I’ve gotta say, I don’t know that I’ve ever had the pleasure of posting a group of videos this impressive…

Spencer Arnold – Three Times BW Back Squat of 210kg (460# and 20kg PR):

JoEllyn MacAtee – 175# Snatch (10# PR):

Kevin Simons – 280# 2-Position Snatch (floor/hang):

WOD 131116:


15 minutes to establish a 1RM Clean & Jerk.


15 minutes to establish a 3RM Front Squat.



Proceed through the sequence below completing as many reps as possible in 17 minutes of:

40 Burpees
30 Snatches 75/45# (any style)
30 Burpees
30 Snatches 135/75# (any style)
20 Burpees
30 Snatches 165/100# (any style)
10 burpees
AMRAP of Snatches @ 210/120# (any style)

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  1. Wow was just talking to someone about how nasty this WOD was and that I wanted to redo it sometime to see how much I have improved. Looking forward to it.

  2. For those of you too lazy to go back to it or those new to the site, here is the 13.1 strategy from Rudy: outlawway2.wpengine.com/2013/03/07/130308/

  3. Did a company PT challenge this morning with what equipment we have in our footprint. 20 minute AMRAP: 50m sprint, 3 lat. burpees, 50m sprint, 3 G2OH w/ 45# weight plate, 50m, 6, 50m, 6, 50m, 9, 50m, 9 continuing up by 3s each round. Round of 27 complete plus one burpee later .. totalling 136 burpees … I was super stoked to see today’s conditioning.

    BBG: 305, felt awful (20# off PR)
    Strength: 305, continuing with the no belt training, feeling stronger
    13.1: previous score was 23 reps @ 165, today finished the 165 and knocked out 4 burpees
    (184 reps total)


  4. Since Nick Wall is my boss I had to do the fore mentioned AMARP (7 rounds +38 reps, 108 burpees + 98 GTOH total). Nick pulled today’s workout up on the iPhone before starting the AMRAP. Needless to say my motivation level dwindled a little!!! Such is life in the Army while following Outlaw!!! A little extra PT never hurt anyone, right?

    BBG: 190# (10# PR also first C&J above body weight, maybe the extra PT did help!!!)

    Strength: 220# (15# PR) tried 225# and got one rep which is a 10# PR for 1RM

    13.1: 131 reps total (And this is where the extra PT caused me to go downhill. Did the RX weight for the first set of 30 Snatch with plans to go up 10# each round due to my 1RM Snatch being 130#.)


  5. BBG: I dont want to talk about it. Bad day

    Cond: When we did this workout for the open back in March or whenever it was I had been doing Crossfit by myself for 4-6 months and had never heard of The Outlaw Way. I was picking and choosing workouts that fit my strengths and was getting more fit, but the Open really opened my eyes to how far I had to go and how many weaknesses I had. I actually discovered The Outlaw Way by searching Google for strategy tips for some of the Open workouts. I decided that once the Open was over I was going to switch my programming to The Way and see what happened.

    13.1 during the open: 123 Reps (at an affiliate with people all over competing and cheering)

    13.1 Today: 165 reps (in my garage, by myself at 5:30 AM. No doubt in my mind I could have found some more reps if I was doing this in a box with other people around me competing.)

    Obviously this is still far from elite and I have a LONG ways to go. But holy shit thats a big improvement in 7 months or whatever it has been since the open. The Outlaw Way just fucking works. Thanks Rudy

  6. BBG:
    290# (-10; second pull felt so weak)

    300 x 3 (-15#), 320 x 2

    159 reps (+9 from March and I think I paced the 165# snatches too much)

  7. BBG:
    255 (+15lbs PR)
    Conditioning: 158 reps.
    I didnt start crossfit, olympic lifting or the Outlaw Way until after the open ( started june of this year) so i have nothing to compare. Had a lot of misses at 165, two minutes left when I got there and only managed eight reps.

  8. BBG
    275 ( Same as old PR)

    352 ( 20 pound PR)


    Need to work very hard on my jerk its a disgrace when compared to my squat. I clean the weight so easily.

  9. 265 c&j 10# PR

    295 front squats triple

    151 reps – 21 reps more than last year very surprised is a good way!

  10. 298, cleaned 309 felt awful so i dropped it. (-22). it literally felt like i forgot how to clean.. terrible.

    320 (-15)

    Short on time, would love to do it later though

  11. WOD 131116:


    15 minutes to establish a 1RM Clean & Jerk. ~255 today (-20). Under 275 but bar was out in front


    15 minutes to establish a 3RM Front Squat. ~325 felt solid



    Proceed through the sequence below completing as many reps as possible in 17 minutes of:

    160 Reps, paced first 40 burpees too fast, cost me reps feel like I have 8-10 more in me,pissed . +7 reps

  12. 1) 120 kg
    2) 135 kg 3RM FS (5kg PR)
    hit the squats from Wednesday 5 x 4/8 FS/BS @ 105 kg

    Cond: hopefully tomorrow morning

  13. 27/77kg/5’9″/M/CenEast


    C&J: 235#. Tied old PR.

    3RM FS: 265#. +5# PR.

    Conditioning: 151 reps. +1 rep from last year.

    Notes: This is a somewhat bittersweet but disappointing feeling. Last year, I did this WoD twice and had a minute left each time to try and get a 165# snatch. I failed each time and ended with 150 reps. This time, I got to the 165# snatch with 20 seconds left, went 1/1 and got 151 reps. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy I PR’d, but I am somewhat disappointed in myself. I’m not sure if I should be, because of the programming we are doing (ie strength focused, not conditioning focused), but I sure am depressed. 8 months later, 5 months on TOW, and all I got was one more measly rep…disappointed in myself, not the programming, as I have the utmost faith in what we are doing…guess I was just expecting more.

  14. BBG:
    1.) 235, 250x(missed jerk), 265x(missed jerk)~96% awful

    1.) 260(-15), 280f

    164 (+/- 0)


  15. C&J – 315 (+10, finally!)
    3RM – 335 (-10. 335 felt easy but knee was acting a little sketch so I cut my losses. Next time..)
    Conditioning – 161 reps. Didn’t get to try this open workout because I was in training but, it was a nasty one. My lungs/mind remain my biggest enemy.

  16. Haven’t posted all week. Schedule is all fucked up. Had to skip most BBG. That being said..

    275#, +15#
    -Cleaned 285# easily but missed Jerk

    *305#, +10#
    -315# for two reps


    *My current FS 1RM is 305; so I’m guessing that’ll be a little higher if/when we test.

  17. BBG:
    1) 235 (f-jerk)

    1) 255 (-20)
    -Stopped there, going to start playing it safe more often rather than chasing weight with sloppy form.

    152 (+2)
    -Not thrilled about this, but not disappointed either. 165 was my 1rm during the open, so to hit this for a double at the end of this workout shows some progress.

  18. 1) 275
    2) 280

    Cond 155
    +5 from previous. but a big five reps. just ran out of gas by the 20 burpees.

  19. M/35/156/5’9″
    *patellar tendonitis acting up today after a good week*
    Hi-hang Power Clean & Jerk 145
    165 for three,stopped to much knee discomfort
    DND,worked on some Hi-Hang Power snatches

  20. Weightlifting
    115, 125 (failed jerk, 5kg clean PR)


    No competitive exercise events for this one
    Run 5×800 @ 1:1
    All 3:00 or faster

  21. Bbg: 195#, felt tired
    Squats different
    Cond: 191 reps- got 190 during open but difference was 35 secs- last time finished burpee right at 17min.

  22. BBG: 210# (7# pr) getting closer to the goal of 225# for xmas

    STRENGTH: 205#

    Cond: not a great score but 16 more reps than the open. Progression feels good!

  23. BBG
    I don’t max the techniqual lifts yet, trying to get the flexibility and technique sorted. Finished at 245#.
    315 # 3RM which is 25 # above my previous 1RM. I consider it a huge PR.
    165 reps men’s RX. During the open I did 190 reps women’s RX.:)

  24. BBG:
    #245. #10 PR

    #255. #10 PR. Lost the 3rd rep at #260

    122. May have spent more than 15 min on the BBG and front squats….definitely showed here.


  25. BBG: only clean: 175# (-30#)
    Strength: 3RM FS: 215# (+10#)

    Conditioning: DND. Still not allowed any snatches and jerks :/

  26. C&J – 150lbs (matched previous PR)

    FS 3rep max – 185 (up from 160…definitely had 190 but bad decision to waste it at 185)

    13.1 – 151 (finally got that 100lb snatch!…improvement!!!)

  27. BBG: 265# (Cleaned 270#, so close on the Jerk) – +5 PR
    *Up 15# since I deployed and started TOW.

    Strength: 275# (Got a double at 280#) +5 PR on both Triple and 1RM

    Cond: 155 Reps (+1)
    *When I did this for the open I had almost 2 minutes to get the 165# reps but missed a bunch. This time I had less time for the 165# portion but did not miss any attempts. I also had people cheering during the open and was all aloe on this one. Felt much better overall.

  28. c+j 250, (-10) cleaned 265 which is a 5# PR but failed the jerk
    front squat 315 (-5), got 325 for a double then the world got fuzzy
    mightve done better on these if it wasnt done at 7am

    conditinioning(a few hours later)
    152, 2 reps better than back in march

  29. Saturday, November 23

    BBG – 235# (failed 245 twice)
    Strength – 255# (PR)
    Cond – 120 reps (did 127 during the Open). After the BBG and strength, those 135 pounds were very heavy. I think I even broke the 75’s more than I did in March.

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