how much I need to improve to compete with the better athletes. I used to love looking at Ger Sasser’s times so I could see what type of time I needed to compete with the best, but he hasn’t posted on here in months. My nearest box is 50 miles from me, so I train in my garage gym. I dont have 10 other people there working out with me so my motivation is trying to beat the times and weights of the other guys who post on this board. I know there are hundreds of Outlaw’s all over the country and it would be nice if they would post times and results so we can measure ourselves.

        It would be really cool if some of the best of the best like Sasser, Akinwale, Tyminski, Hathcock, Phillips, etc would post times on here from time to time so we can really see where we stand.

        • @Jordan –
          I am going to address this in reverse order – In regards the to the best of the best, I am not sure if they are following the exact same programming we are. They each have individual weaknesses, individual strengths, and more than likely have different programming than us. I don’t know if that is true, but that is just what I am assuming, so take it with a grain of salt. I do agree that if they did happen to do the same WoD, perchance, that they would post their scores, albeit I tend to typically find it depressing, as I am nowhere near that caliber.

          In regards to your first paragraph, I couldn’t agree more. The more people that post, the more competitive the forum. The more competitive the forum, the harder we push ourselves. A wonderful cycle ensues, and we are all better off for it. I post mainly for three reasons: 1) So other people can see what I got and beat me – I’m not great, but I’m not bad, and maybe there is someone out there trying to beat me, 2) So I can have a record of what I have done. I have the WoD app on my phone, I dual track everything that we do on here, but I like being bale to look back five months on here and see a written record of what I did, and 3) Because this programming is free. Rudy gives us amazing programming, and it doesn’t cost me anything. All he asks is for us to post. It helps him as a coach and as a programmer. I can take the 5 minutes to post each day, just like Rudy takes the oogles of minutes he spends to develop the program and make us better…

          Also, the above is a stream of consciousness, so feel free to gloss over it…

          • #3 Is why I started posting. Had been following for well over a year without posting, for a number of reasons (but mostly ego), and came to the realization that it was kind of ridiculous for me to keep taking without giving at least something, however trivial, back.

            And as an added benefit, I’ve found that knowing I will have to post it later has helped keep me far more consistent with doing everything that is written, and not skipping things here and there because I’m not feeling it.

  8. Snatch: 155 (1 miss)

    Did one set at 285, lower left back felt weird. Went to pull-ups, felt weirder, went back to squat rack and felt really weak. Not pain just weird and weak. Figured I’d play it safe and stop.

    Cond: we’ll see. Hopefully later.

  9. snatch: 115#
    1a)squats: different
    1b) 10# for pullups
    skipped dips, chest hurt
    Cond: 17:23, mu’s felt difficult today. No previous time to compare to.

  10. BBG

    1a) 297
    1b) 35 pull ups
    Body weight for the dips

    15 min flat. No time to compare

  11. BBG: 120#

    1a) 215#
    1b) Reg PUs, BW x 4, each set
    1b) Reg Dips, BW x 5 each set

    Conditioning: dnd

    • Curious how long it takes for Outlawers to workout. By the time I leave my office, get dressed, w/o, shower, get dressed and walk back it takes 2 hours (4 min walk). That is typically why I don’t get in the conditioning. Thx.

      • @75 – That seems about right to me. I do get to the conditioning though…I am assuming I am able to get to it and you aren’t because I don’t have to dress, re-dress, shower, or walk anywhere. It takes me roughly 2 hours from the time I step foot into the gym to the time I step out.

        • So, the correct answer for me is to cut out the shower and dressing to get in the conditioning. Just go back to work sweaty 🙂

          • @75 – If possible, yes…you might lose some friends and that next promotion, but none of that matters…

            On a serious note though, how long are you taking to warm-up, dress, shower, and re-dress? Today, for example, not including conditioning, should take you less than 45 minutes to get through the BBG and Strength if you are following the programmed rest intervals. BBG = 8 minutes, Strength = 24 minutes, Time to change the weights, get set up, etc. = 10 minutes. There’s 42 minutes, assuming showering, dressing, and walking take you 38 minutes, you should still have 40 minutes to warm up and do the conditioning…everything is everything

          • I workout at a large college rec center, so distant between various stations I need are vast. Locker room on 1st floor, all workout gear on 3rd floor. Another example, the rowers are located at the back corner of a 300m track on the opposite side of the weight room area. That adds to overall time and a lot of thinking and setup for some wods.

            I warmup everyday probably 20-30 min. Row 400m, “official” CFWU, Spencer’s snatch WU, and shoulder mobility work. Then I do specific wu’s for the BBG. After BBG, I do 2-3 wu sets for Strength. I’m old (43) and feel the warm-ups are necessary, plus I actually am stiff when I get to the gym.

  12. Barbell: 135
    Strength: 240 and body weight b/c

    Conditioning: 30 mu in 16:28, no runs.


  13. BBG:
    1.) 170 ~ 8/8

    1a.) 255 ~ 54/54
    1b.) 20x3fx1, 15x4fx1, 10×5
    1b.) 10x3fx2, 5x3fx2, BWx3fx2

    15:30 Rx (-8:31 ~ didn’t have a lot of experience on the rings last time)

  14. BBG:
    1) 125

    1a) 240 (absolutely hideous)
    1b) 20, 15×2
    1b) 25×2, 35

    13:15 (-1:27/10lbs heavier, i’ll take it)

  15. BBG:
    Done. 1 miss in 3rd set

    1a.) done
    1b.) Pull Ups – up to 12kg
    1b.) Ring Dips – up to 25#

    *9:58, -4:00-5:00. Not sure of exact time back in March

    Runs were my box’s routes, so approximate. Prob a little shorter by 50-75m

  16. BBG:

    1a) 245#
    1b) Bodyweight
    1c) bodyweight
    Cond: 11:56 – first time, no previous time to compare to.

  17. AM –
    Run 3 mile TT
    21:04 (PR)

    1) 55
    1a) 112.5
    1b) 10,10,10
    1b) 15,15,15
    10:00 x Z1 Airdyne

  18. M/35/156/5’9″
    1a) 127 4×2/6 (giving knee a break)
    DND- no running

  19. 27/77kg/5’9″/M/CenEast


    HSn below knee: 125#. Off of 180#. 8/8

    FS/BS: 220#. Off of 260#. These were a doozy.
    Tempo PUs: BW
    Tempo RDs: BW

    Conditioning: subbed row for run. First time doing this WoD, and first time doing 30 MUs on the rings.

    Total – 19:09
    Row 1: 3:18
    MUs: 12:39 – mostly doubles or singles
    Row 2: 3:12

  20. BBG:
    1) 195#

    1a) off of 350#
    1b/1b) used 35# vest for both

    Ran 1 mile for time instead of the WOD. Did the Wodapalooza Elite Qualifier WOD on Sunday which was snatches and muscle ups.

  21. am:
    snatches @125 (felt way too easy)
    fs/bs @205 (all smooth, after 4th set, got pretty rough, but good)pu/dips @bw (it’s been a while)
    15:10 (only got 15 reps in. had 0 grip, and again, out of practice)

  22. WOD 131118:
    4X2 Hang Snatch (below the knee) @ 70% – 165, felt very solid and clean
    1a) 6X3/6 FS/BS @ 290
    1b) Done w/20 lb vest
    1b) Done w/20 lb vest
    Conditioning: 13:41, not happy w/my muscle up here at all faded after the first 10-12. Wasn’t zapped cardio, muscular endurance was the issue.
    For time:
    Run 800m
    30 Muscle-Ups
    Run 800m

  23. Male 28 #155
    BBG. #125 2 misses
    1a. Did not do.
    1b. Done with 25lbs
    1b. Done with 15lbs
    Conditioning: 13:22 Rx

  24. BBG;
    #135 no misses

    #235. That was horrible

    Pullups: #25/#35/#35
    Ring Dips: #25/#35/#35

    Conditioning: Later

  25. Snatches: Based on 210#, felt good. Had to do this with a bar that didn’t have knurling at the outer 6″ of the bar. That was interesting.

    1a) 245# (so happy I established a new max with the FS triple the other day…)
    1b) not happy with these at all, something was way off.

    12:50, bar muscle ups.

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