It’s a rest day, and I realized I have a bevy of cool, but not really pertaining to anything videos. Here goes…

The most popular video that has ever been posted on TOW’s Vimeo account, is Spencer’s injury-waiting-to-happen, and utterly useless, but really cool looking, 165# “No Hands” Jerk. It took a year, but finally someone has topped Spencer as the biggest idiot “No Hands” Jerker. Not to mention, it’s a Squatish Jerk…

Shawn Butler – 175# “No Hands” Squat Jerk:

Editorial note: Don’t ever do this. Don’t even think about it. If you do you’ll die. It’s way more dangerous than lawn darts. If you are dumb enough to try it at least wear a helmet… And a preemptive neck brace.

David “The Accountant” Cornthwaite – 265# Snatch (20# PR):

“Exercise Scorsese” is at it again…

Outlaw North Promo Video (a.k.a. young Canadians sweating):

WOD 131107:

Rest day.

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