Spencer Arnold – Back Squat: 400# X 4 reps (failed 5) @ 155# BW:

WOD 131109:


Clean with pause 2″ off the floor + Jerk: 4X2+1 @ 80-85% – rest 2:00


1a) 4X3 Tempo Front Squats (2 counts down, 2 count pause, fast up) @ 70% – rest 60 sec.
1b) 4X3 Split Jerk Recoveries (from power rack) @ 110-120% of 1RM Jerk – rest 60 sec. DEMO VIDEO



21-15-9 of:

Power Cleans 135/95#
Ring Dips

For time.

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  1. Is there anyone from the Boulder, CO area that needs a training partner?!

    I promise I am friendly and OK at this CF thing….

    • Becky Clark….Becky Clark…name sounds familiar. Oh yeah we used to train with a real animal by that same name…anyway Joey and I have room for one more so let’s do it!

  2. BBG:
    1) 155#
    1a) 155#
    1b) skipped
    Conditioning: 7:18 RX (PR)


  3. 1) 275 across all sets (did a jerk after each clean because had to skip the split jerk recoveries
    a) 230
    Cond) 3.15 (4s PR with a longer walk b/w exercises than last time! I’ll take it.)


  4. 1) 255 – more than 85% but was feeling good so figured what the hell
    1a) DND
    1b) 295lb

    Cond: 4:08 – Need to get better at ring dips – had to break them up way too much. How in the fuck did Froning do this in 2:33 at the games? I cant even comprehend shaving a full minute and half off my time

    • I am really enjoying these “benchmark” Saturdays the last few weeks by the way. Fun to hit these WOD’s every once in awhile

  5. BBG:
    1) up to 220 ( this is a little heavier than 85% but i felt good and went for it)
    1a) done
    1b) no jerk blocks or power rack at the box in my home town ( home for canadian long weekend) so instead i did some jerk trips off the squat stand. 200x3x3

    4:53 rx.
    Elizabeth was my first crossfit workout back in the spring, it took me 7:37 and I had to scale it to 95lbs clean and ring pushups.

  6. BBG:

    1a) 235# (felt fairly easy)
    1b) Skipped (no rack / short on time)

    4:20 – 17s PR

  7. 1) 230

    a) 190
    b) 180 subbed push jerks x 5

    Cond 5:30 Rx
    PR by a few minutes or somethin’

  8. BBG:
    1.) 225x(2/2, 1/1) x(2/2, 1/1), 235x(2/2, 1/1) x(2/2, 1/1)

    1a.)210 x (12/12)
    1b.) 325x3x3, 335x3x3

    5:09 (+:38) ~ good to see I am still terrible at ring dips

  9. 1) 165#, 176#, 187#, 198#
    1a) 154#, 165#, 176#
    1b) DND (gym did not possess high boxes or high squat racks)

    Cond: 6:32 – First time doing Elizabeth. Wasn’t to bad need to work ring dip kips.

    • i cant guarantee that my ring dips back in june were of the same depth/quality as these were today though

  10. BBG:
    1) 180-195

    1a) 200
    1b) DND (no power rack/blocks)

    4:46 (2:14 PR)

  11. Weightlifting
    1) 95, no misses
    1a) 92.5
    1b) no power rack, blocks aren’t high enough

  12. C&J: 225×3, 235×1
    Cond: 5:21 over a minute pr, but meh. Still not happy with conditioning over the last few months..

  13. Felt really sluggish and run down Saturday.

    @210-220#. Missed one clean on 3rd set

    1a.) @215#, done
    1b.) skipped, no power rack or anything to do these safely on

    Done on Sunday morning.

    4:20, PR by a lot. Not sure exactly

  14. 1) bbg: did 3x cleans as I am not allowed to do any overhead movement for some time now.
    For consolation tested max. deaflift: 365# (+20#). Probably will do 4weeks of Sheiko in combination with Outlaw (snatch days) till my shoulder heals, tired of having dnd :/

    strength: a) did@160#
    Conditioning: dnd.

    BBG: up to 185#
    Strength: a) 185#;
    b) 225#

    Conditioning: 3:38min. Second wod ever that he has done.

  15. 39/195/6’2″

    Clean 2+1 Jerk
    190/195/200/200 No misses

    1a. 4×3 #195
    1b. 4×3 Split jerk triples from the rack (no drop or rerack) #185/195/195/200

    Elizabeth: 5:42, PR by nearly :45.

  16. Did not do the bbg/strength/or conditioning: Competed instead. Was happy I won the C/J ladder event w/285; they were ascending weighted bars every 30 seconds and took 4th overall in the competition. Made a pacing mistake on the 2nd wod starting out too slowly on a Dead lift / Pull-up wod. Probably was a little too much volume in this competition for a 1 day event, but enjoyed it.

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